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Sunday, August 12, 2007
Im so mad with baby. So mad im throwing darts at him right now.

10th August 2007, Friday

Slept till 10 plus in the morning. I dont know why but i had difficulty lugging myself out of bed this particular morning. My head was super heavy, i was feeling cranky, and my stomach cramps only made things worse. But knowing that i'l be having a lunch date with honey certainly helped improved things, a little. =Pp

We had a simple lunch at Golden Mile. I had teochew fishball noodles while dar had pasta (boring with a capital B). Can you believe this, i actually am broke. This is the first time im really broke BROKE. Hopefully mom remembers my weekend allowances. =Pp

Dar didnt work today either. All because of me. He He. Thanks cute dar dar!

Intended to be a little more "hardworking" today but instead of going for my ECP jog, dar and i ended up napping till 6pm. Great. I wasted half my day being spider-pig.

.....Spider-pig, spider-pig, does whatever a spider-pig does. Can he swing, from a web, no he cant, he's a pig. Look out... here comes spider-pig...

11th August 2007, Saturday

Its NLB's family day today. Mom managed to get free movie tix for Rush Hour 3 and Harry Potter. We chose Rush Hour 3 of course. Ha ha.

Drove mom and dad to Vivo for the movie. Very few cars on the road as it was what time? Only 8am in the morning. Movie was scheduled at 9.20am. What an ungodly hour for a movie. Those watching Harry Potter must have dozed off for sure.

The movie tix came with a free popcorn combo as well. Mom got so many! There's still 3 more boxes at home. Got dad to ta-bao sausage mcmuffin with egg from Mac for both me and dar dar. GV's popcorn isnt nice. Especially Vivo. Like what dar says, maybe Vivo's popcorn machine is new, thus lacking the "corn-hei" flavour. Ha Ha. Still, Cathay's one is the BEST. =)

It was free-seating. Despite the mad rush for seats, dar and me still managed to get great seats. Second last row, centre, in GV Max. I dont like the seats at GV. But i have to admit that their sound system seems a little better than Cathays'.

BOO. I feel like crap. Cause i had crap for breakfast. BBQ flavoured potato chips and sweet popcorn was what made its way into my tummy first thing in the morning. I knew the popcorn wasnt nice but somehow, my fingers just couldnt register that message and kept working at popping it into my mouth. Crap.

Rush Hour 3 is damn hilarious. You gotta watch it.

Didnt have lunch as i was crap-full. Rode to NLB to read some books and magazines. More likely, laze around and sleep. Ha Ha. But hey, i did read 1 chapter of a book okie. =P

Started to feel hungry after a while. Wasnt exactly stomach-growling hungry, but my mind kept insisting on having something to munch on. I realise that most of the time, i eat whenever im bored, angry, lonely, stressed,frustrated, feel lousy, sad, cheerful, etc. If im not wrong, this is an emotional eating disorder and yours truely is suffering and needs to break free from it else she's gonna end up like a big fat obese spider-pig.

Needed something to munch on badly. So suggested going to Chinatown's temporary market for dimsum, primarily har gao and siew mai. But we were too late as everything had been sold out. Rode to Central instead. Bought titbits from a newly opened Japanese Supermart. I couldnt resist checking it out. Dar tried very hard by all means to hold me back but failed. Ha Ha.

Walked round and round the food/eatery level, trying hard to decide on what to snack on. Chocolate wassonts? No. Chippy's sausage and mashed potato set? No. FullHouse's peanutbutter chocolate toast? No. A1 curry puffs? No. Marcial Kobe donuts? Hmmmm, i want! But... $4 for 12 mini donuts aint cheap. But wt-heck rite, i just had to have those cute little things and so bought a bag of 12 anyhow.

Chose 2 peanut butter flavoured ones, 2 with chocolate and rainbow sprinkles, 2 coffee-glazed, 2 maple syrup coated ones, 2 peanut sprinkled donuts and 2 chocolate flavoured ones.

