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Sunday, October 7, 2007

The weekends come and go so quickly! If only Mondays were replaced by Sundays Part 2. No Mondays = No Monday Blues.

Drove to school yesterday for my finance mid-term. Headed to HSSML to study after that. Dar came by at around 12.30pm to pick me up for lunch.

Lunch'ed at Tiong Bahru. We had lor mee and shared a sea-coconut + soursop + mixed fruits dessert.

Rode to NLB after lunch. Dar read his bike magazines while i studied. Took a snapshot of his new full-face helmet.

Studied till 4.30pm. Rode to Town after that. Did abit of window shopping here and there. Bought a spag top from MNG. =)

Dar got summoned for parking on the pavement. $70!!!! Its more than what i spent on shopping today! Helped dar with the writing of a letter of appeal. I shall just leave everything under grace. =)

Rode to Amoy FC for dinner with my fellow makan family members.

Hong Kong Street Cze Char, round 2! They serve a kick ass "omulette" here. So good we ordered 2 portions to share.

Sadly i cld only eat from one (Prawn omelette) as the other "omulette" contained onions! Eew Eeks Err! I dislike onions! FYI, Omulette = Omelette. Ask dar. Ha Ha Ha Hah!

We ordered other dishes like fried rice, kailan, sweet & sour fish, and stir fried chicken with ginger slices. Everything was pretty good, though i felt that the fried rice could do with more "Wok-Hei".

After dinner, we all drove/rode to Millenia. After "shopping" at Harvey Norman, im very much motivated and inspired to invest in a movie sound surround system. Not forgetting, my all time favourite Samsung LCD Flat-Screen TV too!


Drove to church as usual. This time, aunty jo and aunty woon joined us for service. Pastor Prince sure knows how to make us laugh till our jaws and stomachs ache. Ha Ha!

Late lunch together at Pasta Mania, Suntec City. Aunty jo had a bacon aglio while aunty woon had a pinenut + mushroom risotto. I, on the other hand, ordered a 10-inch Hawaian Pizza + Extra Cheese!

Forced dar to eat 3 slices at least. Muahahaha! Its after all my job to stuff him FAT.

Rode to Geylang Serai to check out the Hari Raya Car Rates. Its not exactly cheap but definitely much cheaper than normal day purchases. Its uber tempting! Esp with the "$0 drive-away" signage! Seriously gonna start a car fund with dar soon. Ha Ha Ha. Soon!

Rode to my aunt's place after that. Chilled and watched a DVD. Went back home for a light dinner.

The new Vitagen Packaging. I think its quite attractive and Chic. But the taste is-just-so..... The pink one is quite nice though! =Pp

Ooo! I had Wham Burger for lunch last friday. Its not nice. I repeat, NOT NICE. Friday wasnt a great day either. Had a super huge fight with fatty ass. But for some reason, after every fight/quarrel, we both realised one thing - that it acty makes us love and cherish each other more! So maybe we should fight more often? Muahahaha. Just teasing!

All i know is whatever i do, i do it under grace, and with a good opinion of Him, Jesus, my Daddy God. =)
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