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Friday, October 5, 2007


No FNA tutorial this week! Whoo! Biz Comm still sucks shit though. You will know what I mean by “sucks shit” if you have to spend hours doing a group assignment worth only FOUR MARKS. And if u divide them out equally, each question will only earn you 0.1 MARKS. The assignment is not even difficult! Questions are simple and straight to the point, which really puzzles me, as to how one can spend so much time doing it. BOO!


Suffered from Tuesday blues today. Terrible! It’s worse than having constipation.
Mass Media tutorial was pretty entertaining. Last week, we watched a South Park video, this week, a video featuring Journalists’, who died gruesome deaths in the line of duty, was screened. Lunch’ed with Brenda at the Arts Canteen. I had Yong Tau Foo! HaHa. “Best Noodle Stall in NUS”. Must try!

Mass media mid terms at 4pm. I was practically x’ianing, crapping, my way through. We were told to make full use of our sociology background but my dear, I don’t take sociology! Crap. But at the end of the 1 hour mid term, the lecturer went through the first question with us and I was pretty pleased to learn that my answers were more or less on par with his! OMG! God is good! =)

Tuesdays are YELLOW days.


No school today! Lunch’ed with dar dar at Toa Payoh Lor 7. Spent 20 minutes queuing up for fish-ball noodles as I had an appetite for “meepok” today. WEIRD! Seeing that “meepok” is ultimately the most popular choice of noodle, my guess was it would run out even before my turn came. Gave up, dropped out of the queue, and headed to the beef noodle stall instead. Guess what?! There was a super long queue too! I’m surprised because I’ve never seen a line of people queuing up for beef noodles from this stall before! Its very nice but never has there been a queue! All thanks to Mediacorp, who featured them on a food variety show just last week. Oh the power and influence of the mass media.

Caught Rogue Assasin with dar dar at Shaw, Bugis. Watched at Shaw, rather than Cathay, as I had a Shaw Complimentary Movie Ticket. It’s a 90 minute action packed show starring Jet Li. Nice. =)

After which, we had high tea at Swensens. Shared the soup of the day, prawn fritters and a sundae!

It consist of flavors like mocha almond fudge, macademia, and chocolate peanut buttercup (My fave!!!). There’s lotsa whip cream (which i forced dar to finish), chopped peanuts and macademia nuts too. Actually, I don’t really fancy Swensens’ ice-cream as they’re far too SWEET for my liking. All the fudge and everything, omgawd, sugar rush!

Met the MIX people at Swensens too! =)

Dinner together after that at my grandma’s place. She cooked my favorite steamed egg once again. As usual, she made dar finish the whole pot of leftover rice. Muahahaha!

See WHAT see! =P

Fatty ass, forever will be my fatty ass. =Pp
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