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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Its finally the weekend once again. This aint an ordinary weekend as it also happens to mark the last day of my exams! Whee!

Lunch'ed with baby first at Amoy FC. Settled for mixed beef kway teow as the stall selling prawn mee was closed. Dar had his usual nasi lemak of course. haha.

Its pretty good. Though it certainly wont keep me full, i still do enjoy such light, yet simple lunches. =)

Rode off to Mt Faber's Safra for a sun tan. Some indian lady stopped me, just when i entered, to check my safra card. She found out that the card belonged to someone else and since safra membership cards aint transferable, i just had to obediently pay the $3.20 entry fee. -_-!

The Sun was playing hide and seek with us. So gave up tanning after a while. Shall tan again next week as ive yet to achieve my golden tan. Hehe.

After my very l-o-n-g shower at Safra (have to make full use of the facilities since i had to pay for it! Hahaha) , we headed to the newly opened Kallang Leisure Park shopping mall. Its definitely much spacious and larger than the old building but only a handful of retail stores have opened for business. There's also going to be a donut shop, called Donuts and Donuts (what a name) there too! I wonder if its good....

Am currently planning to go ice-skating and bowling with dar too. It costs $14 for a 2 hr ice-skating session and $2.80 per game for bowling. Given that each game is made up of 10 throws, it implies that you're actually paying $0.28 to throw your bowling balls into the drain. -bleahz-

Rode off to suntec for donuts thereafter. I had my usual double chocolate while greedy dar had a hazelnut and double choc, all to himself! Muahahah. Window shopped around carrefour as we wanted to check out the prices of the logistics needed for our picnic cum bbq outing. Heheh.

Had an extremely early dinner (5pm?) with baby at Old Airport Road, our usual haunt. I had a bowl of wanton mee from the stall i p-banned, due to louyapok service, 1 year ago while dar had a bacon aglio from pasta manna.

After one year, the wanton mee lady still carries that irritating-arrogant-smug look on her face. Its the kind of face that makes you want to give her a punch for no rhyme or reason. Think its called the "qian bian" look? Hahaha.

Dar's pasta today tasted better than other days. Dar finally agrees with me that Pasta Manna's version, though 50 cents more expensive, taste better than Mien's. Somehow, the spaghetti is able to absorb fully the flavours of the ingredients and spices used, which is really good! Its like, a good plate of char kway teow/fried hokkien mee ought to have not just lotsa LARD, but also, it must exude the "wok-hei" taste!

Shared a plate of Toa Payoh Rojak too. The elderly couple selling this really puts in tons of effort and takes extreme pride in preparing this plate of messed up rojak. Just look at the way she slices the cucumber and pineapples. Every ingredient is chopped, sliced, mixed and what not, on the spot to ensure its freshness. Dont belittle the elderly lady too! She may be hunched backed but she's one cool granny! She doesnt care whether you come from jurong, tuas or maybe malaysia just to try her well-known rojak, if there's no more queue number, it means NO MORE. LOL

Took an evening stroll along bedok reservoir park before heading for home sweet home.


See how scared he is upon hearing thunder! He shivers too!

Poor thing...
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