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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

After the fantabulous Japanese buffet lunch treat at "Aji by Hanabi" and after the wonderlicious high-tea buffet treat at The Carousel, i, for some strange reason, just had the urge to give dar dar a special treat today!

Astons Specialties! After much delay and procrastination, we're finally here!

Its a pretty small restaurant located along the shophouses of East Coast Road. Its situated directly opposite Katong Mall and almost, eversince its opening, never fails to generate at least a 5 men queue outside its premises. Dont be turned off by the queue though, after all, good things/FOOD, comes to those who wait. Ha ha. A waiter will also go down the queue to take down your orders so as to minimize your food waiting time. The queue was fastmoving and moved quite swiftly. Before we knew it, we were urshered seats within 15-20 minutes.

Written on their chalkboard are some of Astons' highly recommended dishes.

The interior.

More seats (reserved for those who come in big groups of 4 and above) located at the back. Did i mention that Astons' has a very nice toilet? Go check it out and you'll know. LOL

To start off the meal, we ordered a mushroom soup! It came with 2 pieces of garlic bread.

They were certainly very generous with their garlic spread. The soup was good! It sure didnt taste anything like the straight-out-of-the-can mushroom soup. Theirs' was thick and creamy. A texture almost similar to that of a bowl of clam/potato chowder soup.

As for our mains, i went for the Prime Ribeye set meal while dar dar had an X'cut Prime Ribeye set meal. The difference between a normal and X'cut slab of prime ribeye is that the former weighs 180g while the latter weighs 250g. Each set meal comes with 2 sides. Dar opted for onion rings and fries while i had the cold pasta salad and onion rings too.



The pasta salad kinda reminds me of the cold garden salad from Kenny Rogers'. Kenny Rogers' was definitely much tastier. Aston's version tasted a little mushy and wasnt cold enough. The onion rings were nicely fried and crispy. The fries were equally good. Spices were sprinkled on them, which helped enhance its taste. Feels like eating twisties!

We had our steaks done medium. I just love to savour the fatty parts of the steak. The melt-in-your-mouth sensation is oh-so-satisfying! Overall, the steak was not bad. Juicy, but a little on the tough side still. A medium rare would have done the trick.

Total bill amounted to $33.40. This is inclusive of drinks and service charge. Not exactly cheap but i would consider it to be fairly reasonable for the quality and quantity of the food. Would certainly be coming back here again for their burgers and maybe, the spicy seafood marinara!

OH! I met my uncle at Aston's too! You know, all these while, we both have been asking each other whether we've visited aston's before and "no", "perhaps next time", or "soon" are just some of the typical answers. And to think that we both dropped by Aston's for dinner on the same day and time! It really is a miraculous coincidence!

BTW, Patrick thinks i look "damn branded". Muahahaha. What he means by "damn branded", i really dont know. No LV. No Prada. No chanel. That's all i know. All i have is a Nokia 8210 (very ol'school!), was carrying a FOURSKINS (quite-close-to-100%)leather bag, and dressed in a dark navy blue babydoll dress. ALDO's gold round earrings, Mphosis' babydoll tie-round leather belt, ring and studded big shades were my only accessories for that day. How branded could i be?
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