I love the peanut, maple syrup and coffee-glazed donuts the best! The rest were pretty good too! The donuts are super mini! Its crispy and crunchy too! Very different from the usual soft fluffy donuts. Ahhhh, i miss them so much.

The last time i went there, when Central just opened its doors to the public, Marcial Kobe only had sugar, maple syrup and plain flavoured donuts. Sampled a few then and i didnt think it was good enough to make me come back for more. Now, its changed so much! The quality, the flavours, yeah, its so good i need to go back for more.

BTW, i finished up the whole bag. Dar had take-away beef pepper rice from Pepper-Lunch. Grreaaat. 12 mini donuts gone in less than 10 mins. I feel crappier.

Rode to my grandma's house. Makan session with my family at My Grandma's Place. If you're wondering, it isnt a new restaurant on the block. =Pp Grandma cooked alot of healthy dishes today. To name a few, steamed egg, steamed fish, stir-fried veggies and steamed cod-fish! OMG! I love love love cod-fish! Steamed, fried, pan-fried, whatever, i love it! Grandma only bought 1 as cod-fish doesnt come cheap. So all of us could only savour a little bit of that fish as it had to be shared amongst 8 people. But.... i think i over-ate. Ha Ha. 3 cheers to steamed food!

Yeah, i feel less crappy.

12th August 2007, Sunday

Finally! After much procrastination and lame excuses, dar and me finally did some exercising today. I hit the gym ( ran for 25mins, worked out, lifted weights etc) while dar went for a tan and dip in the swimming pool. Couldnt join him in the pool as Da Yi Ma came visiting on National Day.

Great workout. All prep'ed up for Sunday Brunch Buffet at Grand Copthrone WaterFront Hotel, indeed i am.

Met up with Desmon and Dar's family at the hotel itself for the buffet. There was quite alot of food. Ranging from all kinds of salads, to asian delights, to BBQ specialties, to steak, to sushi, to rojak, to popiah, and leaving the best for last, lots and lots of seafood! There were fresh oysters (which i dont eat), huge lobsters, crabs, jumbo prawns mussels, sharks' fins soup and crayfish. Everything was super fresh. There was fried fish which tasted pretty good too. Due to their freshness, the seafood had minimal taste but mixing them with fresh greens from the salad bar and tossing them in caesar salad dressing sure helped spice things up. I love the black pepper crayfish. Couldnt stop at 1,2 or 3. Ha Ha.

There were lots of desserts/sweet treats for you to choose from as well. The one i was eyeing most? The chocolate fondue fountain of course. You know, if you pour the hot molten chocolate over a single scoop of ice-cream, the chocolate acty freezes and hardens! Forming a chocolate outer crust. Shiok!

There were musicians, playing the classical guitar and violin, who would stop by and sing songs to you. There was also a magician as well. Really impressed with how he managed to convert a 10 dollar to a 50 dollar bill. Amazing.

You know, ive never eaten so much chocolate in one day. What more, over one meal. We practically ate non-stop from 12pm till 3pm. Even dar's dad was surprised that i could eat so much. LOL.

Total bill amounted to $218 bucks for 7pax. That's inclusive of GST and service charge. Not forgetting, free flow of champagne, beer and wine. Thanks to Dar's boss who gave him a huge discount. Ha Ha.

So full i can hardly walk!

Went back to dar's place to watch Heros, season 1! Its a mix of X-files and X-men. Nice. Im hook-ed.

At dar's house...

Spider-pig aka Harry Plopper look-a-like? LOL

I feel so hot inside. Izit the weather or izit just me? Perhaps the chocolate's heating me up.

No pimples pleassseee!

Back to school tomorrow. First lecture at 10am, Macro Economics. I just realised i havent printed my lecture notes. Great. Im so not ready for school. Please zap me up from my NUA-Mode.

Geez. Looks like i'm never too mad to blog.
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