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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Didn’t meet up with dar on Monday and Tuesday due to work and school commitments.

But both days went by pretty quickly and it wasn’t long before I got to embrace dar in my arms once again on a lovely Wednesday morning.

Took a bus down to meet dar for brekkie at Bugis. The morning jam was terrible. It took me nearly 2 hours just to get there. BOO!

We had breakfast at BK. I had the turkey ham croissont meal while dar had the large omelette burger set. Helped dar with his burger as he was full but i was not. =P

Walked to the nearby NLB to study after that. We managed to smuggle our pencil cases and papers into the reference library. He he Heh.

Rode back to my grandma’s place, after 2 hours at NLB, to continue with our mugging session. Had teochew porridge + my fave SIOBAK from the nearby coffeeshop. Ta-baoed lunch back for grandma too. My broken chinese became someone else's joke of the day. Like again! This time, by the mixed veggie rice stall owners. So not cool! But it was funny. Hahaha.

Dinner at my grandma’s place. She fried prawns specially for dar dar. Thank cute dar dar for de-shelling them all. =)

We lunched at Amoy FC on Thursday. Queued up for my fave sliced fish noodle soup from Han Kee. The queue was super-duper long! There were easily more than 20 heads in front of me, with 10 or more hungry souls standing in-line behind me. Gosh! Dar spent an even longer time queueing up for the ever-popular nasi lemak. For desserts, we shared ondeh ondeh’s from SgKueh! The two bigger sized green ones are durian ondeh ondehs. Very SHIOK!

This is as simple as it gets.

After lunch, we rode to the library at The Esplanade. I made a very interesting discovery, and that is all laptop users were using MAC Apple laptops there! Ha Ha Ha. I <3 my MAC!

Went to Donut Factory for high-tea after that, They have since introduced 3 new donut flavours onto their menu board. I cant exactly remember what all 3 flavours are but I did try one today. Its a chocolate espresso cream donut!

The Glazed ones are pretty good too!

I didnt like the espresso cream at all. Their double choc and coffee roasted almond donuts are still my particular faves. =)

and here comes everybody's fave day of the week, FRIDAY.

Dar’s was sucha sweetie. He sacrificed his beauty sleep just so he could ensure that I would escape the morning jams and be on time for my morning paper. Thank cute dar dar for everything!

Rememeber the last time i blogged about Delectable's granola bars? Well, mom recently bought home another one of their flavours and its very good! Salty and Sweet cashew nut with a white hazelnut yoghurt base!

Lunch’ed at Bukit Timah’s FC. Dar had his usual pasta from MIEN while I had 2 popiahs. Rode to Vivo City after that. Chilled and shopped. I think online shopping sprees are more interesting. In fact, im hooked! Rode to The Cathay after a few hours to catch the 4pm movie, Enchanted.

Dinner at Pasta De Waraku, The Central.

The interior, the menu, and the inside of the colorful menu.

We were each served a salad, which comes with every order or a pizza or gratin. The salad dressing’s very appetizing. Guess its also some Japanese sauce.

For mains, we ordered a prawn + scallop pizza (with extra cheese), a scallop + cod roe gratin and an oyster + bacon carbonara.

Basically, the food served here lies more on the healthy side as cream is replaced by a Japanese wakyu sauce. Everything, from pastas, to baked riced, to gratins to pizzas are done Japanese style. You could even detect the natural sweetness, exuded from the scallops and prawns, in the pizzas and gratin! The scallops were really huge and juicy, which sure is a real steal.

Check out how uber thin the pizza is!

The carbonara would have been better if it werent too watery. But then again, maybe that’s how waraku style carbonara is supposed to be. After all, they don’t use cream.

Chilled along the clarke quay river, and took a stroll at Fort Canning Park after dinner. Walking up the never-ending steep slopes sure was an effective fat-zapping exercise. =P

X-Treme Swing, a new thrill ride, situated next to the reverse bungee, will be operating in appx 10 days time! Me and dar are thinking about giving it a shot. All that adrenalin rush, whoo!
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