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Thursday, August 16, 2007
School started at 9am today, with Retail Entrepreneurship being the first lesson of a gloomy (rained this morning) thursday. Took a direct bus to Jalan Besar FC, where dar rode me to school there after. Since dar's school also commences at 9am, and NUS is only a 5-10 min drive away from MDIS, why not get dar to ride me to school first right? He He He.

Yours truely even gave dar dar a breakfast treat from the western food stall at NUS Business School! His breakfast consisted of 2 sunny side-ups, heinz baked beans, 2 slices of garlic toast, one slice of picnic ham and a german beef bratwurst! What a sumptous breakfast spread! As for me, i munched on a smoked teriyaki chicken and egg mayo sandwich. We both shared a warm cup of cammomile tea too. Who best, but dar himself, than to share a hot cup of tea on a cold wet thursday morning?

I could tell that dar truely enjoyed his hearty brekkie as he lapped it all up in a short time span of just 10 mins!

Shortly after, Ze Ting arrived, and thats when i had to leave dar dar to attend to himself while we headed of for class.

Retail Entrepreneurship is fun with a capital F! The tutor is a female caucasian and she sure knows how to entertain/grasp our attention of us bunch of lazy sleepy heads. I can foresee that im gonna enjoy doing this project as it involves writing a business proposal, business plans, etc. Its like giving me the opportunity to play the role of an entrepreneur - which is what i aspire to be. We even have to present them to a group of venture capitalist. There might even be field trips conducted to shopping malls during lesson time as well. So exciting!!! Ha Ha.

There's a pretty cute looking guy taking this module as well. And he was seated directly opposite me. I didnt dare annouce to Ze Ting for fear that she'll scream at me... " Pam ah! Still see what cute guy! Study!!" Ha Ha Ha. But guess what? After lesson, she acty told me that she found that eyecandy cute! OMG. I tot i was the only one. You know what? Yours truely is gonna call him right now to ask him to squeeze me/fit me/slot me/whatever into his project group.

Just teasing! Muahahaha. I dont even know his name, or have his number, to begin with. I can sense dar throwing darts at me right now. Ouch! You cant stop me nei nei ni bu bu! =P

After lesson, we had lunch at the newly renovated Arts Canteen. Its definitely much bigger, and less stuffy, than last time. There were more tables too, but sadly, still not enough at the moment as everyone just wants to check out the new canteen. The food stalls were more or less the same, with long queues generating from the Japanese and Yong Tau Foo stalls. We both had Jap today! I had the Katsu Don while Ze Ting had the errr.. some tempura don tingy. For $3.50, its not too bad. But it fails in comparison to the one i had from Golden Mile. The difference lies in how both the egg and rice were cooked. The one i had today was really mushy and the egg was shredded all over the place. But overall, still a pretty decent dish.

Then we headed up to The Deck area. Its air-conditioned and houses eateries like Burger King, Lerk Thai and Olio! Damn cool la. The food is also much cheaper than outside. There's also glass panals for windows which not only allow the Sun's rays to stream in and provide natural lighting, it also overlooks the sea view/horizon down below. Beautifullll. Met Christina and Kim Hai there as well. I learnt from Kim Hai today that Engine serves a kick ass katsu don. ONLY Katsu Don, that's what he kept stressing on. Ha Ha.

Headed off for Biz Comm at 1pm. I got panicky as i couldnt locate SR 15! Argh! Kuan Lye bidded for this class slot too! What a coincidence. Played some speed dating game as well. Got really tiring after a while. Especially having to introduce urself all over again to abt 7-8 people. BOO~

Presentations, projects, assignments, CAs all piling up real fast. Its only day 3 of a new semester and im starting to feel the stress and pressure already.

Class ended early. Headed home. Didnt meet Raymond for high tea. Didnt meet darling either as he had to work at 3pm. Met Mervyn at The Central Forum. He's taking marketing this sem. So i guess il see him quite often at Biz. Too bad i wont be selling my maketing text as im thinking of majoring in it. Either that or Finance. If not, preferably a double major. Well.. it all depends. =/

Absolut Peach is good for you. Ha Ha Ha.

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