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Friday, August 10, 2007
Happy National Day to one and all! Had a great fantabulous day out with my dearest today. What about you? How did u spend ur national day? I, for sure, didn’t camp out at marina bay, hoping to grab a good spot to catch a glimpse of the magnificent fireworks display. =Pp

Arranged to meet dar dar in town today as I wanted to do some shopping. Aldo was number one on my shopping list, followed by a belt, havanas for me and dar, the forever21 dress I saw at Vivo, and earrings!

Aldo was having a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE promotion. Immediately, I chanced upon this opportunity to grab my heart shaped gem studded necklace worth $39. I’ve been eyeing this for a very very long time, eversince I first started queueing up for donut factory’s donuts (Feb!). Haha. As for the free item, I chose a hand bangle worth $30. Initially wanted to get a pair of shades but seeing that ive more than 3 pairs of shades at home oredi and have the tendency of wearing only one pair, getting shades again is a big NO-NO. =Pp

Aldo accessories, checked!

Didn’t manage to find my belt at all! Im trying to find the babydoll dress elastic belt. Preferably a black one of 3-5cm in width length (Don’t like it too thick, makes u look fat and short as it cuts off your body). It must also have a butterfly design. I looked from Far East all the way to Cineleisure and I couldn’t find one that matches the design I have in mind. =(

Belt, not checked!

Didn’t buy havanas either as we will be waiting for dar’s friend, who works at NUM, to give us a discount. I quite like NUM bikinis. If not for the accompanying hefty price tag, I would have gotten one, like NOW. HAHA. $220 for a freaking bikini is far worse than day-light robbery la! Maybe the purpose is to make you over-spend on one sexy bikini such that you have no more money left to feed yourself proper meals for the next 1 month. Thus, helping you to achieve an hour glass figure, with toned thighs, butt and a flat stomach, plus extra confidence to be able to parade along the beach clad in your $220 bikini. WOW. $220 for a great bod + extra boost of confidence. Worth it or not worth it?

Havanas, will be checked soon! =P

I coudnt find the dress I saw at Vivo in Wisma’s outlet. Was hoping that they would have a size S, unlike in Vivo where all the remaining sizes are far too big, for me to try. If it fits me, and most importantly, suits me, then I will buy it. But if it doesn’t, then I can at least get it off my mind and strike it off my shopping list. Guess I wasn’t meant to buy that dress after all. No sizes in Vivo, sold out at Wisma. BOO! Perhaps God has something better in stall for me. He He Heh.

Forever21 dress, checked.

Finally! After walking in and out of this shop so many times (not knowing whether I should or should not buy the earrings), I finally made up my mind to just buy it anyhow. Praise the Lord for He is Good! LOL.

Earrings from Chicas, checked checked checked!

Now what’s next? Makan time with my dearest makan kaki of course!

Had lunch at Paragon. Couldn’t decide between Spagheddies or Ding Tai Fung. Settled for Spagheddies in the end. For appetizers, we had calamari and a seafood salad!

The seafood salad contained ingredients like prawns, mussels, mushroom, and squid. We had it changed from Italian vinegrette to Caesar salad dressing as dar doesn’t like vinegar. It was good. Seafood Caesar is good! =D

As for our main order, we had a DIY pizza again! Its basically a plain cheese pizza with many toppings (at $2 per topping) for you to choose from. We chose bacon, button mushrooms and pepperoni for our pizza toppings. Not forgetting, EXTRA mozerella cheese! Had wanted pineapples but dar didnt allow me to eat them! You know, what I really like about Spagheddies is that the chef really listens to your request and adds extra extra mozerella! Its even printed on the receipt, with no extra charge at all! Wheeet~

The pizza crust is uber crispy. Thinner than pizza huts’ but a tiny winy bit thicker than those served in Italian restaurants. You can also taste a bit of cheddar on the surface of the slightly charred outer crust! Awesome!

Another view…

Total bill amounted to $49.40. Inclusive of GST and a nice hot cup of cammomile tea. My $50 paragon voucher sure was put to good use. Dar even gave them a $2 tip! My goodness! I don’t even get tipped la! TMD.

Paragon voucher, checked!

Discovered that Cathay, at cineleisure, were screening sneaks for The Bourne Ultimatum. But you know, I only like to watch my movies at The Grand Cathay, unless of course, I have no other choice – like maybe some kind soul decides to give me a movie treat at GV or elsewhere…. You know, you know? Ha Ha Ha.

