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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Glitter Maker

Our last day in HK! Am gonna miss this place for its yummilicious food but im glad that day 5 has finally come as i can finally get my mind off shopping, resist temptaions and most importantly, prevent my list of shopping debts/bills/overdrafts from getting longer. Muahahaha.

& am pleased to annouce that this will also be my last entry regarding my 5 day 4 nights HK trip! Good for you, even good-er for me as i can finally move on and blog about more recent stuff. He He He.

First up, we had dimsum for brekkie! This time, we ordered a few different items. Such as... --->

Tried their fried noodles and rice too. I prefered the rice to the noodles. Noodles were alright, nothing to WOW about. Salted fish , salted egg yolks and some other ingredients could be found in the rice, giving it a more unique robust flavour. Not bad i say.

Of course, we couldnt leave the place without having our fave must-have century egg lean meat porridge! Its so good im willing to fly all the way to HK just for this! .....egg tarts too! =Pp

Headed to Causeway Bay after that. Went there again as i wanted to buy back Krispy Kreme DONUTS!

Dint really shop much. Just walked here, there, everywhere. Chilled out at a particular Tea House along the streets. We had ice-lemon tea, Milk tea, and yuan yang. Not bad. But over priced. BOO.

Took some pictures too!

Bought 1 dozen krispy kremes before heading back to our hotel. The bus driving us to the airport would be arriving at 5pm.

More Krispy kreme pics comin up in my next next DONUT entry! He He He...

A luggage. DUH

Ta dah! A luggage full of Lao Po Bings!!! 33 boxes packed into one luggage! They look like Gold Bars to me. Ha Ha

To be frank, the lao po bings arent a live-live-must-try kinda thing. Its just appetizing to the palate, makes a great light snack and serves as a practical gift to friends, neighbours, colleagues and family members!

Next time, each person is only allowed to order a maximum of 2 boxes, period.

Some other munchies we bought--->

These little golden ball pastries contain my fave salted egg yolks! and oso century eggs too. Interesting huh.

Grandma loves these. I love them too. Its got layers of apple strudel pastry with cream, sugar sprinkles and nuts in between. You can easily get them off the egg tart bakery shelves. Yummy~

Dinner at the airport. Some of the food we had...

Tasted alright. But strangely, i wasnt full. Stomach still had space for another bowl of wanton noodles!

Watched some cartoon with my uncle. Ha Ha. We're really BORED.

Had an ice-cream on the plane too! That's the only thing i like about Cathay Pacific. Ha Ha. Strangely, the seats on board this plane were much comfier than the ones i took previously. It was so comfortable there wasnt even a need to adjust my chair backwards! Caught CSI Miami on board the plane. Dozed off for an hour before finally landing safely and soundly in home sweet home, Singapore.

Sure thing, I may be a huge fanatic or maybe a sucker for Hong Kong food but nothing beats our very own local Geylang Lor 29 Hokkien Mee, Margaret Drive Char Kway Teow, Katong Laksa, Hillstreet Ba Chor Mee, The Cheese Prata shop Banana Cheese Prata, Tom's Palette ice-cream, Black pepper crabs with Mantou and many many more! There's just so much food, so much variety to choose from! Arent we so spoilt for choice? Shouldnt we ought to be proud of our home land Singapore - a tiny red dot on the map?

I am, are you?
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