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Friday, November 9, 2007

Below is an over-dued entry, read if you must! =P

30th October 2007, Tuesday

Managed to wake up for Finance Lect today. I even got there before sarah did. haha. However, i felt indifferent between going for, and not going for lecture. Yes, i did go for lecture (warm up the seat more likely), but only absorbed merely 20% of what the prof said! All thanks to Lucas , who cldnt stop asking me funny questions and talking rubbish to me. -_-!

Lunch'ed at Vivo's Food Republic foodcourt. I just had to get my sesame bao/dimsum fix today. =)

Cup noodles from Korea. I dont exactly know what flavour but my guess wld be seaweed. LOL

31st October 2007, Wednesday

I cant rmb what i did, ate, or said today. Nvm, lets move on to Thursday. =P

1st November 2007, Thursday

Yeah! 1 more mth to December! I cant wait for Christmas! Can you? Me and dar will be exchanging pressies! I wonder what he's gonna get me... hmmm....

BTW, after much contemplation, i've finally purchased my Charles & Keith bag! It so happened that there was a 15% storewide discount for all UOB card holders. I just had to get it.

Mom bought me this donut from tastytreats! See the chocolate oozing out? OOh LaLa.. Craving for choc fondant cakes right now.

2nd November 2007, Friday

No school today! Dar and me rode to Amoy FC for lunch. We discovered a new jap store which specializes not just in serving jap items but also, whips up hong kong dishes and drinks too! Decided to give it a shot.

Dar ordered a teriyaki chicken rice set while i had my usual Katsudon + no onions!

Looks pretty good but tastewise, could have been better. The pork katsu was far too salty for my liking. But the rice was good! Sweet and fragrant. Golden Mile's version's still the best, so far. Have yet to try my uncle's recommendation though. Its from a jap store located at ChinaSquare's FoodCourt. Anyone tried it yet?

After lunch, we rode off to Bugis for a chill-out session at the arcade! I just had a strong and sudden urge to crash some cars. And so, the 2 player racing car game it was. I had so so so much FUN! Racing games are one of my faves. Back then, when i was much younger ( 7-10 years old), i used to play F1, Road Rash, Capcom, MetalSlug, Spiritual Warfare, Worm's Armegedon and some bubble game. In fact, i hardly ever played with girl's toys. All i remember is my cute little stuffed toy dog named tobie (that's y all my dogs will always be called tobie), my fave toy car which has the ability to change color, my bubble toy gun, my batman suit and captain planet/power ranger! Yes, my bro and i used to fight over the red ranger. Dont ask me what's his name, i cant rmb! And bcoz we have to go to church on Sundays, dad will nv forget to record down (on VCR) my fave doraemon cartoon! HaHa. Dad used to buy me lots and lots of other car racing games too. So maybe, he shldnt blame me for speeding next time. Oops!

Okie, i just love to digress dont i? Anyway, after our super-duper fun arcade session, dar rode down to Grand Copthrone to collect the Prison Break DVD from his boss. Spent an hour or so there watching it on my laptop before heading back to darlie's house for dinner.

Obviously not paying attention in class... =P

3rd November 2007, Saturday

Dar walked my dogs today. Or did my dogs walk him? HaHa.

Sent jinx for servicing before cabbing down to TM for lunch. We dined at Ding tai Fung. There's Xiao Long Baos, some red bean dumpling tingy and how cld i ever forget my sesame baos!

But sadly, the sesame bao here failed in comparison to that of Bao Today's. It may be bigger in size but in actuality, it is as hard as a ROCK. BOO!

Did some school work at Mac. Bought fries and an apple pie. Shared a fruit tips blackcurrent drink from FourLeaves as well. Its nice!

Cabbed back to Ubi to collect jinx. Rode down to suntec for more and still more food! Headed to the arcade first as i wanted to race again. But left the place within 5 mins as we cldnt find a nice racing car game. Headed to The WafflePlace for waffles! Surprisingly, the store owners still remember us! Either they rmb us as waffle lovers, or as the customer who promised to buy their chocolate fondue but nv showed up. I hope its not the latter. haha. =/

n we still have not purchased their chocolate fondue. Muahahaha. Do try their butter + bacon bits waffle though. Its nice!

Rode back to dar's place for a dvd session. We had a dinner buffet at Grand Copthrone. Too bad my aunt cldnt join us.

Guess i should stop eating like a pig from next week onwards. But what to do, i am afterall just another fatty pig wadddd. =P
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