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Wednesday, November 7, 2007
Oh my dear lord, i am so totally shagged out. It was almost non-stop work from sunday till wednesday, today. BOO!

As mentioned in my previous entry, i had to head back to school, on a sunday, for a proj mtg in the afternoon. It was supposed to end at 3am but we ended appx 3 hours earlier as our braincells could function no longer. Slept at 3am after a night of suppering and woke up a few hours later for SCHOOL. Proj meeting again in the afternoon. Headed for home at 6-ish in the evening. Spent the entire night, with only 4-5 hrs of sleep, doing up ppt slides. Its only the start of the week (Monday) and im already mentally and physically drained. Terrible!

OOOH, we had Aston's for dinner on Sunday. I had a medium rare sirloin steak, with onion rings and mashed potato for sides. Best of all, its below $10. If we hadnt met at PGP, i woud not have discovered Astons Specialties in NUS! Furthermore, having tried the food from Aston's flagship store at Katong, i can safely conclude that the food standards at both outlets are almost on par! Given its cheaper pricing and no-long queues, im gonna head back here someday, for lunch, with dar dar! Ha Ha

Okie, enough digressing...

If Monday was bad, then Tuesday's a nightmare. Met up with the proj mates, again, in the afternoon. Did work and crapped till 6-ish in the evening. Spent the entire night once again doing up ppt slides. I dread ppt now. Im surprised i actually managed to stay wide awake till 3-4am in the wee hours of the morning! No coffee (im allergic to caffaine), no tea and no redbull ok! =P

I'm indeed thankful that i dont have a 5 day school week. When classes end in the late afternoon/evenings, the sky is still blue and the sun still shining when i leave campus. But once i get home, its a different painting altogether. The sky is dark, the Sun has set, the moon has risen, the stars are twinkling, and night has fallen. That's roughly how long i take to travel from the west to the east. Exagerating but nonetheless true! I need a car, a personal chauffer would be good. he he heh!

Okie, random thoughts aside. If monday's bad, tuesday's a nightmare, then wednesday ought to be fright night. With only a few pathetic hours of sleep the night before, i had to force myself outta bed first thing in the morning to continue with the PPT slides. I seriously need a break from ppt. Proj mtg at 1pm to finalize our ppt and report. Both are due for presentation and submission today, respectively. Almost everything is last-minute work. I dare admit that i wasnt even fully prepared for my presentation at all. How prepared can one be if he/she had only just drafted his/her script 2 hours before the actual presentation itself? Definitely not me. But by God's grace, i managed to smoke my way through the presentation. Pretty smoothly somemore eh. Ha Ha.

When i look back, and think about how much effort and time ive spent devoting myself to this particular module, i get frightened and wonder whether ive started to neglect my other core mods. They are all of equal importance but for some reason, i tend to view modules like macro and finance as having more weightage/significance.

Whatever the outcome, im glad presentations are finally over. Well, only for this semester. =/ Next week's gonna be the last week of school. Which means EXAMS! will commence in 2-3 weeks time! Great, i havent even started mugging. Time for bed now people. My lack of sleep over the past 4 days + awful painful cramps are driving me bonkers. Please God, no morning insomia tml. All i want is an undisturbed peaceful 10 hour sleep. Amen. =)

Accumulated pictures over the past week shall be uploaded in my upcoming over-dued entries. Do keep a look out! Ciaoz~
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