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Saturday, September 8, 2007
Drove to school this afternoon. Biz Comm proj mtg at the HSSML Lib. MK was there too! But he didnt tell me! Else we could have watched a "free show" together. Ha Ha Hah!

Train'ed down to Raffles City. Read and borrowed 3 books from the National Lib. Paid a $3 fine for books i didnt borrow. Guarantee chop plus stamp cause those over-dued books were chinese history books. History is one thing, but CHINESE?

One of the books i borrowed...

The CHOCOLATE Lover's Club! Ha Ha. The title says it all.

Dar came to pick me up after his soccer session. Rode to ChinaTown for a dinner makan session with family. Its a restaurant that specializes in all things chinese/shanghainese, a recommendation from my uncle.

Had to wait a while before getting seats. It was only 6pm and the restaurant was already packed to the brim. There's always crowds of people waiting outside the restaurant for seats too. Kinda stressful to have so many pairs of watchful eyes peering in at you through the open glass door panels. But i have to admit that it makes me appreciate my seat more, which indirectly tempts me to eat at a much slower pace. =Pp

We started off with noodles for everyone. BTW, this restaurant only offers 2 kinds of noodles on their main menu. One is the Sze Chuan version, while the other is a minced pork in soy bean version. Needless to say, i went for the latter.

Sze Chuan version (I think it looks like Lontong. Ha Ha)

Minced pork! My love!

Dar mixing it up...

Its just like your dan dan mian from Ding Tai Fung. Except that this one here is much nicer. The noodles were udon-thick, yet they dint taste/appear to be as starchy as i thought they would be. Plus point is that they were extremely generous with their minced meat. It was alot, but definitely still not enough for me. The gravy was a little too salty. Else, a rather appetizing dish.

Here comes our side dishes! The main reason why im here, and why i lugged dar here tonight.

First up, we had ___________. I forgot what its called again! DAR! WHAT IZIT CALLED AH?!

Not bad. There was juice oozing out of it. I like! The outer skin was a little too thick and starchy for my liking.

Next up, Xiao Long Baos!!! OMG so much juice oozing out of the fragile skin! Dont ask me to compare it with Ding Tai Fung cause i really think both are equally good!

Thirdly, we had fried guo ties. Its called guo tie right? =/

This has got to be the BEST Guo Tie i've ever tasted. See how nicely wrapped and fried they are? They definitely look 10 times better than what you see in this picture. Blame the cybershot.

It doesnt stop there. Up next came the Red Bean pancake.

Again, i have to admit that this is one of the BESTEST BEST Red Bean Pancake ive ever eaten. The outer layer is fried till almost golden perfection and its uber crispy! The red bean is of good quality too. I wonder if they made it themselves. This is a must-try!

Lastly, we had tang yuan for dessert, These have got to be the smallest and cutest tang yuan's i've ever seen. Its also the very first time ive ever eaten a tang yuan with lian(2) rong(2) paste filling. Nice!

Ive finally gotten the Dessert Guide book from my uncle. Now, its me and dar's job to hunt down the best dessert in Singapore. Anyone keen on joining us on our dessert quest? Muahahaha. Low fat is not an option.

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