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Saturday, September 1, 2007
Have been really busy with school work lately. So darn tired im even losing the motivation to blog. The sad thing is, it will only get worse with each passing day, week and month. Recess week on Sept 22nd. Cant hardly wait!

As you all already know, 29/08 was dar and i's 11th monthsary. Which means 29/09 will be our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! =)
Guess how we celebrated our 11th monthsary! A ferrero roche will be given for any correct answers. Ha Ha

Well, i doubt any of you will be able to guess it right because what we did is presumably the last thing you would ever think of. We MUGGED! YES! Studied our braincells dry from day to night. Did a store critique on Donut Fac and helped dar with his marketing project too. We had an egg mayo sandwich for brekkie from HANS, NLB and lunch'ed at Toa Payoh Lor 7.

Mug Mug Mug! Cant believe it? I cant believe it myself.

One of my fave shirts!

Didnt meet dar the next day (30/8) as thursdays are long days. 9-3pm of non-stop lessons with no break in between or what so ever. You know something? Just this week alone, I think i've consumed more than 5 sandwiches. Its the easiest and quickest way to fill your tummies in between breaks. Biz Fac is pretty well-known for their sandwiches. Its cheap, its tasty, what more can you ask for?

Finally got down to trying the Cheese & Shrooms + Ham +Egg sandwich. Its basically a combination of a sunny side-up, picnic ham, button mushrooms and melted cheddar cheese slapped in between 2 slices of white toasted bread.

See how melted the cheddar cheese is?

Ummm..come to think of it, im really starting to develop a phobia for sandwiches. Carbo overdose for this week. Bad! =(

My afternoon snack! A vanilla choc cornetto ice-cream!

......and here comes friday. Fridays are good! Thank God Its Friday!

Joined dar for lecture at MDIS. Brought my finance tutorial along. I tried, but gave up after a short while. Either the questions are a turn off or i really suck at finance and every other module related to accounts. FNA last sem was a horrigible nightmare.

Lunched at Bukit Timah FC. Mien was closed again! So i had Happy Wanton Mee while dar had curry rice.

Black sauce wanton noodles! I like! At least i didnt have to force myself to eat chili cause ketchup + noodles really is disgusting. Btw, this is a decent plate of wanton noodles. Do give it a try if you happen to be in the vicinity.

Was still hungry. So bought a popiah. Its isnt as good as Toa Payoh's Lor 7 popiah but at least its much better than the other stall! To think they got the franchise from the Masters of Popiah themselves.

It was still early. Dar's driving lesson starts only in another 2 hours. So we chilled out at TM. Bought an egg-tart from one of my fave egg tart shops down at the basement. The rich in butter flakey crust was still tasty but the egg wasnt as soft as it used to be. Either standards have dropped or the poor eggtart has been lying on the shelves, unsold, for hours.

Watched Heros on my lappy at CDC. Just completed season 1. ITS A GREAT SHOW! You have to watch it. Cant wait for season 2 already.

Rode to Genting Lane after that. Levi's was having a warehouse sale and dar wanted to check it out. Spent less than 15 mins at the warehouse sale. It sure was cheap but there wasnt anything fantastic. Really. Im just not a fan of Levi's. Dont noe y. Still eyeing and thinking about my RiverIsland skinny black jeans. Hmmmmm.

Rode off to Parkway after that. Window shopped. Bought a durian and mint choc ice-cream from ScOopZ. 2nd ice-cream for the week + cheesecakes + carbo overdose. Im fat! Feel darn fat! So depressing la.

Dinner at marine parade's FC. Decided to opt for something light and healthier. So i went for the fried fish beehoon soup while dar had chicken chop! The auntie provided great service. Very seldom people bother to ask their customers whether the fries are enough and if you say no, actually go back to top them up. Well, she certainly is one rare living example.

okok lets blog about saturday! Which happens to be the day im blogging this entry. Hur Hur!

Spent my afternoon with Dar, Ze Ting and Christina at Suntec Mac, Did our tutorials. Zhi Ming dropped by slightly later. Hot date with Ze Ting. Muahahaha.

Nerdy Spider-Pig with Finance Textbook. Never seen before!

Dar's bike cldnt start! Apparently, the fuse was loose. Spent some time fixing it. The bike shop dar patronizes? I think its JINXED. Everytime dar sends it for maintenance or repair, the bike will somehow screw up on him/us on that very day itself.
Dar wants me to buy him a $60,000 red Ducati. I think its crazy because if i had that money, i would rather buy a red mini coop and chauffer dar around in it.

Dinner at Tong Shui Cafe. Dono why but i was craving for Nissin Noodles. Its basically nissin noodles served with luncheon meat, veggies, fishcake and egg.

Looks like, and taste just like maggie mee. Looks very plain too. But truth is that this bowl of nissin noodles is quite tasty. Taste will grow on you after a while. Feels good to have something really simple for dinner.

Dar had baked rice, which i didnt try.

We had drinks too! Honey lemon and ribena lemon.

Round 2 : Ah Chew Desserts

We shared a mango + pomelo dessert. Its nice. I like it.

And that's all the yummies i had this week! Gonna have buffet at some hotel tmr. Gosh, i need to workout badly. Not gonna drive to church tmr. With the Comec fair and trialaton road closure, i doubt i can ever find a parking lot at suntec city.
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