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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

After many many many mths, WE finally met up today! WE being me, Sam, Malee, Ace, and MayMay!

Met up with Ace and Sam first at Orchard MRT. Shopped around Far East and Wisma whilst waiting for Malee and MayMay to arrive. Just 10 minutes into shopping and the 3 of us each bought an item. Yours truely bought a b-e-a-u-tiful dress. Heheheh.
I always feel very HAPPY after making a purchase. Its called retail therepy for a reason. =)

Malee and MayMay arrived around evening time. Forever21 is getting boring. The cotton shop is a mad house. I dont know why but everything there seems oversized. TopShop sells pretty panties. Haha. Girls being Girls, we took, as usual, a very l-o-n-g time to decide what to have for dinner. The Picky rules: No Ajisen, No Dimsum/Crystal Jade, No PepperLunch, No Sakae Sushi, No FastFood, and No NYDC. After much deliberation, we settled for Breeks, at Taka, anyhow. (It was the only restaurant (on the directory) we all agreed to)

For appetizers, we all shared waffle fries! They came served with cheese sauce. Tastes pretty good with the fries. The downside?It emits a horrible smell! Yikes.

Waffle fries are so so nice!

For mains, Sam had a Dory with chili lime sauce (i think, sounds fusion though) while i had a pan-seared seabass with butter sauce. They all came served with pasta and veggies. I dont normally fancy tomato based pasta but this one here was pretty tasty! Pity only a very small portion of pasta was served. Malee had lagsania while maymay had a brownie with warm cheese for dessert. The waiter tot she wanted brownie with WARM ice-cream! Ive nv seen, nor eaten warm ice-cream before! Someone enlighten me please. =P

Total Bill amounted to $70. Ace didnt eat but we made her pay her share of the GST because she sampled sam's fish and ate abit of waffle fries and of course, she drank the most water. Hahaha. Poor thing.

Shopped a little while after dinner. Took pictures with Taka's BIG Christmas Tree! Sam, Malee and Me, took lots more pics outside Wheelock and inside Malee's dad's car. Hahahah.

I couldnt stop hiccuping either. Bcoz of that, i kept shaking the camera and some of the other pictures dint turn out very well. haha!

OOO, hung out with dar for a little while before meeting up with de babes. We lunched at Golden Mile. Dar wanted pasta, but it was closed, so i laughed. LOL. I wanted to have Jap food, but the Jap stall was also closed! He laughed even louder at me. Told u i have an EVIL boyfriend. haha. We both ended up eating yong tau foo from the stall i banned months ago. But since they got my order right this time (no onions, fried ones, green ones, just no onions plz), perhaps i might consider lifting the ban. hahaha.

Dar's milo DINOSAUR! RAHH!

We performed a good deed too! There was this old lady, who was really bony and all, who came by our table to ask if she could have the $1 on our table. She hasnt had food for days and survives only on plain water, which she stores in a recycled Skippy's peanut butter container. Seeing how pityful she was, we gave her not $1, but all our money on the table. It pains me to see them suffer like this bcoz i really wish i could help but sadly, dont know how. All i can do is pray, that God, will make me a blessing to others and of course, have faith that God will do the things that i cant for faith is after all the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

Ahhh.. i feel so EMO now...
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