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Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Dar's exams are just around the corner. My turn will come in late Nov. For the moment, its just me having to clear my never-ending pile of assignments, projects and mid-terms.

Time flies when im in school. Its 10 in the morning, im having my usual lectures, 2 hours later, i find myself scurrying to ARTS Fac for another lesson. Not even a bare 5 mins to grab a bite! BOO. Everyone's so bloody competitive. If only people will do things/move at a slower steadier pace. Wouldnt it make the world a much nicer place to live in? Lesser people will die from stress-related illnesses, married young couples will be encouraged to start families, which should help resolve the issue of declining birthrates, we will have more time for ourselves/friends/family/loved ones/dogs, we will worry less about this and that and maybe, even learn to love Singapore's education system! Ha Ha.

Glad to say that ive been quite hardworking lately. Pulled dar outta his comfort zone to come study with me after church. We went to McDonalds, Suntec City, and did whatever we had to do. Bought a 6 pc nugget meal, an apple pie and dar ta-baoed pepperlunch. Food, by right, ought to serve as a motivating factor, but it doesnt seem to work very well on me. Procrastinating is something i dont suck at. "Calculate the Real GDP for.......Ummm.... yummy mcnugget...(re-read qs), Calculate the Real....Argh...I should just eat up all the mcnuggets first!" See See? Its not my fault! The food keeps calling out to me! "EAT ME! EAT ME!"

Mom brought the dogs for grooming just recently. Flappy looks really bald and looks more like how a daschund should be.

Tobie on the otherhand is back to looking like GOLLUM! Grey and bony!



Will just have to wait patiently for his fur to grow back.

Yours truely had her first mass media tutorial this afternoon. It was fun, quite fun. Ha Ha. At least my tutor was entertaining. What he wore today almost got me falling off the chair, bursting into laughter. He was tall, maybe around dar's height, if not taller, and he was wearing a black woolen cardigan (those gay type) over a white long sleeved shirt. He had on black casual trousers and casual black and white popeye sneakers. The most outstanding was his bright pink striped tie! His glasses were those old fashion glasses - big black square rimmed ones. And he was carrying a pink file. Ha Ha! Imagine! Which tutor will also belt out hokkien techno songs or do Mambo actions in class? Well, he is one of them for certain. LOL

i got 2 tops from the bizarre at central forum today. 10 bucks for each top. Real Steal!

Today is cheesecake day! I had a new york cheese and an oreo cheese. The new york cheese can be bought off the shelves in Carrefour while the Oreo cheese was baked by one of my relatives.

Its really good! Im gonna make a better version during my dec holidays. He He Heh.

Happy 11th Monthsary Dar Dar! Thanks for never failing to irritate me for the past 11 months. I love you all the same! Muackz
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