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Friday, August 17, 2007
Did you notice that lately, i've been blogging almost every single day? Not almost but practically EVERYDAY? How strange because i never could bring myself to do this, nor find time to do this, during the school hols, which is presumably the slackest period of any students' life.

But ANYWAY, here's what i did today! -smilez-

Wanted to go for a run, BUT, it started raining before i could even lug myself outta the bed. See, its not my fault i'm fat.

Cracked jokes, ate snacks, bitched, gossiped and worked with the MIX guys. It was really fun. Left around 7pm, couldnt take up the job offer at Marina Mandarin as i had already had a date with someone special. There goes my $100. =(

But "special date" is worth more than $100, its in fact, priceless. And there will always be another job offer. =)

Raffles city was super crowded. You hardly had a square foot for yourself. Pretty much expected this to happen as there's gonna be a fireworks display tonight.

and no, you got it wrong, i didnt go see the fireworks. I'd be mad to do so.

Saw Yisi at Long John. Ha Ha. Initially, i dint dare to wave at her as i couldnt confirm if it was really her for ive seen too many Yisi-look-alikes already. LOL.

Rode to China Square Central for dinner. Suggested going there as i wanted to try my uncle's recommendation - Tasty Jap food at decent prices at the basement foodcourt. Yeah i know, you all must be thinking..."Jap food again?!" Ha Ha. I dont blame you. I've been having Jap food cravings eversince i had katsu don from Golden Mile. LOL.

But sadly, i couldnt locate the foodcourt! So we settled for Aglio Olio anyhow as i was extremely hungry and about to experience gastrict pain. Dar must have been cheering secretly in his heart... "Yeah! No Jap! Here comes my pasta!" Right right? =Pp

I had a fish olio while dar had a seafood olio. Dar had it extra spicy while i requested for mine to be done between normal and spicy.

This is the only spicy pasta in Singapore that doesnt look red. I realised it because dar's pasta is always super red from the excessive sprinkling of chili flakes/powder and he still claims that it isnt spicy enough. But Aglio Olio's rendition isnt red and yet, much more spicy than the others' he's had! Interesting. The reason is simply because Aglio Olio doesnt use (they dont even have it in the restaurant) chili flakes. The trick is to stir-fry it with lots of little red devils - Chili Padi!

If you like your aglio olio very spicy, or want to experience some kick butt nose dripping eyes tearing moments, or maybe, am fed-up with chefs not being able to meet up to your spicyness expectations, then Aglio Olio is one place il strongly recommend you to visit. But do be warned, extra spicy can be EXTRA SPICY.

Total bill amounted to $25. Thanks cute dar dar for the dinner treat! Muackz

After dinner, we rode to The Mind Cafe, at Prinsep Street, for desserts. We shared 2 Mind Black & White Chocolate brownies, a basket of chicken wings and a cup of iced honey cammomile tea!

Everything was yummy~ The brownie here is one of the best i've tried and honey cammomile has always been the one and only drink i order from here. The wings were pretty good too. Loved the skin to bits! So darn crispy. The meat inside, however, tasted quite weird. Maybe im the weird one. Ha Ha.

Played boardgames for a while. It was a complimentary treat from the staff. I dont understand why i suck so bad at playing logic/strategy games. BOO.

Total bill amounted to $13.50. This time, it was my treat. All NUS students can enjoy a 10% discount off their total food bill too! Just flash your matric card and viola!

Alrightey folks. That's all the yummies i had for today! Hope you all had a great day too!
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