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Tuesday, August 7, 2007
...continued *winks* >_<

2nd August 2007, Thursday

Dar and I worked till 5pm today. Intended to have dinner together at my grandma's place but changed my mind as i wanted to spend some quality time with my dearest. Chose to dine at East Coast Lagoon. The park, the sea, the food, where best to chill but at the lagoon itself? Far far away from the huslte and bustle of the crowded city.

From planning to just have a decent plate of wanton mee to having this for dinner!

Fried rice! Baby Kai Lan! Wu Xiang! and Taupok + You Tiao! So much foooood!

The fried rice was not bad. Not too oily. Would have been better if they added more ingredients and fried it with more egg. The "wok hei" taste was also lacking a little. But overall, a decent fried rice.

The baby kai lan was pretty good! I mean, how wrong can you go with veggies stir-fried with garlic and gravy? If it cant even turn out right, then God have mercy on the chef. Baby kai lan is in fact one of my fave veggies! Along side with long beans, kang kong and brocolli. I just love leafy veggies. Kai Lan in particular as they're crunchy and nice to chew on. Um Um.

As for de wu xiang, we chose the taiwan sausage, you-tiao with fish paste stuffings and fried prawn fritters. It came with a plate of fried bee hoon too.

The taupok-rojak wasnt too bad. The sauce was pretty good. Only thing was it was a little diluted. The peanuts did the magic though.

Surprisingly, dar surrendered before i did. Ha Ha. He was so full he could hardly walk. I, was only 80% full. Still have room for dessert wor! But i chose to leave it at 80% as i never like to be 100% full.

Strolled by the beach before settling down at the same o'l place. Its a ledge, with the huge rocks down below, that overlooks the entire horizon. Sometimes, the waves get so violent it splashes drops of water onto you. Haha. With the sea breeze blowing right smack at you, do note that it can get quite chilly there. But there's always dar by my side to cuddle me and keep me warm. I love it when he does that. Sense of security. =)

3rd August 2007, Friday

Another day, another month, another year. Before you know it, il be 21 years old. I wonder how it feels like to be 21..hmmm..

Well, didnt do much today. Dar came to pick me up after his driving lessons. Headed to Toa Payoh Lor 7 for lunch. Had the super cheap mixed veg rice (4 dishes + rice = $2) and popiah. Then crashed dar's school again, did a demand/supply/PED essay for dar dar. Talking about econs, i saw Ms Sarah Ee, together with her husband and child at Millenia Walk today.

4th August 2007, Saturday

Dar made me super angry. I dont think he's ever seen me flare up this way before.

"Jinx" broke down today. Gotta do with some engine problems.

Our plan to have a beach tan at Sentosa got cancelled too. Now you know why i call it Jinx.

Travelled by public transport today. Im really fine with it. Need to keep a distance away from Jinx.

Shopped around Vivo. Saw nice dresses from Forever21 as well as a super cool short denim skirt from Zara. Didnt buy any.

Before that, had wanton noodles from Lavander Food Square fer lunch.

Its not exactly the best wanton mee ive ever had but i admit that its gotta be the most unique one ever. Its the special sweet sauce that gets the thumbs up from me. Without it, wanton mee drenched in ketchup would have been so eeewww.. dont like chili. =Pp

Stopped by Corduroy Cafe for a tea break.

Ordered a Chocolate Tart cake as well as their cafe cookies and cream milk shake. I eat (indulge) whenever im in a foul mood. An excuse to pamper myself and get my mind off things.

The cafe scenary. The sea breeze helped cool us down despite the hot humid weather.

We asked for plain water and this was what they gave us. Ha Ha. The miniature cups were nice.

Makan session 2 with family again. This time, we makan'ed at Ghim Moh as Aunty Woon wanted to have ice-cream at The Daily Scoop, Sunset Way.

Settled for Cze Char from Hong Kong street. We had Fried San Mee, KL style hokkien noodles, spicy sweet potato leaves, some brown balls (I dono what its called!), and fried beancurd sticks with sweet thai chili sauce. I like those brown balls best. Izit Ngor Hiang? Err, dont remember ngor hiang looking like this. Ha Ha.

Fried beancurd sticks..

San mee...

Sweet potato leaf veggie...

KL style hokkien noodles...

The brown balls... anyone knows what they are called?

We shared popiah and a plate of char siew and SIO BAK (My Fave!!!) too. The sio bak was gooood. Love the brown crispy skin at the side.

Time for dessert!

All the ice-cream we had and shared. There's coconut, lychee martini, chendol, nutty macademia, peanut butter (Awfully sinful!But neh-mind, at least ive satisfied my peanut butter craving, for now, heheh), honey fig, brandy fig ( This is pretty good! Strong brandy), tiramisu, hazelnut krunch and yea, that's about it. Auntie April ordered a waffle too. Its super soft anf fluffy!

The ice-cream here is made in-house. Flavours are unique too. Pretty decent. If i remember correctly, this should be my third visit to The Daily Scoop. The ice-cream's not too bad, just that i personally prefer Tom's Palette. Daily Scoop's ice-cream is smoother and less creamy but if you like ice-cream that's denser and has a stronger body and taste, then go for Tom's Palette. But in terms of ambience, i choose The Daily Scoop. In terms of staff friendliness and service quality, Tom wins slam dunk smack that' hands down feet up. =) Either way, i still <3 Tom. Your loyal fan always. Muahahaha.

Watched Elmo perform in Auntie Woon's car boot. Super funny.

5th August 2007, Sunday

Drove to church as usual.

After service, chilled at Secret Recipe with dar dar, mom and dad. Ordered peppermint tea, a slice of banana choc and cocao mocha cake.

Saw another nice dress at Suntec. Didnt buy again. =(

Bought some sweets from Candy Empire. =)

Bus'ed to Tiong Bahru with dar to meet up with family for a movie. Watched FlashPoint today. Stars Donnie Yen and Louis Khoo. Donnie Yen's damn zai. Love his black leather jacket. Louis Khoo's eye-candy! He He. Check out their muscles mannn.

Dinner at Tiong Bahru market. Me and Dar had lor mee while the rest had teochew fishball noodles. There were lotsa ppl queueing up for the fishball noodles. You know, i really dont know how to define good fishball noodles.

Shared a plate of satay from this particular stall.

Had quite a few food certs being displayed, so decided to give it a shot.

It wasnt too bad, so-so la. Prefered the chicken to beef. The satay sauce was a huge disappointment. You could see the thick layer of oil on the surface and the suace is super diluted! BOO.

They sell lungs too. Ha Ha

Shared dessert from Tian Tian. Had a really hard time deciding what to have. That's the prob with dessert stalls being too/over-adventurous. They offer you so so many types of desserts for you to choose from! Just too many! There are also cafes/restaurants that offer a gazillion over items in their cramped up little menu. Variety is good but too much can be a major turn off some times.

Rahh Rahhh Rahhhh! Cant wait for Corduroy Candy and 2am Dessert Cafe to open. Dimsum at Hei She Hui (Bosses), soon soon! =)

Im missing this so much! Its a DIY pizza with extra mozerella from Spagheddies! Whheeett! Gonna so use my 50 bucks paragon voucher for this. Wanted to use it for dining at Fish & Co but then again, i dont think its worth it as ive had better, and much cheaper fish and chips/seafood from elsewhere.

Ta Ta for now! Study hard peeps! Muggimadness!
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