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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Arghh, overdued entry again.

8th November 2007, Thursday (Deepavali)

It kinda took me by surprise when i saw dar dar all geared and dressed up today. Usually, he's all dressed down in casual berms, tee-shirts and slippers. But today, he was clad in a long sleeve white men's shirt and had on levis' jeans and nike dunks! His hair was nicely geled and styled too! I love it when guys style their hair. Kinda brings up their image. and i so love the smell of cologne. I think it brings out the MAN in them. HaHa.

You know, with dar all dressed up like that, it kinda made me panick as i was wondering whether i had forgotten about it being a special occasion today (if there was any in the place place). I've been so busy lately, anything could have just slipped my mind. 8th November 2007 wasnt mine nor dar's b-day, neither was it our monthsary, i guess dar was all dressed up for deepavali, that's all. haHa. Another reason was bcoz Dar claimed that he had ran out of shirts but in the past, when i asked whether he wanted me to get him some new shirts, he wld say "Nah, its okie, at home still got". Guys are obviously getting more muddleheaded these days. -_-!

Well, i cant exactly rmb what we did today.We had donuts from Munchy's at Millenia Walk, Tom Palette'ting and taking the express bus ride together to my grandma's place for makan.

Munchy Donuts! The one on the left is an oreo donut with white choc and the one on the right is a chocolate coated donut with peanut butter fillings.

They do carry a wide variety of donuts. And i must admit that they all look uber PRETTY! They taste good too! Dar reckons that Donut Fac's still taste better as their donuts are fresher and have the "oozing" out effect. Whatever it is, i still love my donuts! Except MissyDonuts (ive yet to and dont intend to buy from them)! =P

9th November 2007, Friday

Today's supposedly my off-day but had to head back to school for finance lecture as i dint go for the tuesday slot. Fabian was returning my jacket too. Dar rode me to school as well as he needed to fix his bike. After class, we headed to the Arts canteen for lunch. Introduced dar to NUS' Best Noodle Stall (YTF). haha. Dar took like 12-15 over pcs of ytf! Obviously he's nv seen yong tau foo this cheap (25cents a pc, $1.30 for 6pcs, 0.30cents for rice/noodle). So, i dont blame him for his over-excitement. Muahaha. =X

Rode off to dar's place after that to study. Multi-tasked. Did my macro problem set and helped dar with his school project. I wonder when i can claim my lunch treat. He He Heh.

10th November 2007, Saturday

Lunch'ed with dar today at Steeple's Deli, Tanglin Shopping Centre. We almost couldnt locate it as we mistook tanglin shopping mall for tanglin shopping centre. Something really hilarious happened at its bike parking lot as well. It was a scene of falling dominos. Muahaha. The name _ _ _ x (i shant say lest dar shoots me) suits it really well. =P

Steeple's Deli! The first and the oldest deli in Singapore!

The o'l school interior. Its an open concept kitchen. Very country, very cosy, very homely!

We each had a hot toasted roast beef sandwich. I had it with wholemeal bread while dar had it with white bread. It came served with coleslaw, which dar happily dumped onto my plate. -_-!

The roast beef slices are really good! Its juicy and savoury and taste like the beef patty found in cheeseburgers. Next time, im going to request for add-ons of bacon strips and melted cheddar cheese! Yum~

We shared a fudge too! Its a sticky chewy chocolate with marshmellow stuffings. Dar tot they were hazelnuts! -_-!

Ordered fries to share as well. In fact, im beginning to love fries. All thanks to The Fries Shack man. Haha.

And the highlight of the entire meal? Their CHOCOLATE PEANUT-BUTTER MILKSHAKE! Like dar says it, "POWER!"

Imagine slurping down spoonfuls of thick melted skippy's peanut-butter. That's roughly how it taste like.

Its so good we ordered another cup. Haha.

Walked around town before riding off to Suntec. Saw a really nice red belt from DNG. N Women's Secret has nice lingerie!

Studied and helped dar with his proj at Mac. Cam-whored to de-stress. =P

Im surprised that wad we had for lunch was able to keep us full even right up till dinner time! I mean, a sandwich and a cup of milkshake? That's like brunch. Haha. Gonna head back to Steeple's someday for their omelette, burgers and fish and chips! But first, Pasta De Waraku! He he Hehh!

Dinner with family at Maxwell. Dar and me shared porridge and fried tofu from HoKee. Ate abit of duck meat which my uncle bought from JB. After dinner, we drove/rode to PWC to render our assistence. Aunty Woon treated us all to desserts at Tiong Bahru. Argh, so much talk about dieting.

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