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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I've had so much food the past week! Im afraid little miss trouble is gonna turn into little miss piggy soon. =Pp

1) Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar @ The Esplanade.

It was a cold, wet, chilly saturday. Hot chocolate drinks were what i had in mind for dessert/high-tea today. I practically turned purple (like for real!) whilst at a biz comm proj meeting held in CRC. The aircon was bizarringly freezingly bian-tai cold! Had no choice but to change our mtg venue to the canteen so we cld defrost our semi-frozen bodies and brains. BUT, the complaints started even before 10 minutes went by. "Y so stuffy?!", "So warm and humid la!", "Omg, i feel so sticky!". HaHa. Girls.

Lunch'ed at Bukit Timah's FC first. Dar had his usual while i had a bowl of century egg lean meat porridge. Bcoz i dont eat onions, the uncle thus allowed me to scoop as much crispies as i wanted! Normally, he sprinkles a few bits, but for me, wha, special, look at that heapful of crispies in my porridge!

Ha Ha Ha! Its super nice! Reminds me very much of the dimsum porridge i had in HK.

High Tea at Max Brenner's.

Dar had a cookies and cream milkshake tingy while i had a "suckao"! Sounds very crude rite!

Dar's drink came in this cute cup. It says "Drink Me!" ahaha. We liked the metal straw more actually. =Pp

Suckao is actually a DIY chocolate drink. Consumers are given the freedom to choose between milk, white or dark chocolate. By serving the chocolate pellets and milk seperately, consumers are then able to create their own desired hot chocolate - how thick/chocolatey, or how sweet, they want it to be.

Its super fun stuff. =)

2) Botak Jones

Dinner was at Botak Jones. This time, we tried the outlet at Toa Payoh. Dont ever think about coming here via public transport because its super duper inaccessible. The problem doesnt just lie with this particular outlet, it lies with the other several outlets too! Tuas is just one example.

But wt-heck, if the food's good and prices are reasonable, i wouldnt mind travelling, or going the extra mile for it.

For drinks, we ordered ice-lemon tea from the drinks stall. Nice, but a little tooooo sweet.

For mains, we ordered a ChiliDawg (i think), a double botak burger, cajun chicken set, an italian spicy pork bratwurst and a turkey ham sandwich!

The beef here is really tasty. So are their fries! This is coming from a non-fries lover ok. =P

The cajun chicken was really tender, their bratwurst were not only huge but bursting with bite and flavour! Their Fish & Chips, which i tried on my first visit, are also very tasty. Do note that it takes about 45-60minutes on average for your food to arrive. Hence, its important that you select the right outlet to patronize as some outlets, like the ones in Ang Mo Kio or Clementi, can get really stuffy and warm after a while. Unlike this outlet, in toa payoh, which is very well ventilated. Thus making the wait less torturing and miserable.

We shared garlic bread and tiramisu from this particular italian food stall whilst waiting.

They do serve a variety of finger-food, pastas and DIY pizzas too! Best of all, they are very reasonably priced! Am gonna head back here for their pizzas someday. =)

Shared an apple pie, from Botak's, for dessert! Taste very home-made! I believe it is. =)

3) Peony Jade @ Clarke Quay

In view of dar's birthday, his rents decided to give him a dinner treat at Peony Jade. Me and his bro tagged along. Ha Ha!

We opted for the ala-cart dinner buffet. Having tried their lunch buffet on my first visit, i can say that both their lunch and dinner buffet menus arent similar. In fact, Peony Jade came highly recommended by me to dar & his family as i really enjoyed the exceptional service brought forth by their staff and supervisors. Not forgetting, the great tasting dishes which are of good quality and standard. I believe his rents love it too. =)

No pictures as i dint want anutie and uncle to think that im truely obssessed with food. Knowing that i eat quite alot, for a girl, is bizarre enough for them oredi. Ha Ha.

Click here for pictures of their food and interior. Scroll down to the May 26th entry. These were taken on my first visit with Uncle Boon and Auntie April. =)

Or check out their website at www.peony-jade.com for more details.

Before our big buffet feast, me and dar actually had more more food! LOL. I was actually in school having a proj meeting (Proj mtgs on sundays suck terribly!), dar was supposed to have his soccer session but overslept, oh well, he rode down to NUS to pick me up anyway. Didnt have lunch as i was still pretty full from Mac's Big breakfast. Either their breakfast packaging is getting bigger or their food portions are getting smaller. Or maybe, my eyes were just playing tricks on me. BOO.

4) Donut Factory

Donut Fac'ed ard 3ish in the afternoon. No double chocolate! They had it on trays but for some reason, refused to sell it to customers! I suppose they had to clear and make customers buy their other flavours first. Ordered a coffee roasted almond and chocolate mint to share. 2 wasnt enough, so we bought a third -hazelnut.

Im not surprised that queues over at donut fac are getting shorter and shorter these days. It doesnt take me more than 5 mins to purchase 3 donuts. In fact, they're opening another outlet at Novena Square! Yeahness! More donuts all over Sg! He He Heh

Headed to auntie woon's place as she needed strong mens (dar included?) to help her shift heavy furniture. After which, uncle kenny drove us all to the nearby Novena Square for drinks and dessert. We had fruit juices for drinks and vanilla affagato, from the korean ice-cream store, for dessert.

This isnt real! Took a snapshot of it as i thought pink ice-creams look pretty. =)

Shared some chocolate pandan chiffon cake from Little Jerry's Cookies. A cookie shop selling pandan chiffon cakes? Yes! And they're really delicious too!

YEah yeah, that's how much ive consumed over one weekend. Scary but true. What's even scarier is that im left with only 3 weeks to the last day of school. After which, its our one week study break, exams, and then more holidays for the month of Dec'07 and Jan'08. How time flies...
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