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Sunday, August 26, 2007
Im so in the mood for singing. Music's my passion ( not food!) muahahaha.

I've always dreamed of being part of a music rock/hiphop/wadeva band. Be it as a drummer, a keyboardist, or singer. Jason once taught me drums and he said i was a fast learner! He charges like ten over dollars for an hour of drumming lessons but for me, he taught for free! Ha Ha. Drums are cool. So are electric guitars! I think guys who play them are sexy. Not all, but SOME. =P

Exercised today! *Applaud* Worked out at the Tampines Gym with dar this morning. I think we were enjoying the aircon/nua-sterizing more than working out. =/ Ended up not tanning as dar got lazy. Its okie, i still love you ma! After all, another nua-ster like me. He He Heh.

Lunched at the nearby Tampines Round Market. Tried the wanton noodles which everyone raves. Its from a stall called "Xing Ji".

As usual, i need my red-bull fix. Seriously addicted to this thing.

Im not an expert when it comes to wanton noodles, or any other noodles in particular but i have to admit that this plate of wanton mee is one of the better ones ive tried so far. The noodles were very springy and best of all, didnt clump together! Mine was the dry chili version. Yes! Chili! I dont usually take chili but since i didnt like my noodles to be tossed in ketchup, i had no choice but to opt and settle for the spicy chili version. It wasnt all that bad! At least it didnt get me perspiring, tearing or developing a runny nose.

Dar had Yong Tau Foo from this stall!

The special thing about his ytf is that they offer a wide variety of ingredients which you dont commonly see in other ytf stalls outside. However, by the time we got there, most of the "special" ingredients were already swiped off the display shelves. So dar ended up with a "not so special" ytf after all.

Desserts! There's always room for dessert! We each had a cold watermelon ball dessert from this stall!

Yummy! Just what we needed on a scorching hot saturday afternoon.

I dont know what's up today but there were traffic jams in almost every part of Singapore! There was a massive jam on the PIE , congested roads along Eunos Link and still more jams here and there. Uber frustrating! I drive, so i know how dar feels, having to accelerate, then break, and accelerate, then break again. I almost became a roasted spider-pig. The sun was slowly draining me of my mental strength. I was on a bike, NO AIRCON, what do you expect huh? =P At least "jinx" was able to squeeze through traffic. =)

Had an afternoon snack at Donut Factory. Dined in. Spent 15-20mins queuing. Bought 3 donuts! A coffee roasted almond, hazelnut chocolate and peanut-butter glazed! Pity the double choc ones ran out.

The hazelnut choc and peanut-butter glazed is still as good as ever.

Dont judge it by its plain outer image.

Cut it open and out flows rivers of thicky creamy peanut butter!

OMG I love it so much! Told you i have a soft spot for things that have the ability to OOZE! LOL

The coffee roasted almond donut is a new addition to the donut family. Its pretty good! But strangely, i couldnt make out any coffee taste! All i rmb is the taste of almonds and condense milk. Ha Ha. But i still love it~

Do note that prices have risen by 10-20cents/donut. Its a smart move by Donut Fac to help raise sales revenue further. Considering that there are many people like me who will still buy despite the increase in price. After all, i have to admit that its one of the better donut outlets in Singapore.

Ooo La La.. a donut fix sure keeps a princess happy all day long. Cheers.

Dinner with family at East Coast Lagoon. For appetizers, dar and me shared a cup of milo ice-blend and a plate of rojak!

As for our mains, Dar dar, Uncle Kenny, and myself had Mixed Beef Kway Teow soup while the rest had wanton mee. We shared 2 different types of veggies too. Some french bean but not long beans tingy and some leafy veg (no idea what its called).

Both were equally yummy! The french bean was crunchy and i like the fact that it was stir fried with chili padi and minced shrimp.

The mixed beef kway teow was decent. Spent more than 30 mins queueing up for this! Longer than having to queue for donuts! Ha Ha Ha.

This stall however doesnt offer the usual beef noodles "noodles". They only have beehoon, kway teow and yellow alkaline noodles. Their kway teow is super soft and slippery! Nice nice. They dont offer dry versions too. The thing that amazes me is how the old uncle takes great pride in preparing each individual bowl of beef noodles. He actually prepares each bowl one at a time and will take the effort to arrange the beef slices, tendons, and what not, neatly, Hence, the long queue.

That's alot of food i had today. Perfectly normal for a growing girl like me. He He Heh. There goes my workout at the gym. As if i burned much. Ha Ha
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