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Saturday, December 8, 2007

It rained on Friday. The rain got heavier on Sunday. But my Saturday was breezy, cloudy and rain-free because my Daddy answered my prayers!

Stopped by Giant, the one opposite Ikea and Courts, to get our logistics. We bought a box of charcoal, a wire mesh, an aluminium foil tray and a box of fire starters. The cheena cashier actually over charged us for the charcoal but its okie, dar got refunded.

Headed to Parkway to get our food items. Bought a stick of french baguette/loaf from Delifrance first. After which, we bought our Australian Prime Ribeye (already marinated) and German Bratwurst from the Butchery - ESpirito Santo. Bought escargots (1 dozen) from Cold Storage and Tiger Prawns + Mini Taiwan Sausages + H2O from NTUC. Other essentials such as disposable cutlery, non-disposable cutlery, paper plates, saviattes, trashbags and even a disposable table cloth had all been provided for by yours truely herself. =)

Strolled to East Coast Park and settled ourselves at a particular picnic table. We got to enjoy the sea breeze and view too. Heheh.

Some random shots...

BBQ'ed garlic bread first. I didnt expect dar's garlic spread to taste so good! Some were too chao-tar for consumption though. haha.

*Click to enlarge*

We coated the escargots with lots and lots of the garlic and herb spread. The greenish thing isnt goo, monster's mucas, seaweed or moss from the ground, its acty parsley. I must admit that the escargots tasted really damn shiok. Dar really enjoyed sucking the butter outta the shells. LOL.

Dar was in-charge of bbq'ing the ribeye. Its really yummy! Not as tender as what i would have hoped for but hey, the taste was there. A pity we had no mushroom sauce and fries to go along with it. Haha.

Last but not least, our tiger prawns, taiwan and german sausages! The german bratwurst was an exploding mess because of dar's itchy fingers. It was so so gross i tell you. Looks just like a.......... =X

Dar de-shelled the prawns for me again. Thank cute sweetie! Coated it with the garlic spread and bbq'ed it again. Ummm...

Packed and cleared up after about 1-2hours. B4 that, we came here with arms occupied and with an empty stomach, now, we left empty handed but with an exploding tummy! I felt so FAT after the BBQ. But it was fun. From the organizing, to the grocery shopping, to the bbq'ing process, everything was simply enjoyable! Lets do it again! haha. A picnic at sentosa sounds like fun too. =Pp

Thought i'd help dar wax his bike as i wanted to burn some FATS. After which, we headed to Makansutra's Glutton's Bay for dinner. There was mee goreng, carrot cake, satay, fried hokkien mee, and fried char kway teow. Looks like i gained back more than what i burned off earlier. BOO.

*Click to enlarge*

Everything was so-so. Not too bad. Pricey though. I quite like the carrot cake. It was nicely fried, with lotsa egg. But it didnt have the eggy taste and so, "green mountain's" version still wins handsdown. The satay here is not the best but its definitely much tastier than those from Lau Pa Sat.

I know you dont like to take pictures but you don have to block me too! Muahaha.

We had dessert at Tom's thereafter. Eunice, the owner herself, gave us free calandars and an organizer. She treated us all to free heart-shaped waffles too! One with hershey's chocolate fudge, one with maple syrup, and the other one with butterscotch.

We gave her our honest opinions as to how they could further improve the taste of their waffles as they were planning to invest in a waffle machine! Whoo Whee! Reminds me of those BNJ days. hahaha.

For ice-cream, we shared a large cup of hazelnut + cranberry white chocolate flavour. Yum Yum. Chestnut brandy and White christmas (minty) are pretty good too. =)

ahhhh... time to exercise because i foresee that Christmas is going to be even more SINFUL!
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