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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I am still not full after having a pork floss bun, 2 sesame baos, hargao, thundertea rice and dinner! Does this always happen when exams are approaching? These days, I find myself craving for carbs too. ArgHH, I AM FAT.

Below is an over-dued (27th Oct) entry. Shall just squeeze some time to blog b4 i plonk on the bed (School till 7pm aint a joke!). Else, it'l become a super expired entry. Here goes...

After weeks of burnt saturdays, i finally got to sleep in and stay home on this very saturday itself!

Met Ze Ting at 3pm, CityLink. Planned on dining at Gelare/TCC but ended up at Suntec's Gloria Jeans' instead.

Shared a slice of Tiramisu and ordered mocha chillers each. Bumped into Jun Kit there as well, i almost dint recognize him! Ha Ha.

Spent an hour at Gloria's discussing our retail project. Headed to Carrefour after that to buy the necessary ingredients. We got Wasabi, Fries Sprinkles and Microwavable Cheese Sauce! Ha Ha.

Dar rode down to Suntec, to find me, after his soccer session. Rode off to Toa Payoh Lorong 8 (JTC) right after. Botak Jones Part 2! =Pp

The interior of the canteen.

This aint a middle finger! It just so happened that dar's "twist" got cut off. =Pp

Its a canteen housed within JTC's industrial factory's premises. Who would have thought that this secluded canteen, located inside a factory, would be thronged by crowds even on a weekend! Majority are here to have a taste of real authentic western foodfare at cheap affordable prices -Botak Jones. Other stores ( Italian, Japanese, Thai) are also opened for business too! Not doing so will only put them at a losing end as compared to their major rival - Botak Jones. There's also a store selling belgian waffles, fondue sets, and homemade cheese brownies and cakes too! Kinda reminds me of the belgian waffle store at Golden Mile's FC.

It may be a factory canteen but it sure scores in terms of ventilation. There's a pretty cosy/homely feel to this place too.

The food items we ordered: ChiliDawg, Steak, U-Crazy-What burger and a Turkey Pastrami Munch. The steak was done medium rare, its good, for $20, it sure is value for money.

Thats a thick cut of beef...

Kinda like the fries today as the seasoning used had a much stronger taste to it. Still, nothing beats Long John's and Popeye's fries! Hahahahh.

Dar and aunty keng bought aglio olios from the Italian store too!

I dont really like it. Firstly, it doesnt have body (no wok-hei taste!) and secondly, the pasta was over-saturated with black pepper, which was no doubt a huge turn off for me.

We shared Calamari too. If you're wondering whether these are onion rings, i dont blame u, neither are your eyes failing you, becoz me myself and i tot they were onion rings too! BOO! This is not how a calamari should look like!

This, is how it should look like:

We were too full to even move.

The ladies over at the belgian waffle store must have felt really betrayed. Especially after my aunt and i gave them such high hopes.................. =X

Too full to move but never too full for desserts! All of us drove/rode to Liang Seah Street for desserts from Ah Chew. We had mango sago, mango pomelo, peanut paste and grass jelly + evaporated milk.

Dar and i had a very hilarious encounter with some "auntie" whilst trying to locate a bike parking lot. The story goes....

As u know, Liang Seah Street is a one-way drive, the road here gets congested easily as vehicles tend to hog the road whilst waiting for a parking lot. It so happened that a white subaru was blocking our way on that day. There was a vacant lot to his right but for some unknown reason, the subaru driver insisted on waiting for the lot further down on the left. Dar gave a polite honk to signal him to drive more to the side so as to allow the bike to squeeze through. However, instead of giving way, out emerged a lady from the passenger seat. She flung open her door, glared at us with eyes like that of a daggar, and shouted "WAIT LAH", accompanied with hand gestures, in her most unique cheena accent, unglam and auntie-like manner! The most hilarious thing has got to be the way she said "WAIT LAH". I dont mean to be sacastic but it totally tarnished the image of the white sporty subaru. Kinda regretted not recording this whole incident. Its so so hilarious! But its okie, dar can do a perfect imitation of her. Muahahaha.

Window shopped around Bugis after dessert. Bumped into Jason. He took such a LONG time to recognize me! But after getting closer, he finally knew who was waving to him from "afar".

"Sorry sorry i nv wear contacts today so cant see!" He even used his fingers to pull down his eyelids to indicate that he had no contacts on. Muahahahha

This has gotta be the most comical statement of the night.

...and winning the title for "Most comical phrase" of the night.... *drumrolls* .... is......


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