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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
When you have really nothing to do, blog.

When there's no one to bitch with on the phone, blog.

...no one to accompany you, blog.

...or have squeezed ur brain cells dry trying to think of what to do but still am undecisive about what you should do for the day,

BLOG - an avenue to vent your frustrations, thoughts and emotions. If i cant talk verbally to any soul, then i guess il just have to make do with non-verbal communications with Apple itself.

Beginning with last monday, 16th July 2007.

Monday blues. Nothing interesting happened. Donut factory didnt stop producing donuts.

17th July 2007, Tuesday

Took a bus to dar dar's school. The bus ride was freaking long. So long dar had to ride to Zion Road/River Valley to rescue the damsel in distress. Yes, i got off the bus coz my butt ached from all that sitting.

Dar had project meeting which ended pretty quickly. Munched on a sandwich while waiting PATIENTLY for baby. Since Ghim Moh was in the vicinity, i suggested sampling pasta from The Ragazzi Italian Pasta shop. Its situated in a coffeeshop located at one of the HDB flats of Ghim Moh.

We shared a seafood aglio. It was too oily for my liking. It lacked the "wok hei" flavour for pastas. Serving size was pathetic/stingy. For $6, its definitely not worth it. I rather head down to Bukit Timah for Mien's pasta!

Though Ragazzi's pasta didnt quite make the cut for me, il still be back, not for the pasta, but for their desserts! Tiramisu! I guesstimate that it should be good? Considering that majority of the tables had at least one person eating it. Thou shall keep thy fingers crossed still.

Chilled at Grand Copthrone Hotel for bout an hour. Dar was waiting to get his pay. Meanwhile, we watched 24 on my lappy.

Dinner outing with Spartans at Marina Bay. What else but BBQ steambout buffet.

Dont really fancy such bbq/steamboat buffet as its really a waste of calories. The amount of butter dar dar used to bbq the meat/fish/seafood is really an eye-opener. Imagine puddles of egg yolk. That's how much butter was used.

Out of the three standing (me dar and jia he), only Jia he is busy eating! Dont be fooled! He's not cooking at all! =X

The other reason why i dont fancy steamboat is because we tend to spend more time cooking than eating, unknowingly. Not just that, you get so hungry from all that cooking that you're possibly able to eat a cow but sadly, you have to wait wait wait for the food to cool. Tedious rite? I rather pay to sit comfortably and enjoy a decent meal with my dearest dearest. =)

Dar promoting his BBQ fried guo-ties. Not bad! But pity the insides were veggies, not meat!

Dar's other specialty : Double fried onion rings and BBQ-till-charred scallops! Nice Nice. Gone in 10 seconds. Haha.

Thirdly, you get all sweaty from all that cooking and you wonder how come this piece of meat taste so darn salty?! =X Fourthly, steamboat is confirm chi bu bao. Ha Ha. Oops i think i offended alot of steamboat lovers. -bleahz-

But hey, if its organized as part of an outing or gathering, il gladly go for the company. Food always taste better when you eat it with friends and loved ones. =) There's always dar to cook and peel the...... =P

18th July 2007, Wednesday

Watched 24, part 2 of season 6, at my place. had mixed veg rice from a coffeeshop just opposite my block. Dar left for work at 2pm.

19th July 2007, Thursday

Happy Birthday Kengy! Yes, today's my aunt's b-day! Hope you like the pressie! =)

PS: I still owe you $$ from HK shopping. Ha Ha Ha.

Had initially planned on going for a run but the threatening dark clouds and thunder made me resort to my contingency plan. Which is, to find my makan kaki aka entertainer buddy, dar dar! Ha Ha. I think i entertain him more than he entertains me. Muahahaha. "Irritating meh?" LOL

We had lunch together at Golden Mile. I had ytf from the stall i p-banned several months ago. The main reason as to why i p-banned them is because they dont listen to your request. Listening and complying to a customers' request is all part and parcel of customer service. Of course, there are many other reasons but i shall not elaborate.

Dar bought a salted egg yolk ba zhang, upon my request, from Kim Choo! Bingo! You guessed it right! He ate the whole dumpling while poor me was fed only the salted egg yolk. Muahahaha.

Then watched dar have his main lunch course - seafood aglio from Planet Pasta! This time round, the chef made it doubly spicy and so it was indeed. Burning burning burning!

20th July 2007, Friday. 2007/2007! Nice date.

