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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Glitter Maker

Wasnt as happening as UC'06 but nevertheless, We SPARTANS lived up to our name and went home victorious- No. 1 Champions for UC'07! Sweeeeeeet~ Spartans, not your average muttons! Dont play play.

Im glad that UC's over, guess i need 3 days to recoup all my lost sleep! =P But i cant deny the fact that i kinda miss all the things we did together, be it with the ogls/councillors, be it with the freshies, or be it with all the other UC mates. Supper at The Cheese Prata Shop has certainly become a camp tradition. Not just for UC, but i believe also for other camps organized by NUS themselves. If you ever patronize The Cheese Prata Shop, let me recommend you the Banana Cheese Prata. Ha Ha. Its highly recommended by friends who stay in Hall. Tried it once and ive been having endless cravings for it eversince we broke camp. =P

Supper nights werent the only nights to be remembered. Fright night, munchy monkeys night and chiong night are some of the other highlights of the camp. Well, for me at least. Ha Ha. Fright night was tiring! Being a ghost for 6 hours straight (8pm to 2am) isnt a joke. We got so tired we practically surrendered by 1am. Having been thru it as a freshie and having been thru it as a ghost are 2 seperate experiences altogether. As a freshie, i was damn freaked out okie. Shing, my partner, didnt help make things better either. Imagine having to walk inside the haunted architecture blk all by urself with ghost hidden and springing out at every corner. Tormenting k! But as a councillor, dressed up to play the role of a china ghost, mauahahaha, it was fun to see how the freshies responded. The louder the screams and cries, the more shiok. Ha Ha. Some were made to do silly things like dance and sing but it was all in the name of FUN. Ha Ha.

Munchy Monkeys! Many thanks to Jeremy for opening up Munchy Monkeys for us once again. No doubt, giving the freshies a more memorable evening. I sure rememeber my munchy monkeys nite when i attended UC'06 as a freshie. Hee Hee.

Chiong nite at DBL O. Security was very tight. Only those from UC'07 were allowed to enter. Which leaves me wondering how dar's fren, Desmond, and his fren managed to get in. Ha Ha.

Took some pics using Christina's cam too.

They played trance music at DBL O which i hate hate hate so much. The music at O Bar is known for RNB but it didnt seem/ feel like RNB that night. No doubt, drinks are pretty cheap here. My lychee martini cost only $6! But zouk's version taste much much better. Dar drank so much he got a hang over the next day. Sucky feeling. I noe how it feels. U just wana die. Ha Ha.

Yeah, that basically sums up UC'07. I for sure am gonna abstain from Prata (banana cheese is an exception), mcdonalds, and green tea! Muahahaha. One of the UC sponsors was a bottle drink company and they kindly supplied us with neverending bottles of green tea! Im so sick of it right now. There was free flow of coke and red bull as well. Koped a few cans to use as a mixer as Nigel, or izit Zhi Ming, brought their own Vodka and Chivas over. Great. =)

Love our spartans shirt design. Its much nicer than this picture over here. The design's the same but the color's different, with white lining the sleeves and the collar. Chio! Best camp shirt ever. =)

Spartans! Ow woo Ow woo Ow woo!
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