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Tuesday, August 21, 2007
The flu bug + long day at school + having to lug a heavy bag filled with a thick corportae finance textbk, lappy and jacket = SuperTired-Girl

The winds may howl, the sun may scorch, the bees may buzz and the getai singers may go out of tune but SuperTired-Girl will overcome all odds and continue to do what she loves to do ever so frequently - blog!

He He Heh.. im crapping. =P

19th August 2007, Sunday

Drove to church. Drove back home. I was a good girl today. Stayed at home and ate donuts. =)

20th August 2007, Monday

Crashed dar's lesson this morning. We watched Heros on my lappy.

Dar rode me to school after that. We had lunch at Engine's Canteen as i wanted to try their Katsu Don, which came highly recommended from Kim Hai.

But sadly, it wasnt as good as how Kim Hai described it to be. The fried pork wasnt crispy at all. Perhaps the egg should be fried first (till its about 3/4 cooked), then place the pork cutlet over it instead of frying the pork first and then pouring the liquid raw egg all over it. Plus point about engine's katsu don is that the pork cutlet serving is really huge! They give lots of onions and egg too! I personally think Golden Mile's Katsu Don still tops the charts. I will not declare it as the best ive tried as i've yet to sample China Square's Katsu Don. Uncle's recommendation, dont play play. He He Heh.

Looks like im progressing into a soon-to-be Katsu Don Expert wor~

Went for Biz Comm while dar did his school project at the Biz Com Lab.

After class, dar rode to The Cathay. Bought 2 tix for the 4.25pm, The Bourne Ultimatum, movie. Same ol' couple seats, B17 and B18, at The Grand Cathay. =)

All those times we sat at B17 and B18. Ha Ha. Acty there's more than 4 but i kinda misplace those studs. =P

I seriously dont think it deserves the five star rating. I dozed off. That tells you how "fascinating" the show really is. Ha Ha. ok im sarcastic but come to think of it, maybe it does deserve 4 stars.

Dar bought a bag of Doritos cheese flavoured chips while i bought a cinnamon raisin pretzel from Auntie Anne's to munch during the movie. Before that, we shared a chocolate hazelnut crepe from Saybons!

Saybons is a newly opened french food stall that's located at the basement of PS. Along the same stretch of MissyDonuts and QQrice. Check out the quite cute chef.

Seriously, he looks more like a chef who should be refining his culinary skills at a high-class french restaurant. Seeing an oversized him in a small little kitchen making crepes just aint right. Ha Ha.

Crepe wasnt too bad. There was a generous amount of nutella spread and a fair amount of chopped peanuts sprinkled atop. The peanuts provided extra crunch. Lovely. Would have been better if not for the overcooked crepe. I thought crepes were supposed to be soft and chewy? No? no?

& Missy Donuts just lost themselves a customer. Not any ordinary customer but a big time donut lover. It has nothing to do with their donuts (ive nv tried them) but rather with their service and attitude. I wasnt even taking a snapshot of them and this lady told me harshly that photography wasnt allowed and that i had to delete the photo! Super turned off la. This scenario also happened to us at Donut Fac but at least their staff were more polite and experienced in handling such situations. So gonna ban MissyDonuts, after all, its just ANOTHER stall selling donuts. Big Deal! See how bad service damages a business' reputation? Not only do you lose a customer, you also earn yourself negative publicity. BOO!

21st August 2007, Tuesday

Im very proud of myself today. Ha Ha Ha. Why? Caused i stayed wide awake and gave my fullest attention to this mornings' Finance Lecture. Dont you think ive become a really good girl? Ha Ha Ha.

Dar came to pick me up for lunch, after his class, at 12pm. But first, i had to go to Clementi Bookshop, at Clementi itself, DUH!, to buy my Corporate Finance textbook. $36! But at least it aint as cut-throat as the financial calculator i bought this morning. $58 for a calculator! Bloody helllll. I could have bought 2 pairs of heels! The old uncle gave me back an extra $2 change. But i gave it back to him. See, dont you think ive become a really good honest girl? Ha Ha Ha.

Rode to Bukit Timah FC as i was craving for Mien's carbonara. But i guess i wasnt meant to have that today as they were CLOSED! So i settled for a bowl of porridge while dar had rice. We discovered a stall selling Toa Payoh's Old Long House Popiah too! Probably a franchise. Tried it and thought it failed miserably. Its not even anywhere near the standards of the original Old Long House Popiahs. Go for the original yea? Stop Piracy! Muahahaha.

Yong'An was at Bukit Timah FC too! And he was acty seating at the next table right beside ours! Such a coincidence!

Chilled at Vivo after that. Stopped by Gloria Jean's Cafe for dessert. We ordered a chocolate royale and an oreo cheesecake. Got a cup of cookies & cream mocha chiller to go along. Their cakes are pretty good! Esp the oreo cheese! Like the fact that they sprinkle alot of crushed oreo bits on top.

BTW, Corduroy Candy has opened! They have so many interesting candies and pretty chocolates! Was practically mesmerized by everything on the shelves and countertop. Guess this is gonna be candyempire number 2, for me, at least. Ha Ha.

Continued with Heros at Gloria Jean's Cafe. Completed the whole season. The ending was kinda abrupt, so my guess is there's gonna be a part 2 of season 1.

Walked around Vivo to digest. Saw a really nice black rugged jacket and skinny jeans at RiverIsland.

Dar rode me to school at ard 3-ish. Had Mass Comm lect at 4pm while dar had to work at 3pm. It was still early, so slacked and surfed the web at the Arts Canteen.

The newly renovated Arts Canteen. Its so DULL. Shoudnt there be more colors? After all, its the ARTS canteen. BK, Olio, and Lerk Thai are all upstairs on the left. Lots more seats and food stalls down below.

Im really bored...

The traffic jam on the PIE and ECP were terrible! Took me 2 long hours just to get home. My eyelids feel so heavy... i need a whole body massage, where's my redbull!!!!
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