Dar dar and me cooked pasta today! he played chef while i played the helpful kitchen assistant. Ha Ha

The ingredients: clams, streaky bacon, sotong, scallops, fresh prawns, chopped garlic, chili padi, chili flakes, parmesan cheese, olive oil and linguinne.

All these items were purchased from Carrefour and the market downstairs. Introduced dar dar to this stall, A1 Penang Chendol, that whips up a yummilicious cup of D24 durian smoothie. Its really that GOOD. TP students should be familiar with this place as its located directly opposite the school. According to the uncle, many TP students order in bulk from him. He told us all these coz we bluffed him that we were TP students from Biz fac. Ha Ha.

okie, back to the pasta cooking session.. hee hee

Clockwise from top left : Boiling the linguinne. Frying the chopped garlic and chili padi till golden brown. Stir-frying the linguinne with olive oil. Stir-frying the linguinne with all the other ingredients.

Flappy hoping to try some aglio olio. Tobie ran away. He's camera shy. Ha

Wha La! Seafood Aglio!

Left pic: First attempt (super spicy and tasteless)
Right pic: Second attempt (Spicy with abit of taste)
Looks like hokkien mee rite? Except the yellow noodles and thin strands of white bee hoon have been replaced by barista's linguinne aka italian mee pok. Ha Ha

The ingredients were yummy but the pasta had no "wok hei" taste! Someone please tell me how to cook a perfect aglio olio.

Chionged the latest season of CSI New York after that. Left for town at around 5pm. We were practically snacking from every place.

The evidence --->

1) Bought red bean pancakes from PS JolliBean. The pancake dough wasnt nice, ate only the red bean fillings and dumped the dough.

2) Bought a Bacon Bratwurst (A german sausage wrapped with bacon strips)

3) Shared a Chocolate Japanese Donut. (Crispy and fried till golden brown. Very japanese.)

4) Bought a bottle of soursop juice

5) Shared a plate of MKK satay (5 chicken, 5 mutton) from the Whampoa Temp Mkt/FC. (Waited 20 mins for this, pretty good, the meat doesnt get stuck in between your teeth, the peanut sauce's addictive)

On the bus...

Sianz-look... =P

21st July 2007, Saturday

Planned on going for a run, at ECP, with dar dar first thing in the morning. But i changed my mind as i cldnt foresee myself waking up at 7am in the wee hours of the morning. Yea, all hail the queen of procrastination!

In the end, me and dar met at Toa Payoh for lunch. Lunch'ed at Lor 7, as usual. Had our fave fave popiah!

If u've read The Sunday Times, Lifestyle, you'll know that they've just been awarded the Makansutra Master of Popiah award! Its an award title far better than the average Makansutra die-die must try certificates. Master of popiah, indeed they truely are. =)

Our fave fave toa payoh rojak from Old Airport Road also got awarded the Master of Rojak award too!

After that, we took a train down to AMKhub. Bought a chocolate donut from SummerHouse. We decided not eat it and bring it back to toast/warm/heat up.

Sadly, i didnt like it at all. The chocolate wasnt chocolate chocolate. It was thick and i highly suspect its chocolate custard. Yucks. kana cheated. But nevertheless, i gobbled up the whole thing as a donut lover nv throws her "best food mate" down the rubbish chute. =P

At AMK Interchange...

...continued with CSI New York

Dinner at the newly renovated Old Airport Road FC. It was super duper crowded.

There's many many food stalls as well. My guess is 50 and above. I felt so spoit for choice that night. Had an even harder time deciding what to have for dinner. Everything looked so yummy i felt like sampling everything!

Settled for porridge, satay and BBQ chicken wings.

The porridge is the same chai chee porridge whose original location is at Bedok Blk 85. They have another branch at Tamp st 11 too. Nothing bad about the porridge, what i like most about Chai Chee porridge is that they are pretty generous with their ingredients. But do note that the food prices at Old Airport Road are slightly higher than elsewhere.

The satay... 5 Pork and 5 Chicken. They dont sell mutton.

Lovely. Tender. Juicy. Taste as good, if not slightly better than MKK Whampoa satay! Extra Thumbs up for the sauce as pineapple syrup/flavouring was added to the peanut sauce (similar to syed alwi's but over here is much cheaper). Giving an extra sourish tantalizing kick!

BBQ chicken wings! 90cents for one. Cheap and FINGER LICKING GOOD!

