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Sunday, August 19, 2007
Spent one third of my saturday at the Airport. Drove myself there for the CAAS orientation. Took me and some other peeps 20 mins to locate the venue. Walking from one end of the airport to the other end so many times i lost count. Boy was i sweating like a pig.

Played games, mingled around and made some new friends. At least the trainee didnt bore us to death. Refreshments were provided too. All in all, i consumed 2 mini tuna sandwiches, 1 sugar roll, 1 chicken puff and 1 strawberry sugar roll. Was eyeing those devilish looking brownies but man! They were all snapped up before i even got to the queue.

We played some amazing race game around the airport. Ran from one end to the other end, one terminal to the other terminal, of the airport. AGAIN!!! I wonder how many times the money changers have seen me since this morning.

We had to take pictures of ourselves at each pitt stop to prove that we were really there. Here are some of them...

The programme ended swiftly ard 5-ish in the evening. Overall, it kinda reminded me of the SuperTeens programme. Except that SuperTeens was much much more fun and happening. Even up till today, i still cant forget the joke about lum-sticks. All James fault. He got me laughing so hard. ....lum-sticks indeed. LOL

Took bus 36 together with Stephanie. She alighted at East Coasr while i continued the journey to Town. Dar dar was late again. But its okie, i still forgave him like any other time. I was pretty tired from the days' activities, so my sincere apologies for being quite temperamental that day.

We dined at Ajisen.

The Menu...

My green tea! He Heh.

I had a Ton Toro Ramen while dar had a Spicy Cha Shu Ramen. For our sides, we chose soft shell crabs and prawn mayo respectively. I had a hot cup of green tea while dar had ice-lemon tea. =)

Dar's Spicy Cha Shu ramen

My Ton Toro Ramen!

Dinner was great. As usual, i took a very long time to finish my meal. Longer than usual in fact. Why? Cause the way the spoon is shaped makes it hard for me to swallow my noodles. Either dar eats too fast, or im just a slow-eater by nature. If you eat with us, you'll notice that dar dar doesnt utter a single word whilst eating. As for me, i can talk non-stop from the moment i step into the restaurant right up till i slurp down my last strand of noodle. Im even used to dar not responding to me. Ha Ha. But at least talking to yourself isnt as torturing as having to endure a moment of silence.

Had terrible gastrict pain right after eating. Was already experiencing slight pain before that. Partly due to irregular meals and late dinner. It was horrigible terrigorible! The pain's so sharp it felt as though my appendix/kidneys were about to pop out of their rightful place. But thank God the pain subsided after a while. Phew~

In case you dont know, Manhatten's Fish Market was acty our initial intended venue for dinner. We even spent 5-10 mins queueing outside. The food items on the menu sounded super appetizing. Especially the sizzling prawns and garlic mussels in butter sauce, not forgetting the fish and chips too! Strangely, the food didnt seem to excite my appetite nor appeal to my stomach that day. For some reason, i was yearning mostly for non-western food. Needed a break from all the oily fried food which ive consumed over the past few days, weeks and months! And so, soup based Ajisen Ramen it was! Detox Detox Detox!

Ermmm, just pretend the prawn mayo and soft shell crabs arent fried okie? =P

PS has a new donut store too! Its called MissyDonuts and they are situated in the basement. The store's really colorful! The donuts may not have received great reviews but hey, who cares, the colors are so inviting! I didnt get one that night but i shall get one someday! And there's a knewly open crepe store just right beside it! OMG! To think that ive been craving and talking about finding good crepes and here is one in town! Gonna have this for tea-break tml. He He Heh.

Didnt catch a movie as supposed to as tix for the movies i wanted to watch (The Bourne Ultimatum and License To Wed) were all selling out fast! So we ended up walking from one end of town (The Grand Cathay) to the other end of town (Lido) to check if the still have tickets available. My gut tells me that we were most likely not gonna be successful in getting movie tix ( Come'on, its the weekend!) but either way, we continued walking anyhow.

Hmmm.. it seems like ive spent alot of time walking from one end to the other end of one place. First at changi airport, then in town. Caught a slight glimsp of the fireworks whilst riding on dar's bike. I could imagine all the "OOhs", "Wah!", and "AhhHs", echoing out of everyone's mouths.

I drank another can of red bull.

-Fast Forward to Sunday-

I didnt meet darlie today as he had project assignments and datelines to fullfill. I helped him with one econs essay qs though. Acty not 1 rite? I did almost half of all the 7 essay qs he had to do. =P

Dinner treat's on its way! He heh

& Thank cute Uncle Kenny for getting me donuts all the way from America!

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