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Monday, October 15, 2007

Ahahah you'll have to tilt your head, 90degs to the right, to watch this video! Specially dedicated to my lovely sweetie! =)

Happy Birthday Dar Dar! It certainly aint just another day! Well, to me of course. Ha Ha

Since dar's birthday falls on a monday, and on mondays, we both (me and dar) have classes till 4pm and 5pm respectively, the evening was all we had to celebrate this special joyous occasion.

Met up with Dar at Central. No, i didnt buy any donuts from Marcial Kobe, though i must admit that i was extremely tempted to do so. Muahahah! =X After much thought and deliberation, dar and me decided to have dinner at Spagheddies, Marina Square. Initially intended to dine at Durly Nelly's Irish Pub but as they only offered finger bar food/snacks, Spagheddies it was then.

We ordered Escargots! Served with butter! It was chewy, succulent and bursting with flavours! Yummy Yummy! HaHaHa =P
Shared a DIY Cheese Pizza too. Pepperoni, Pineapples and Italian Sausage were our selected ingredients. Not forgetting, EXTRA CHEESE. The waitress actually heard extra CHILI! OMG! Imagine the outcome of our pizza if she had not recited our orders. A super flaming hot pizza i say. LOL

From the dar's expressions, i could tell that he was really affected by the fact that i hadnt got him any b-day pressies or cake. Afterall, i was simply obeying orders as it was him who requested for NOTHING. Even requesting for "WHATEVER" or "ANYTHING" would have got him something. Oh well, too bad. =P

Anyway! Thank Cute Dar Dar for the treat! He He Heh

Rode to suntec after dinner as i needed to deposit dar's $10 into my bank account. Ha Ha Ha! You'll find out why later. Dar's EVIL! He couldnt stop laughing at meeee!

Requested for dar to drop me at Boat Quay. Sms'ed dar to park his bike and then come over to the Fullerton Bridge, where a surrpise will await him. Came to Boat Quay as i had to collect my pre-ordered cake! Its no ordinary cake but rather, a whole slab of Mind Cafe's Hot favourite Black & White Brownies!

I had to make a very special request to their management as they dont normally, or in fact, dont at all, sell their brownies in slabs.

Initially called the Prinsep Street outlet but their service crew rudely told me, that they dont adhere to such orders. Not willing to give up, i wrote a letter and emailed my request to The Mind Cafe's Management. Prayed day and night for them to reply asap but to no avail. After a few days, i decided to ring up their main outlet at Boat Quay as i was not satisfied with the response i was receiving. Lo and behold, the service crew over at Boat Quay's outlet actually adhered to my request without much hesitation! Curious, i asked the Supervisor how come Boat Quay's outlet was willing and able to carry out my request while Prinsep Street's outlet wasnt. His response was :" Actually, we dont cater to such requests at both outlets at all". But why they did it for me was perhaps due to the possibility that the person i spoke to on the phone was actually from their management! Grace Grace indeed! =)

Drizzle some Hot Chocolate Fudge, top it off with a single scoop of vanilla Ice-Cream, and you're ready for a dessert treat!

Some random shots of where we celebrated dar's b-day... Ho Ho Ho

Im really Jinxed! Especially when it comes to candles, lighters and birthday cakes. Well, what happened last year was my lighter, as you all oredi know, couldnt work and hence, dar had no candle to blow out. HaHa! Even "better", dar's b-day cake was a little melted. BOO! So this year, i replaced lighters with matchsticks and candles with sparklers! Muahahaha. I guess the traditional way of lighting candles shoudlnt fail me. Hopefully. =/ Also, the cake shouldnt melt this time round as it came straight out of the freezer. Solid as a rock ok. =P

But despite all these efforts, i still couldnt help but be jinxed, AGAIN! Firstly, my HP dieded on me and i had no other means to contact Dar about my whereabouts. In other words, he has no idea where my surprise awaits him! Out of desperation, i had no choice but to render help from passer-bys. Did so by asking whether they could spare me their phone for a minute or two. Thanks to the two-kind souls, whoever you are, for rendering your assistance!

Okie, so that was Jinx #1. #2, i managed to produce a flame with my matchsticks BUT, the sparklers just wouldnt light up! All "thanks" to the strong winds from the rainy weather. Last year, i had a candle, which dint manage to light up becoz of a faulty lighter. This year, i had matchsticks which could produce a flame but the "candle" wouldnt light up! %$#@#$! Am i jinxed or what?

The irritating facades of Pammiez the Vermonster! Muahahah! Happy B-Day Darlie~

No birthday is complete without pressies! YES! Dar has B-day Pressies! Not one but TWO B-day Pressies! Im not some mean eating machine who buys NOTHING for her sweetheart on his special day okie! Sometimes, you dont have to obey all your bf's instructions. HaHa!

The first pressie --> A Belt from Hong Kong!

The second Pressie --> A racing leather jacket from Pull and Bear, Takashimaya!

Which explains why i have to resort to borrowing $10 from dar dar just this evening. Why? Because i was short of exactly 3 bucks, in my bank account, to pay for dar's birthday brownie. HaHaHa!! Im just SO Jinxed! To think dar acty has to pay for his own b-day cake. LOL! No ten bucks from him, NO CAKE! Last year, there was no candle, THIS year, imagine NO CAKE! LOL

The moral of the story? Dont ever make me deal with anything related to birthday cakes. Birthday cakes themselves included too. After what happened last and this year, Dar reckons i'l eventually resort to baking a cake next year. But i doubt so for fear that il jinx the oven and cause it to EXPLODE or sth. Then you'l not only have no candle and cake, you'l also not be able to see me as im too charred to even step outta the house.

Anyway, Happy Birthday once again! A memorable birthday, it certainly will be! Muahahaha!

Always will be your irritating princess! Luv you lots!

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