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Friday, September 14, 2007
Its Friday! The second off day of my week! Its hard to believe but i really did stay home the whole of today! From morning till evening, my butt was stuck to the wheeler chair and my eyes were glued to my finance textbook, maybe occasionally getting up to do some stretching exercises and heading out for food/toilet breaks. Mugged my braincells away, i sincerely did. Looks like im back to being the once self-motivated and hardworking girl that i used to be. -smiles-

Thought i could use this Dinner cum Tvie break to update you about my week. Happy Reading~*

10th Sept 2007, Monday

Suffered from major monday blues. But as time went by, the blue-ey effect slowly disappitated.

Mondays arent usually long days for me but today was exceptional as i had Biz Comm meetings from 9am onwards.

9-12pm Biz Comm Mtg
12-1pm Lunch with Biz-Commers'
1-3pm Biz Comm Tutorial
3-4pm Finance Tutorial
4-6pm Biz Comm Mini Lecture Rehersal/Mtg

Biz Comm the whole day! I must be lying if i said i aint sick of Biz Comm.

What really puzzles me is how an unsophisticated commonsensical subject like Biz Comm can actually be so exhaustive in a sense that it takes up so much of our precious time. Presentations/Discussions week after week. Tiring! Seriously, I dont recall spending so much time and effort on heavier modules like Finance and Macro.

11th Sept 2007, Tuesday

We watched SouthPark during the Mass Media Tutorial. I think sociologists have a very complex way of thinking. They can spend hours debating about a particular topic which really, in my opinion, doesnt require much in-depth thinking. Unlike Biz students (like me) who like to do things chop-chop, go straight to the point or really, most of the time, prefer to just say "NO COMMENTS". muahahahha.

As mentioned in one of my earlier entries, me and dar had high-tea at the Arts Canteen (We shared a chocolate walnut brownie from Olio too!). Dar then attended lecture with me at 4pm. Its week 5 and ive only attended this lecture once, two times if you count today. Im so going to S/U this mod. We met the tom-palette ice-cream scooper in lecture too. I cleaned forgot that he's an NUS Arts Year 3 student.

Went to NUM after lecture. Dar wanted to buy a pair of Havanas. So did i. But not now. =P
The cartoon ones are so cuteeee! Cant stand it. Gonna have to try harder in psyco'ing dar to buy those. He He Heh

We had western for dinner. Dont know why but i just craved western that day.

12th Sept 2007, Wednesday

I had Jap for lunch today. Terriyaki Chicken Set! Comes with a bowl of rice, miso soup, fruits and a small cup of chawanmushi. Bus'ed down to Suntec City. Did some shopping. I made it a point not to walk past GAP. Else il go googoogaga over those $85 pumps. It just doesnt feel right to walk down the road/pavement with a pair of $85 shoes. But it sure feels right to buy them for the sake of pampering my pretty toes. =Pp

13th Sept 2007, Thursday

Retail Entrepreneurship class at 9am. I left my house at 7.20am (10mins earlier than usual) but was still 10 mins late for class. What a bummer!

Biz Comm Mini Lecture Presentation today. All went well. Phew~

Bus'ed down to dar's house after that. 51 took me one whole disgusting hour to get there. Thank God i had someone to talk to during the journey. And this someone also happens to be a fellow new creationer! What a coincidence.

Mugged myself dry.

Treated myself to a Reese peanut buttercup. =)

Chocolates always do the trick.

You know something? It sure doesnt pay to be kind. Why even bother to show some concern when he/she clearly doesnt appreciate it but instead, tells you to F* off? Well, im kinda glad that he/she said that because now, i clearly dont see why i should get myself all edgy and worried sick for this person. Dont care, Dont Know, Dont wish to think about it. Once again, it sure doesnt pay to be kind. Period.
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