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Tuesday, September 18, 2007
ArGhhh! So busy with schoolwork lately i hardly can find time to blog.

.....more likely busy eating and putting on kilos actually.


Well, here goes...

15th Sept 2007, Saturday

Lunch with my dearest kengy and Uncle Kenny at Vivo City. We dined at "Aji by Hanabi". What a difficult name to remember for a Japanese restaurant. $40+++ per pax for a Japanese ala-cart buffet lunch. Thank cute kengy for the sumptious lunch!

The inerior, exterior and my greentea. =)

The menu... There's about 30-40 items on the ala-cart buffet menu.

The yummy food...

In ascending order: Miso Soup, Japanese green peas, Ebi Tempura, Unagi and Mackeral, Grilled salmon in some sauce, teriyaki codfish, teriyaki chicken, raw fish platter, california maki and soft shell crab handrolls, chawanmushi, fried tofu, fried hotate and fried squid legs.

The teriyaki codfish and Unagi were hot favourites. So was the ebi tempura as well. We ordered them at least twice. Codfish has always been my fave fish but grandma seldom buys it from the market as prices are exorbitantly high. Hence, i was really delighted to learn that the restaurant didnt actually limit our order for codfish.

Everything else was decent and pretty much above average in terms of quality and quantity. Service was prompt and efficient. Looks like there aint anything for me to complain about. Muahahaha.

After lunch, my uncle drove us to NgeeAnnCity to check out the mooncake fair. Dar met me there as well. It was so freaking crowded! But somehow, we still managed to squeeze through the crowds of people and also managed to sample bite sized mooncakes from the various booths. Everything tasted more or less the same to me. Only the unique flavors, like Champagne Truffle/Baileys from Raffles The Plaza, or GoodWood's signature durian mooncakes, stand out.

Didnt purchase any mooncakes from the MoonCake Fair as they didnt sell the ones we wanted. Hence, had no choice but to purchase them from their designated locations, aka the Hotel itself. Walked to Marriot Hotel first to purchase a box of lotus seed + single yolk mooncakes.

We bought the snowskin chocolate champagne + whisky mooncake as well.

They also carry flavors like strawberry/blueberry yoghurt and durian too. After sampling them all, it can be concluded that their chocolate mooncakes taste the best. Chocolate + Liquer, a perfect combination altogether. In fact, its one of the bestest chocolate mooncakes i've tried so far. The mooncake paste is almost purely chocolate and there's even a white chocolate centre which absorbed the whisky and champagne. So so goood!

After that, we headed to GoodWood Park Hotel to purchase their signature durian mooncakes. Sadly, their much talk about new golden durian mooncakes have been sold out for good. So we just settled for the snowskin durian mooncakes. It still taste as good as how it tasted back then.

One year ago, me and dar bought one and ate it at Cineleisure's basement food court. Two years ago, me, nene and yisi bought one to share and ate it at Wheelock's Starbucks! Muahahaha. Just close your eyes and imagine the overwhelmingly empowering smell of durian wafting through the air. LOL.

Next stop, Raffles Hotel. We left empty handed as they had run out of stock for their ever popular champagne mooncakes. BOO. Well, at least it isnt sold out for good. =)

Guess what this man is doing, standing with his arms folded along Purvis Street, at 6pm in the evening?

He is reserving a parking lot! I didnt know parking lot reservations were authorized in Singapore. It was the only lot available and we were in need of a parking space but this man refused to let us park for he claims that its been TAKEN. Taken?! I dont see any vehicle in the lot. Do you? I wouldnt be surprised if people started using tissue boxes or even strips of toilet roll to signify the reservation of their parking space.

I seriously do not know why dar likes to play "worm" on his hp. He can get so engrossed with the game that he doesnt even realise ive gone missing.

16th September 2007, Sunday

Drove to church as usual. Pastor preached a great message today. I cant rmb what but i rmb it to be really good. =P

Met dar after church to study. Became his part-time econs tutor for the afternoon. I bought a coffee roasted almond donut, which i dint even have to queue for as there wasnt a single soul in line, from Donut Factory. Dar was late late late (Jinx broke down again).

I had a subway club from Subway. DUH! while dar ta-bao'ed pepper lunch. Microwaved beef slices + miserable rice portions + gravy and corn = $5. I dont think its worth the money at all.

Checked out the Bike Fest. too. Caught Ryan, on video, performing bike stunts.

Some of the videos...

You could see many many big bikes outside of Suntec. Lotsa nice ones we saw. I like the sound of the roaring engine. =P

Nice bike... haha

Bike stunt man, Ryan, posing for the camera. Cute!

17th September 2007, Monday

I had my Finance Quiz today. I realised that it was an openbook quiz only today. Great, obviously i wasted my time trying to memorize the complex formulas by hard.

Bus'ed to dar's house after school to give him econs tuition. Ha Ha.

I have an EVIL bf. My bf is SuperEvil. E-V-I-L!!!


18th September 2007, Tuesday

High tea buffet at The Carousel. Its located inside the Royal Plaza on Scotts Hotel, which is directly opposite Grand Hyatt.

The interior...

A wide selection of food. There was japanese (sushi, soba, raw salmon), there was the salad bar (shrimp salad, chicken salad etc), the asian delights corner (sin chow mee fen, curry chicken, nasi padang etc), the dimsum and chinese food selection and lots and lots of yummy sweet treats! Their chocolate fudge cake and chocolate mousse (topped with cream and chocolate shavings) are oh-so-delicious! I couldnt resist the chocolate fondue fountain either.

Too bad we dint manage to try the food at The Marmalade Pantry as they didnt serve main courses between 3-6pm. BOO.

Anyway, Thank cute Patrick for the treat!
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