Saw Si Wei and Zhi Jia as well.

I for sure am gonna come back again for more yummy food! Next up will be Citizoom's minced fish noodles. The main outlet is located along Macpherson Road. Ive always wanted to try this but have yet to find a reason to. Now that there's one in Old Airport, i die die also must whack and get it striked off my food-list once and for all. =) More BBQ chix wings too. Ha Ha.

Made a pact with dar dar to conquer this FC and we will so very well do so. He He He. Do feel free to tag/sms/email/write a comment to me if you wana join us alrite? Cheers~

PS: If you ever dine here, do dress as casually and wear as little clothing as possible as its really stuffy and warm. Beware of smoke granades from the char kway teow and satay stalls.

22nd July 2007, Sunday.

Drove mom and dad to church as usual. This time, i requested going for a later service as i felt like sleeping in on a lazy sunday morning.

Lorry drivers are dangerous. One almost knocked my side when he tried to cut into my lane while turning at the traffic junction. Whislt TURNING! He is one reckless driver i tell you. Gave him a loud honk to wake up his idea. Ha Ha.

Dar came to suntec to find me after church. Went to have Waffles from The Waffle Place.

I like the interior. It may be small but the cottage design and mini couches undeniably make me feel so at home. They offer a variety of flavours for your waffles such as chocolate fudge, peanut butter, butter + bacon, durian, tuna, honey + butter, ice-cream, ham, cheesy waffles and many more! Each waffle cost $2.50. Waffle sets are available too.

I had the peanut waffle while dar had chocolate.

The waffles here are much bigger and flufflier than your average run off the mill green waffles from ur downstairs bakery. Its crispier on the edges too! What i like best about my peanut butter waffle is that they sprinkle peanut bits atop the peanut butter spread. Giving you something to bite and munch on. Would have been better if the peanut butter was more melted, you know, the kind that's really melted yet thick and slowly oozes down the sides of the slightly charred waffle edges?

Will certainly be back here to check out their other flavours! Right now, its waffle-mania time! Muahahaha. Surprisingly, the lady working here still rmbs us both despite having been here a week ago. She must have remembered us as the customers who corked their heads to the sides every now and then whilst studying the menu board and then walking away because these 2 people obviously couldnt decide what to have as they wanted to try every flavour. Ha Ha. Temptations! They're so easy to give in! One way to resist them? Walk away, cool-ly. Acting like you can easily forgo it when actually, deep down inside your heart, you really really want that piece of waffle. But if 2 hours have come and gone by and you're still hankering over that waffle, then GO! buy the waffle and free yourself (think its should be your mind haha) from the reins of the evil one!

Muahahahaha *Evil Sniggers*

Okie im really crapping.

After which, dar dar rode to Bukit Timah FC for some REAL lunch. Waffles, according to him, was just a warm-up/starter. Dar dar had Mien pasta while i had carrot cake.

Dont know exactly how a darn good carrot cake should taste like but this was pretty decent. Ate mostly the egg and left the carbs alone. Poor naked white turnip.

Went to Grandma's house after that to finish up part one of CSI New York. Ever since i saw ang ku kuehs being featured on TV last thurs, i've been having cravings every now and then for ang ku kueh! You can say i was at the right place at the right time as my uncle, who left the place shortly after i arrived, bought and left a box of well-known ang ku kuehs from Bedok North! Again, i dont know how a 5 star ang ku kueh should taste like but this, for all i noe, was quite good. Ummmm.

For some reason, the HDB blocks at selegie (izit Selegie Houses?) always remind me of ang ku kueh. Red paint isnt used excessively, its just that the red paint used is really red RED. You know, YOU KNOW? Ha Ha.

Dinner with family tonight. Big feast. Coz their daughter is finally available to join them for dinner on a weekend. Ha Ha. Seriously, im so busy (eating out with makan kaki, LOL) my parents have to book me 1 week in advance. aha.

We had soft shell crabs with pork floss, braised beancurd with gravy, veggies, fried zesty chicken, and fish.

Treated myself to Walls' new vanilla mini poppers while watching Ugly Betty. A 3'some! <3 the choc layer.

I feel real blessed. My daddy God has done an awesome job in feeding me so well. Is God fat? I dont think so. He's one of the sexist man alive. If God's not fat, then i, the princess for Jesus aint fat too! Coz "...as he is, so am i in this world."

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