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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tuesday was a super-cork day. Travelled for 2hrs, via bus to school, only to learn, that lecture was ending in 15-30mins.
It meant that i had made a wasted trip today as i had no more lessons thereafter. -_-!

Took a bus back to darlie's place. Trained down to PS to have lunch at the FoodCourt as ive been craving for the Grilled Chicken Set, from the Indonesian Riverside stall, since Sunday! The grilled chicken and its accompanying gravy is yummilicious! Go try it if you havent yea?

Headed back to dar's hse. Studied for Biz Comm, my first exam paper. Left for home around 4-ish in the afternoon.

Thankfully, Wednesday wasnt such a cork day. In fact, it was my off-day!

WeiJie rode dar to the bike shop and dropped him at my place before riding home. Took a bus down to Bedok Interchange for lunch. I had a bowl of pork porridge while dar had kway chap. We shared a cup of strawberry soursop juice too! Just check out the size of the cup!

A lady, sitting at our table, thought i looked 18! HaHa! Amen to that alright. N for some unknown reason, she thinks that both dar and me are super rich kids! Clad in a white tank top + casual flip-flops + "feasting" on a bowl of pork porridge, how rich could i possibly look? (Dar wasnt any better. He was clad in his home tee shirt and shorts.) Well, if that's what she sees in us, then yea, i claim it in Jesus' name amen! =)

(Oh man! To actually look 18 meant that she MUST-HAVE noticed my chubby baby fat cheeks! Arghh! I hate them so much)

Shared a taiwan sausage and seaweed chicken which we purchased from the Pasar Malam too! Yummy~

Took a direct bus from bedok to Dar's school. The journey lasted for more than an hour! *Butt Cramps*

Studied for biz comm again whilst dar did his proj. After which, took a bus down to Suntec City as i had a craving for DONUTS. First stop, Donut Factory!

I had a double chocolate all to myself! Ho Ho HO! Dar had his fave hazelnut and a dbl choc too. Bought ANOTHER donut from Munchy's at Millenia. This time, i went for the cinnamon white choc.

Its pretty good too! The oreo one's still da best!

Chilled outside Millenia for a while before heading to PS for dinner.

Dar finally bought his coinbox from Daiso. As i wasnt exactly hungry, thought i'd have sth light, like fish soup, for dinner. Had the Fried fish noodle soup from the PS foodcourt.

Pretty average, nothing fantastic, just another bowl of fish soup. If you're a fish soup lover, dont hesitate to try the sliced fish beehoon soup from Amoy FC! Its from a stall located on the second floor, situated right beside the Bake_Of muffin store, which is directly opposite SgKueh. It certainly is one of the best i've tried. =)

Food is a contentious topic and taste is usually subjective. So yea, all these are simply my personal pov and recommendations. Dont chop me up if you happen to be a reader who strongly disagrees or thinks otherwise. Feel free to voice your opinions, or state recommendations alright? Cheers~
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