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Sunday, September 30, 2007
Whoo! Its been a long time since i last blogged! 5 days to be exact. Quite long wad. =P

I'l start off with an over-dued entry first, followed by my latest update on "2909" - Our one year anniversary! <3s

26th September 2007, Wednesday

Helped dar springclean his room. I think i was more of a hindrance than help. Ha Ha Ha. Dust and household chores just aint my thing. After that springclean, i made my 1,987,654,321th vow to hire a maid in the future.

Lunch'ed at Golden Mile. Planet Pasta once again. BORING! But wt-heck, i ordered their special aglio olio anyhow.

Its called SPECIAL aglio olio cause of the variety of ingredients used here. There's bacon, ham and mixed veggies. I dint fancy the mixed veggies but the bacon was goood. I must say that Planet Pasta's pasta has certainly improved in taste and quality. After all, practice makes perfect.

Dar Dar! Wearing shades + gel'ed hair eating at Golden Mile?! So ridiculous yet funny!

Took a bus down to PS after that. Needed to buy get sth from the Japanese store and go to DBS. Shared a double scooped (Macademia and Hazelnut flavoured ice-cream) chocolate dip waffle cone from Andersons.

Expensive!!! But nice.
Dar bought criss-cut fries and normal fries from Carls' Jr. Stole a few pieces. Not a fries lover after all.

Chilled outside PS, by the roadside. Thinking hard about what and where to go for dinner. After much thought, we decided to train down to Toa Payoh for makan. We both had porridge from Toa Payoh Lor 2's FC. Yummy~ The stall owners even offered us tissue for the oily you tiao! Where can you find such service in a market/Food Centre?

Took a direct bus home after that. 1 hour! Guess the 1.5hrs bus ride to school everyday has sort of trained my patience and butt muscles to withstand butt cramps.

27th September 2007, Thursday

Biz Comm Project mtg in school today at 10.30am. Worked on our final report draft till 3pm. Damn Tiring! Biz Comm is super tedious and time consuming can. Which project meeting ever lasted less than 4 hours? BOO!

Bugged Dar to come pick me up from school. I was far too lazy, and tired (mentally drained) to take another 1.5hours bus ride home. Headed to Tom's Palette for dessert. Comfort Food, just what i need most. Instead of ice-cream, we bought a DIY milkshake! We chose chocolate and hazelnut as our primary flavours. Its good! Dar says he's gonna invest in a blender soon and start whipping cups after cups of milkshakes for breakfast everyday. Muahahahah. Dont forget my share too okie? I want a milkshake consisting of BNJ's Chocolate fudge brownie ice-cream blended with nutella and Ferrero Roche's!

Eunice kindly sprinkled biscotti for us. So sweet.

Tried their next month's new flavour. Its super duper NICE! Caramel + Cheese! Taste just like your Mark's & Spencers Butterscotch toffees. Except their's has a hint of cheesy after taste. Its super yummy!

My cute little one! Notice when i say "Gai Gai" he runs towards the door immediately. LOL

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