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Friday, August 3, 2007
I promise you this is gonna be one of my shortest entry ever. I hope. =X

Not many pics though. Either i forgot to bring my cam out, or its either im just too plain lazy to pack it into my bag.

Im really bored. Guess where i am! Ha Ha Ha.

31st July 2007, Tuesday

Took off today as i encountered problems with CORS last night. Apparently, CORS didnt crash. My apple was the cause of everything. Ive really no idea why it doesnt allow me to login to CORS. It wasnt like this before... hmmmm...

Brought my apple to dar's school. Hoping that perhaps, it isnt my apple at fault but rather, my lousy singnet connection at home. Too bad, the verdicts' out, apple is the culprit!

Dar dar left class 15 mins early so he could ride me to NUS as soon as possible (Open Bidding closes at 1pm sharp!). It didnt take long to get there, considering that Dar's school is just a 5-10 mins ride away (quite hard to believe. Dar's sch is at queenstown, mine's at clementi, but they're just one exit away, if ur travelling by vehicle).

Biz com lab had not a single soul in sight. Spent about 20 mins on the bidding process. The Biz Comm module was so popular that the min. bid was actually 570! Damn crazy la. Bidded for it using 670 points. Thank God i got the module. =)
BUTTTTT! Out of the 5 modules i bidded for, i only got allocated 3 mods! What a bummer! Really. Failed to get Legal and Macro econs. Got retail entrepreneaurship, finance and biz comm instead. Now i have to rebid and pray hard that il get the other 2 mods. Practically dumped all my points in for bidding, 500 for each mod. I better, MUST, get these 2 sickening mods!!!!!

UrgH! So Fan by it.

So we went to The Cheese Prata Shop to satisfy our banana cheese prata cravings.

Had an extra egg prata while dar ordered a plaster to go along. Ummmm.. I love the banana cheese so much! Perhaps i could try asking them to add mushrooms inside... banana cheese mushroom prata! Ummmm.

Caught Simpsons today. Quite funny, especially Homer who's forever so stupid. Spider-pig's funny. LOL.

The Grand Cathay~

Munched on Red Rock's Sweet Chili & Sour Cream chips. It was supposed to last us through the movie but dar cldnt stop munching on them for they were too good to resist. The whole pack was gone even before the show started. -_-!

Dinner at TUCKSHOP. Its tucked in a secluded hole-in-the-wall along Tanjong Pagar Road. Located between Play and Oso.

The interior, and check out their chalk roster board! (To see when there've scheduled for band performances and their happy hour timings)

The menu

The food - steak sandwiches and fish and chips!

Requested for the steak to be done medium. It was done just the way we wanted! Im amazed because chefs dont very often get the steak done right. Either its under-cooked or way over-cooked. Usually, its the latter.

The steak sandwich came served in Foccacia Bread. Its my fave type of bread, goes very well with garlic dip spread! There was a portobello mushroom with caramalized onions atop the steak too.

The steak was super tender, soft and chewy. You could even see the reddish part (blood) of the meat. Everything went so well together - the bread, the mushroom and the steak. Imagine a few bacon strips and melted cheddar... OOOO... Umami rush!

The fish and chips didnt fail to impress either. I like the fact that the batter wasnt very thick. It was indeed fried till golden perfection. The fish was pretty fresh too. Dar thinks its nicer than Fish and Co's. Go try it and tell me yea? =)

Im not a very fries person so i shant comment about the fries.

Ordered vodka cranberry as well. One for One. Im glad the cranberry didnt musk the vodka. At some places, its like drinking cranberry juice. Over at Tuckshop, you get a nice blend of Vodka and Cran. I highly suspect the drinks are done by the people over at PLAY - a bar located just next door. No complaints, we love it anyhow, especially the steak! And for $12.50, dont you think its a real steal?! Or izit just me, again?

1st August 2007, Wednesday

No Pictures! I didnt bring my camera!

Lunched with dar dearest at Golden Mile. We had Pasta from Planet Pasta. You know, i really have to salute this guy over here, he eats pasta like there's no tml, as though pastas will forever be extinct. Im getting really sick of pastas, poor me had no choice but to eat pasta today as dar dint want to go down with me for wanton noodles! BOO~

Bought a creamy cheese muffin from one of the stalls there. They have lotsa flavours to choose from. But i still personally prefer Amoy's and Choc & Spice's muffins.

Helped dar with his econs essay proj before heading out again, to Golden Mile, for an early dinner (work from 6-11pm)
We had the same thing, beef kway teow. So boring rite?

NOTE: Entries for thurs - sun will be coming right up. Till i get the pics from dar's HP. But dont worry, there's more of MEEEEE to come! He He Heh.
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