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Friday, September 7, 2007
Dinner Buffet at RiverView Hotel last Sunday.

The name of the restaurant...

The oriental chinese interior...

Some of the appetizers me and dar shared whilst waiting for the rest to arrive.

Jellyfish in XO Sauce and seafood salad! We even whacked the dessert section first. Ha Ha.

Ordered and tried more than 20 items (Veggies, meat, seafood etc) on the menu, including the 7 dishes on the limited-to-one-order menu.

Food was average. Portions were miserably small for a table of 6. Food presentation, standard and quality paled greatly in comparison to Peony Jade's.

Talking about Peony Jade, im kinda missing their delicious soft shell crabs! Going back there soon, SOON! =P

Before the big "feast", dar and me shared a chocolate hazelnut waffle from WafflePlace at Suntec City. We shared a double choc + peanut butter glazed from Donut Factory too!

Yummy! It takes just less than 5 mins to set your cutleries on these. I wonder why people even bother to spend hours in the queue, despite knowing that the donuts dont taste as good as when eaten fresh, on the spot.


Terrible monday blues. The worst ever.


Dar came to pick me up from school after Finance Lect at 12pm. Rode to Amoy FC for lunch. I had the Chee Cheong Fun Hakka yong tau foo from Zhen Jie (they have their own dessert stall too) while dar queued for nasi lemak. Strange they still have it at 12 plus in the afternoon.

Just a pretty decent hakka yong tau foo. I still prefer the one i had last time but sadly, the stall has sinced moved out and is no where to be found! Theirs is really good! The sauce is different and the ingredients will be freshly fried on the spot for you. Nice~

Watched Ratetoullie (dono how to spell!) after that. Its a great movie. Do smuggle in something to munch on as the movie's bound to wake up your stomach senses.

Shared a small waffle + a scoop of "chocolate overdose" ice-cream from Gelare, PS.


Mien's finally opened! The last 3 times we went there, they were CLOSED!. Imagine our delight, especially dar dar's, when James, the stall owner, said they were open for business today. =)

I had the usual bacon + mushroom aglio olio while dar dar had an extra spicy seafood aglio. We ordered a cream of mushroom soup as well.

Yum Yum. Could have been spicier! He He. Funny how i dont take chili when consuming other food stuff like wanton noodles but wouldnt mind an extra fiery chili boost from aglio olios.

Dar and me shared dessert. Beancurd + glutinous rice balls.

OMGawd i so love the rice balls! The sesame, the peanut fillings, encapsuled within the soft chewy skin, oozing out slowly... mamamia~ To tell you the truth, i dont really fancy beancurd because its tasteless and i for sure find it hard to appreciate the smoothness of it all. So obviously, the glutinous rice balls were the main reason for my order of this dessert. Im sucha sucker la. Ha Ha Hah.

Watched Evan Almighty at Dar's house. Silly show! Ha Ha. Mugged a little before heading home for dinner.


Thursdays = long days. My brain stopped functioning after 4 hours of intense knowledge absorption. Almost everyone was brain-dead during Biz Comm. Ever felt that way before? You feel so worned out, your mind's a blank, you start doodling, glancing at the clock every 10 secs, you're lazy to think of project ideas, much less brainstorm, and all you think about is "when can i go home?" No? NO? =/

Im glad they're finally broadcasting ANTM - America's Next Top Model =)


Attended lessons with dar dar today. Completed my survey questionaire on Samsung MP3 players. Met up with the other project group members to finalize our draft for the survey. OMGawd. I never expected it to be so difficult. I dont recall encountering such problems during the drafting of our Stats survey questionaire last semester. BOO.

Late lunch with dar dar at Golden Mile. We both had lor mee. According to dar dar, standard has dropped. I cant tell the diff, it wasnt good, it wasnt bad, i just ate, cause i was super hungry. =P
AND, i had a hard time, trying to explain to the drink stall auntie that i wanted a cup of iced water to go along with my redbull, in CHINESE! OMG. I could tell she had a hard time trying to understand me. I definitely had a much harder time trying to get her to understand ME! Muahahaha.

Mugged, gossiped, dvd'ed, dinner at my grandma's place.
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