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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Did you know that our BRAIN is made up of 60% FAT and is directly affected by the FATS we consume?

Did you know that certain types of food can actually help solve our daily problems?

Take for instance, ANXIETY may be due to a lack of Magnesium, which are present in nuts and green leafy vegetables.

Consuming food items rich in vitamin B6, such as brown rice, bananas and chicken can actually reduce STRESS levels.

If you have a poor/short-term MEMORY like me, do eat more fish and cod liver oil as they help boost the current low levels of omega 3s.

Improve your CONCENTRATION with Vitamin B1s commonly found in food items such as oats, brown rice, salmon, vegetables (cabbage/brocolli/spinach) and nuts (hazelnuts, pine, soya milk).

If you happen to feel IRRITABLE on any particular day, top up your selenium levels with salmon or sunflower seeds that are rich in Mg and Vitamin B6.

Research has also shown that a lack of MOTIVATION can be attributed to a lack of Zinc intake. Oyster (dar dar's fave), mussels, almonds, walnuts, brocolli, cheese, pork and chicken are just some food itmes that contain sources of Zinc.

INSOMANIACS on the otherhand should eat food items rich in amino acid and trytophan. Dont ask me what the latter is because all i know is that these are able to convert into mood-boosting-sleep-making serotonin. Food items rich in tryptophan include figs, fish, oats, bananas, milk, chicken, cheese, beans and eggs. Food rich in amino acid tyramine (sugar, chocolates, sausages, bacon, potatoes, tomatoes) impede sleep.

Also, it is believed that SUGAR may pick us up but little is known that the body actually then releases extra insulin to bring blood glucose levels down, which will in turn make you feel worse.

Everyone knows that BREAKFAST is the most important meal of the day. But does anyone know the reason? Well, leaving home on an empty stomach means your blood sugar stays rock bottom. This may result in an energy crash. In order to keep you going, the body then releases stress hormones which make you feel edgy at the end of the day.

I think im gonna need loads of vitamin B1s to improve my concentration and maybe stock up on sunflower seeds over the weekend to help ease away my frequent irritable moods.

Seriously, does anyone even bother to follow or even stick to such a strict diet? Do they even work? (I believe they do? Else i wouldnt even be blogging about it right now. Guess it all boils down to the individuals' self-awareness.) Does one actually consume more oysters in hope of being motivated? (For guys, maybe... HaHa) For me, its definitely a no-no for i havent, and dont intend to, inculcate the habit of allowing such minor details to influence my food-making decisions. I eat whatever i crave/feel like having that day. I eat whatever God blesses me with on my plate. I eat to satisfy my occasional cravings and hunger pangs. I eat because i live to eat and eat to live.

Then why even bother to blog about it you ask me? Well, to yours truely, its interesting and sure helps to widen your general knowledge! Ha Ha and who knows, it might actually benefit you, yOu, or YOU!

God bless you all! Dont forget to say grace before every meal! And i dont mean practically saying the word "grace". Ciaoz!
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