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Friday, July 20, 2007

Drove mom and dad for first service again. Dar came to suntec to meet me after that. Bought 2 double chocolate donuts from The Donut Factory.

Yeah!! They have a donut factory at suntec city mall! Its definitely much bigger than the Raffles City outlet. They have tables and chairs inside for you to dine in too. The menu offers more variety as well! Other than donuts, they also sell coffee, tea and other drinks like milk shakes etc. There's even a donut sundae and donut sandwich too! Toke about innovation.

Best of all, Donut Fac. at Suntec City now has 2 different queues. One to cater to those buying 1/2 a dozen or a dozen or more donuts, and another, catering to those buying a drink and a maximum of 2 donuts! Just what ive been hoping for! Now i can satisfy my weekly craving for double chocolate donuts without having to queue! Yippee!

Dar dar felt like having pasta for lunch, so tot of Bukit Timah to let Dar try Mien's Pasta! Its basically a stall located on the second level of Bukit Timah's Food Centre/Market. The pasta chef sells a variety of pasta, ranging from your cream based carbonara, to your tomato based marinara and my all time fave olive oil based aglio olios! Just like Pasta Manna at Old Airport Road, the pastas here are priced very cheaply! $3.90, 10cents cheaper than Pasta Manna's.

Dar dar as usually requested for his pasta to be done extra extra spicy. I had a bacon + mushroom aglio while dar dar had seafood aglio. Look at the 2 contrasting colors - one ultra spicy, one not so spicy. Ha Ha.

Dar is kinda addicted to Mien's pasta now. He now officially claims Aglio Olio, Papi and Mien to be the top 3 places that serve ultra spicy aglio olios, with Aglio Olio ranking tops of coz. He He He.

Chew On This: Golden Mile Food Centre also houses a stall, called Planet Pasta, that sells pretty cheap pasta too! Its cheaper than pasta mania's but slightly more expensive than Pasta Manna's and Mien's. Tried their seafood aglio while dar had their marinara. Not to bad, considering that the chef is pretty young and amaturish looking. Spaghetti could have been better-ly cooked. Ha Ha.

After which, dar rode me to Vivo as i wanted to get my aunt a birthday gift from this particular shop, Build-A-Bear! Just realised yesterday that they also have an outlet at suntec! If i had known earlier, wouldnt have asked dar dar to ride me all the way to Vivo. Ha Ha.

Check out the pics --->

A variety of bears/stuffed toys for you to choose from

Bear stuffings! Just tell the lady how soft or hard you want your bear to be.

Time to dress up your bear! The funny thing was this particular lady kept persuading me to buy panties for my bear. HAHA. Dint grab any as i would have prefered G's. =P

This is where u create your bear's birth certificate! Your bear's ID tag will also be stuffed inside the bear. Just in case it gets lost/stolen. A mini red heart is stuffed in as well. B4 that, the lady will acty ask u to hold the heart and make a wish for whoever ur giving it to. =)

The dressing room...

The hot chic =P

The bear's then nicely seated in a big carton box, blue and white with nice cute bear prints decorating the sides.

Rode back to Dar's house. Watched 24, part 2 of season 6. There's CSI New York as well! Love it love it love it!

Dar dar busy fixing or hitting? the dvd player. It dieded on us!

For dinner, we dined at Pepper Lunch, Suntec. Dar had beef pepper rice while i had salmon pepper rice.

Had initially planned on having crab bee hoon and peking duck skin from Geylang but dar insisted on pepper lunch, so ok loh, i let the man have the final say. Hate it when guys give way to girls all the time. Hate it even more when they say "Anything la" . Ha Ha.

Knocked my head against the wooden rack behind me. That's y my hair's all messy. =P Thank God the potted plant dint come crashing down on me.

Rode to Clarke Quay for desserts. We had our usual Soffiato and a Tiramisu from The Riciotti.

Sadly, the chocolate wasnt molten enough as compared to the one we had from ChinaSquare's outlet. The ice-cream scoop was oso much smaller here. But no complaints! The desserts were goodie good enough to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings. =)

Bought a cut fishy ring from a Central too. Check it out--->

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