So we walked all the way to The Cathay. Damn tiring! I was clad in a tube top and skirt but I still felt damn hot! Perspiring like a piggy~

Walk, talk, walk, talk, walk, walk…. Hmmmm… I smell… I smell… donuts…. Yes! It’s a newly opened donut store! I don’t know which building its located in, only know its somewhere near Le Meridien Hotel. This store has a funny name, its called e-donuts. Cheesy! Electronic donuts? What has donuts got to do with electronics and advanced technology? Maybe that isn’t how the “E” is suppose to be interpreted but well, that was my first impression.

The variety of donuts. Lots and Lots of it.

When I entered the store, the first thing that came to my mind was “ are they related to Donut Fac ?” Step in for yourself and im sure you’l ask yourself the same thing. The trays used to display donuts were similar to those at Donut Fac! Not only that, the boxes were also orangey in color too! Some of the donut flavours were quite similar/almost the same as Donut Fac’s and worst of all, they looked just like donut facs! Especially the one with almond flakes! Their chocolate flavoured ones looked exactly like Vinco’s Donuts. Damn! A copy-cat in town! But wadeva, I get to eat donuts anyhow. Ho Ho Ho.

You know, with so many donut shops sprouting out now (There’s a new one at PS in case you don’t know.), I really pray hard that it wouldn’t be like another bubble tea frenzy or follow in the footsteps of Roti Boy.

Of course, we shared a chocolate donut. How could I leave the place without having a donut?

Donut fix, checked!

The Bourne Ultimatum, not checked! Timing wasn’t appropriate.

Chilled at The Cathay for a while over a cup of Teh-O-Peng from Ya Kun. Took some pics too. He He Heh.

Went to Raffles City after that. Its super duper crowded. There were people selling the NDP star torch lights for $2 as well. I for a moment thought it was for free. Ha Ha Ha.

We walked and walked as far and fast as our legs could carry us. Dar walks very fast! Poor me always has to play catch up. If I didn’t cling onto him, I guess I’l be lost in the crowd for good. Marina Square was even more crowded. Saw soldiers getting ready to do their march past too! Sorry girls, my x-ray eyes couldn’t spot a single cute guy. Ha Ha Ha.

Ritz Carlton even opened their doors to the public. You will be surprised that many Singaporeans, including those whom you least expect to, have actually forked out money to book a hotel room there! They look just like you and me, carrying unglam NTUC plastic bags and lotsa take away fast food. We thought they were going somewhere to catch the parade so me and dar, as usual, followed them blindly. They ended up at Ritz Carlton’s lift lobby. Everyone entered the lifts, we wanted to follow suit but thought it better to ask and find out where all these kan chiong Singaporeans are going from one of the staff there.

Me: Excuse me, may I know where all these people are going?
Lady: What all these people?
Me: Ya, These people?! Don’t tell me im seeing ghost?! (Ha Ha, I almost said that)
Lady: Going to their rooms of course.

I was stunned. Going to their rooms?! These people sure don’t look like they are checking into their rooms! They look more like they’re checking into a chalet, getting all prep up for a BBQ! Not Ritz Carlton. OMG la. Hahahah Damn funny.

Dint really like the way the lady answered me. Her tone was harsh and sounded impolite. BOO to bad service.

So since we were already inside Ritz Carlton, dar and me decided to venture around. We ended up in the quiet isolated park, where the tennis court is. The floating stadium was just directly opposite and the best thing was, there was nobody to fight or squeeze with us! You know, their main entrance/vehicle drop off point, has got the best view of the fireworks. I wonder why nobody chose that spot. Ha Ha Ha.

We didn’t stay for the fireworks. Ive seen enough actually. Cabbed to Shaw Towers for Ice-cream instead. =Pp

We opted for something fruity today. A mix of pink guava and longan red dates! Pink Guava’s very refreshing. Red spoons for National Day!

Chit-chatted about food. They were asking us for recommendations, so gave a few. Ha Ha. Were offered cookies from The V Tea Room too. Yummy~

You know, given that Singapore is celebrating their 42nd birthday, most shops have adopted the marketing gimmick of offering either a 42% storewide sale or selling their products for $4.20. Bakerzin was one of them. They were selling whole cakes for $42 (usual price is $80) and $4.20 for a slice of cake from their entire cake range! It’s a real steal. But boo, we didn’t get any in the end. Ha Ha. Then I suppose when Singapore turns 50, there’ll be 50% storewide discounts? Not true? Ha Ha.
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