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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Only 2 more days till CHRISTMAS!

It aint just another PH, its CHRISTMAS!

A season of Love, Joy, and Giving. A time where everyone gets together and celebrate the true meaning and reason for this season.

I just love it, dont you?

Anyway, dar and me attended church christmas service at the indoor stadium at 10 in the morning. We each had a turkey ham croissonwich meal from Burger King

Service was awesome. The stadium was fully occupied. We even did a church kallang wave, which was quite comical but certainly zapped us all awake. =P

Service ended around 1pm. Lunch'ed with uncle kenny, kengy, mom and dad at the newly renovated Whampoa Food Centre.
I had wanton noodles, dar had fattening satay beehoon, kengy and uncle kenny had mixed veg rice while mom and dad had sliced fish soup. We all shared carrot cake, oyster omelette, rojak, popiah and desserts.

I dont like oyster omelette but i have to admit this was one of the better dishes out of everything. Not the oysters (i dont like/eat oysters) but the fried egg! Im a sucker for all things eggy. AND, i still dont like chili added to my food. No particular reasons, i just dont like it.

Went window shopping with dar thereafter. Im intending to get couple trekking slippers from Havannas and some nice tops for baby. Am also in search of grey-silver skinny jeans, SHOES!, and my gold bangle! LOL

Orchard is madness! One moment i was complaining about the weather being too hot and all and the next moment, it started raining cats and dogs! Leaving us both stranded at Heerens. However, the rain wasnt enough to dampen our spirits. It takes MORE THAN a rain to do so. Haha. Needless to say, we braved the raindrops and continued walking down the streets of Orchard Road.

We shared iced chocolate from a particular coffee joint in Geylang.

A starbucks copycat?

The iced chocolate sucked big time. Even MILO tastes better. BOO.

-fast forward-

Dinner with dar's parents at Sinma Live Seafood Restaurant. Its located at the far end of Geylang. We shared claypot frog porridge, sambal kang kong, prawn omelette, fried pig intestines, pork ribs, beancurd and steamed fish. The pig intestines were nicely fried, chewy and all but the smell was horrible. The frog's legs should have been cooked with the porridge itself to allow the flavours to be fully abosrbed by the porridge. That's my preference. =)

Cabbed home right after dinner. Dropped dar off along the way. The funny thing was, after dropping dar, the driver realised he forgot to start the meter! The worse thing is, he demanded that i pay him an extra $5! Fucking NO! That journey from geylang to dar's place doesnt even cost more than two dollars la! Told him i'l only pay a dollar extra, else, i'l be paying for 2 cab surcharges, which obviously aint fair since it was a mistake commited by him and himself alone.

(NOTE: The journey from dar's place to geylang only cost $0.70 <$3.50 - $2.80> . Apparently, the driver drove back via the same route after dropping dar off. That's how we estimated the cost of the ride. $5? NO WAY!)

Taxi drivers.... -_-!
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