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Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve was pretty alright. Just like any other year in fact.

Met up with dar around 4ish in the late afternoon. Cabbed there as the bus to his place took forever to arrive. When i dont need the bus, it comes in pairs. But when im in need of the bus, it doesnt seem to want to come at all! This is so sickening.

I've realised that ive been cabbing alot recently. Cab fares are extorbitantly high and crazy too. Gotta stop taking cabs for now and start saving.

Dar accompanied me to the bank (UOB). I needed to deposit some cash. BUT, as i was in the process of depositing, the machine suddenly experienced technical difficulties and went out-of-order! It was so SUDDEN! As a result, my cash got stuck inside and l'l have to wait for another 3-5 working days before the bank transfers it to my account. I wanted it there and then. But 3 working days? ARGH.

My NYE is always JINXED. Last year, some idiot stepped on my slipper, which caused the strap to break. As a result? I had to limp and depend on one slipper (it was past midnight and all footwear shops were closed) throughout my NYE celebration at Vivo City and Clarke Quay. Jinxed or not Jinxed?

Anyway, i had dinner with dar at TCC. Thought of dining at either Jack's or Swensens as i felt like having a nice quiet dinner with baby but given that its NYE, Jack's didnt offer an ala-cart menu and since we wanted something different, TCC it was.

I had a salmon and prawn linguini done aglio olio style while dar had seafood aglio. We shared a caesar salad and a hazelnut frapp too.

A piece of art? It tasted pretty good too! In fact, mine was better than dar's. Haha.

Dar's was uber spicy! One mouthful was enough to bring me to tears. But he claimed that it wasnt spicy at all! Bian Tai!

The salad was still as good as the first time. Pity the garlic bread wasnt served hot and crisp. Else, a perfect appetizer to kick-start the meal.

Dar requested for extra hazelnut for the hazelnut frapp. It was nice. =)

I like the service here. Especially the ambience (Bugis). Food is of decent quality too. Will definitely be back to try their other main courses someday. And yes, we finally utilized our TCC membership card. Haha. They even sent us an organizer, which came in a very nice packaging! Im amazed.

Bus'ed down to PS thereafter. Spent some time reading car and bike magazines. AUDI R8 is my love! Its so hot! Went in search for dar's coinbox too. We couldnt find his "milkbottle" either.

Took a slow walk from PS to Robertson Walk. We even sat down at various places/by the river to chit chat and enjoy the breeze and scenary. It was a pretty sweet and romantic evening. Haha.

After some time, we finally found ourselves at Grand Copthrone WaterFront. We've been invited to their countdown party! Haha. Had some camomile tea first as we were still very early. I would have helped myself to the chocolate fondue and desserts if i didnt feel all that fat that night. We played and designed our free hats too! Fun!

Dar with a blue hat and a matching color balloon tied behind his chair.

Dar with the matching color balloon tied around his blue hat! Muahaha! So comical.

Mine's a red hat. The white balloon was tied by dar. He Heh.

Mine has shimmery stars around it! I stole dem from the table and used them to accessorize my hat. =P Dar wanted to follow suit but dint managed to as i had already used up all the stars on the table. Lalala.

Lighting is pretty bad as i wasnt seated under the lightbulb. Furthermore, i was using the louya pok camera phone.

Look! Every seat has a balloon too! Haha. Looks like a circus.

Chilled out by the bar after that. Watched the live screening of the countdown party at vivo and abit of soccer. hehe. We had lychee martini, tequila shots and some pink colored drink the bar tender came up with.

The place was like another zouk. In fact, Zouk's just right next door. Haha. There was a band playing at the main lobby, a dance floor, RNB + Hip-hop music blasting through the stereos and lots and lots of people with hats, party poppers and other funny stuff. LOL. When the clock struck 12, the balloons, secured by a netting up in the ceiling were released! The whole lobby was practically flooded with hundreds and hundreds of colorful balloons! We had to burst them fast before they flew out the main entrance. LOL. Imagine the ferrari covered in balloons. Haha.

After having fun kicking, bursting and throwing balloons into people's faces, dar n me rushed outside, by the river, to catch the firework display from The Esplanade! It was so b-e-a-u-tiful!

I had so much fun. I hope you all had too! My apologies to Jamie and Yisi for not being able to attend your potluck party. Haha. Next time alright!

2007 was crap. Hopefully, 2008 will be a better year of good and new things to come. I believe it will be. Furthermore, Im turning 21! That's going to be a major milestone for me. haha. Yay~


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