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Sunday, September 30, 2007
Glitter Words

Left the house at 10am for my appointment with FaveNails at CityLink. Met up with dar, at Suntec City Mall, an hour later.

Again, we couldnt decide what to have for lunch. Firstly, i dint want to overspend for lunch as dar's giving me a dinner treat tonight and secondly, i dint want to venture too far out for lunch as i had something planned for dar at 3.30pm. He He Heh.

So, we settled for cheap eats at Suntec's Basement FC. Foodcourts always remind me of school canteen food. Yukky yuck yucks!
I had a katsu don while dar had fried chicken ramen. Stole dar's fried chicken while he was on the phone, i thought it tasted like soft shell crabs. Ha Ha. My katsu don was so full of onions! Double Yucks!

Presented dar with my handmade artwork. All but the scrapbook, which was purchased from Prints, CityLink, isnt handmade. =P

This took me one whole day to do! My butt was practically glued to the chair 24/7. Came up with this scrapbook gift idea about 7 months ago. Since then, i've been jotting down every single thing, in full detail, (from what we ate, to where we went, to what we celebrated or did together) inside my organizer. It also explains why i have the tendency to take lotsa pictures and camwhore. Tedious but all for the sake of turning this gift idea into a reality.

Photos were developed from Kodak while art materials (glitter, shiny paper, markers, sequins etc) were purchased from ArtFriend.

The glitter was a huge mess. So was the chalk. Cutting letters from aluminium foil aint an easy task either. In fact, i procrastinated till the very last day, to get this scrapbook done, as i dint have the courage to lift my marker, and start drawing my mapped out designs! There were errors here and there, such as 2 spelling mistakes, LOL, and at that point in time, i really wished there was an undo button for me to press. Like Photoshop. Ha Ha.

But in the end, all things worked for good and i was indeed one ultra satisfied supergirl.

Presenting to you my artwork! He He Heh. Pammie the future creative design director. Muahahaha. Tell me if its nice!

After lunch, we spent the next 2 hours shopping and chilling out at Suntec. Presented to dar, again, my brand new concept/idea for my future retail store. I'm so falling in LOVE with it. Dar too, i think. Ha Ha.

By 3.10pm, we headed to HillStreet. Remember i mentioned earlier that i had something planned for dar at 3.30pm? Well, here it is. Apparently, its meant to be a surprise for dar and so, he noes nuts about it.

This surprise is noneother than a 75minutes full body massage treat at a spa, Body Contours! There's even a sauna for dar to relax in and esseential oils, for body massage, were used. Seeing that dar has been working really hard and suffering body backaches (a result of riding too much) haha, what else but a full body massage would suit him better?

If i cant even pamper my bf, then i shouldnt be called PAM. =Pp

Headed back to dar's place after that. He need to change his undies as they were super wet. Muahahahaha. Damn funny. Chilled and lazed around till 6.30pm. Again, we couldnt decide what to eat. It was a battle between Swensens, Spagheddies, Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro and CrabShack. Swensens because of meaningful reasons (It was the place we had our first dinner date together), Spagheddies because we have been craving for pizza (More Cheese More Cheese!), Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro because i've always planned on eating there but nv got a chance to and CrabShack beacause of its laidback ambience and have great food at cheap prices.

So, the decision? CrabShack!

The new menu...

Forget Swensen's baked rice, Spagheddies Pizza and GreenWoods' Fish & Chips cause CrabShack has them all in one menu! They also offer a variety of pastas, crabs and finger food. We ordered Soft Shell Crabs, which came sprinkled with pork floss, and Trellis Scallops for starters. For mains, we shared a cheesy crab baked rice and Hawaian Pizza. All with extra cheese! Didnt order the yummy fish and chips as we had them on our first visit oredi.

The trellis scallops are super nice! They have them in prawns too. The soft shelled crabs were equally good. Though a tad too oily. The crab baked rice, being their signature dish, was the star of the night. The cheesy mozerella was full of oomph, volume and stretchyness. The rice beneath was moist and absorbed the full flavours of the flower crab meat, exubing a natural sweetness altogether. Lovely! The pizza was moderate. Would have been better if the crust was thinner and crispier.

Charlie, their golden retriever, joined us for dinner too!

No desserts as they ran out of it. =(

And that's how i spent 2909 with my fatty ass. =D
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