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Thursday, December 20, 2007

If grandma didnt mention it, i wouldnt have known that today was a public holiday. PH or no PH actually doesnt make much of a difference to me as im already on holiday. Haha.

Kengy brought me to The Salon, at Wheelock, again today. Uncle kenny drove us there. The hairdresser tot i was 16! She looked so surprised upon discovering that i, am not 16, but already a year 2 uni student! Haha. Do i really look that young?!

Did some shopping (i bought a cardigan!) before driving out for lunch. We had beef noodles and shared a bowl of mixed beef soup from Toa Payoh Lor 7. Shared fruit juices and a plate of cold cut fruits for dessert too. This fruit juice stall was recommended by Uncle Kenny. The honeydew juice was superb! Full of natural flavour and sweetness!

The beef noodle uncle was quite irritating. Haha. He kept insisting that his beef noodles are different from those sold elsewhere. I do agree with that statement for his soup base, unlike others, had a peppery-bak-kut-teh after taste. The gravy, for the dry version, was also different. His was milder and had a sourish tangy after taste. Kengy loved the chili. Haha. But it didnt possess enough of that "WOW" factor to make me travel all the way from Tampines just to have it. But i certainly will give it a shot if i happen to be in the vicinity.But that's provided the Hainan Beef Noodle stall is closed. Their's is much nicer, one of the better ones in fact. =)

Drove back to kengy's place. And its always DVD session time whenever we're there. Haha. Of course, i nv fail to ransack her fridge to check out her latest addition to the chocolate family. Today, we snacked on Royce's chocolate praline bars. They contain wafer bits and many different types of nuts. Yummy~

Absolut Disco! Its a limited edition bottle.

Oh, Dar joined us slightly later at 5-ish in the evening. After which, we drove out to grandma's place for steamboat! There were sotong, fish, meat, mushrooms, prawns, veggies, my fav yu jiao, and lots and lots of fishballs. Couldnt really eat much as i was still full from lunch. I didnt mention it but lunch was a late one, at ard 3.30 - 4pm.

After dinner with the family, we gave our stomachs a rest before round 2 -dessert! It felt like a cake testing session! There were altogether 15 cakes, which we had to finish, by hook or by crook, tonight. Haha. I really stuffed myself crazy this time.

Our initial plans to drive out to geylang for durian had to be cancelled as we were too full oredi.

Check out the cakes!

We bought 9 from Blue Magnolia - Opera, Green Tea, New York Cheesecake, Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Marshmellow, and Choco puffs.

The cakes were so-so only. Taste was there but the cakes were far too hard and dry for our liking. The cheesecake was pretty good though. Chocolate marshmellow was interesting. It had a peanutbutter after taste. OOO. I lurve peanut butter! So does dar dar! LOL

There's also cakes (6) from SomethingToGo, Regent Hotel - Strawberry Mousse, Oreo Cheesecake, Chocolate Hazelnut Praline, Opera, Apple Tart, and a chocolate fudge log cake.

In fact, i love every single one! The best, being their signature chocolate hazelnut praline cake. I just love the crunchy chocolatey taste. Pralines are love! LOL

We shared red wine too. Dar drank, i didnt. I dont really like red wine. Prefer sweet white wine.

Im gonna give cakes a rest for now. Why does christmas always have to be sinful? Gluttony is a sin u see. haha.

and resolutions for next year always remain the same - with the top one being: Must Lose Weight.
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