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Monday, November 19, 2007

My left leg is covered in patches of blues and blacks! There is altogether a total of 5 blue blacks. 2 pretty huge ones and 3 medium sized ones on my knee. The medium sized ones resulted from a slip on the wet kitchen floor. Recalling the fact that i just knocked my already bruised knee against the corner of my study table, i guess we ought to make it 6. Oh, and one more under my right armpit (muahaha), so that's 7 in all.

The ulcers in my mouth aint helping either. There's one on my lower lip, another small one on my left cheek, and one on my tongue! Which happens to be the most disturbing and most irritating one of them all. Tongue ulcers kinda remove the tongues' ability to taste and also gives one an uber unpleasant eating experience.

Blue Blacks & Ulcers totally dont rock my world. BOO~ It also seems like my wisom tooth isnt out yet. I hope they dont ever come out. Even if they do, i pray real hard that i wouldnt have to extract a single one.

Anyway, last Saturday, i spent half the day mugging at home! *smiles* You seldom see me do that because:

1) I dont like to stay home
2) I get easily distracted at home
3) I lack motivation and self-discipline
4) I have a short attention span, maybe.
5) I dont like to do things that i dont like to do - MUGGING

Oh well, i'l just have to endure for another 1-2 weeks. After which, its PARTEE TIME! Oops, I meant find a job time. =Pp

Anyway (this is my second time saying it), after mugging, dar n me chilled out together during the later part of the day. Dar hadnt had lunch, so i accompanied him to LJS for fast-food. Sorry but i aint guilty for stealing ur fries! -bleahz-

Despite having a big breakfast, pizzas for lunch and LJS fries, i was still very hungry! Thought of buying calamari from Chippys' but ended up getting snacks from Carrefour. Settled for chocolate pocky while dar bought a small packet of nacho cheese chips.

Munched on POCKY STICKS while walking from one end of Orchard to the other. Stopped by Kinokuniya to read magazines too. Spent some time sitting outside crystal jade to rest our aching feet. Meanwhile, pictures!

Dar's so emo today. Wonder what he's thinking about. Hmmmm...

Slippers rock! They've gotta be the most comfortable shoes ever invented.

Dinner buffet at Melt, The World Cafe, at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Its nice! The ambience, the service, the quality, the variety and taste of the food are all exceptionally good! My top 3 favourites are the bbq'ed jumbo prawns, some honey chicken tingy and the freshly baked waffles! Yes, they have gotta be the most sinful dessert of the night! I not only spreaded a layer of salted butter, but also drizzled a fair amount of maple syrup and spooned a large serving of PEANUT BUTTER AND NUTELLA to go along with it. Awfully sinful but YUMMY!

These should come in handy during my stay-home-and-mug exam period.

Rah, i need to exercise badly
6:10 PM

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