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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

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DIMSUM! Yes, I finally got to eat dimsum after being here for the past 2 days! We had our dimsum from this restaurant located on the 4th floor of a particular building situated just opposite our hotel.

It’s a dimsum restaurant by day and a seafood restaurant by night. The food standard here is pretty good. Hence, will usually make it a point to dine here at most 3 times each time I fly to HK.

First up, we had our fave must-have porridge!

This bowl of century egg lean meat porridge is so nicely done! I bet u u can nv find anything like this in SG. Somehow, the porridge is able to fully absorb all the flavours of the ingredients inside! I guess the secret lies with boiling the porridge with salted egg yolk for a verry long time. The small crispies and roasted peanuts served as a good accompaniment for the porridge as well. Ummmm. Pity the you tiaos in HK aren’t the crispy-drenched-in-oil kind.

Next up, we had Char Siew So.

Its pastry with BBQ pork inside, a very common sight in HK. The strips of ginger in the char siew pastry sure helped to bring out its fragrant-ness altogether. This char siew so isn’t any so-so tasting pastry. Its SO good the buttery pastry acty melts in your mouth! Un-sinfully tasty. Yum~

And of course, we had other items like fried beancurd skin, siew mai, hargao, pan-fried carrot cake, yam cake, custard baos, chicken feet, xiao long baos and char siew baos. Yea, that’s a lot of Baos. Ha Ha

Pity the custard bao didn’t turn out to be anything like the one I had in Macau. THAT was exceptionally GOOD. This one over here didn’t have any salted egg yolk at all. It was more of a normal steamed bao with thick yellow custard filling. Not my cup of tea.

And the dimsum item which wins the MOST OUTSTANDING award is none other than these fried wantons!

They are so huge! I think it takes more than 10 parklane Zha Yun Tuns to make this. The crispy outer layer goes very well with the porridge too. But do be warned as it can get MESSY. With golden crispies flying in all directions? I don’t think u want your white blouse ,branded jeans or prada bag to be stained with oil do you. =P

After brunch, we headed to WingWah to make reservations for our Lao Po Bings and mooncakes.

Tried the freshly baked ones from Yuen Long as well but I dint really like them.Perhaps my expectations for it were way to high oredi, given that tour guides always strongly recommend it. Wing Wah’s one still taste the best, so far. Not too sweet, not too thick, just niceee.

My grandma loves it too! =)

Next up, Causeway Bay aka Edison Chen land. Ha Ha. Maybe its because the chances of bumping into him here is pretty high, considering that his shop. Juice, is located just in the vicinity. Huge posters of him can be easily spotted along the streets. Sweeet eye-candy~

Oh YES! My heart almost stopped thumping for that minute when my eyes fell upon this -→



That guy thinks im crazy. But i dont blame him. Im crazy over donuts!

I couldn’t believe it! All these while I’ve been talking about wanting to try krispy kremes so darn badly and now, im acty standing right smack in front of it! With those round pretty little things calling out to me to buy them! However full I was, a krispy kreme I had to buy, Else im not living up to my name. Ha Ha.

Bought a newyork cheese cake flavoured donut to try. It has chunks of cheese cake crumble sitting atop a white sugary icing.

The donuts not made fresh out of the oven but the dough’s still soft and fluffy! Slightly thicker than those from donut fac’s. The inside oozes out smooth cream cheese which taste exactly like that of a new york cheesecake. Yummy!
My aunt ordered 2 cups of black coffee as well. Didn’t try it as im not a coffee drinker. Kinda allergic to caffeine.

More donuts and still more donuts coming up on my next next entry (Day 5 in Hong Kong). Keep a look out for them!

Ta! Shopping time! We spent nearly half the day shopping in Times Square, Lane Crawford. Seems like shopping malls have nicer and more things for me to buy than from those shops outside lining the streets. Some shops we patronized and bought stuff from include Mango, Zara, I.T, Chevi[g]non, Fossil and many more which I cant rmb. BTW, Chevi[g]non sells very nice rugged jeans. About 200 bucks a pair. That’s gonna be the number 1 item on my next must-buy list, followed by shoes! HK sells lovely shoes! I’ve eyed at least 10 pairs whiich I so adore.Yea, im having a shoe fetish now, again.

Fossil Shades <3!

All that never-ending shopping kinda made me lose my appetite for a while. No wonder they say shopping can help one shed pounds. Totally agree. Lost 0.4kg from all that walking and climbing of stairs despite feeding on roasted goose almost everyday. Ha Ha.

Headed to Tsim Sha Tsui for MY FAVE eggtarts after that.

Yes, this is the place I get my eggtarts from. It really amazes me how an ordinary bakery can acty have so much potential in whipping up such a darn good eggtart. One is never enough. I can stay there for hours eating eggtarts alone. Ha Ha. But of course, watching my calories is more impt than anything else in the world! Muahahaha.

The egg tarts here are indeed one of the best I’ve tried so far. I love my egg tarts to have a flakey pastry and the egg inside must be warm and soft. One that crumbles almost instantaneously. This one over here has exceeded my expectations for an eggtart. Its really that good. To those who like flakey egg tarts, this is highly recommended by me me ME!

Me and my aunt continued shopping along the streets. Aunt woon, Aunt Jo, and uncle Kenny headed back to the hotel to rest. Bought quite alot of clothes from this particular store,. The sum we chalked up enabled us to get a loyalty VIP members card. Bought 3 packets of wasabe pistachio nuts along the way as well. If u like wasabe coasted nuts, this is one type I would recommend to u as well. Wasabe coated macadamias from Australia are not bad too.

As the store we were shopping at was located at the basement, we didn’t realize that the sun has set and the moon has risen. Ha Ha. We dint want the rest to wait hungry for us back at the hotel, hence, me and my aunt ran back all the way to our hotel! A run! Just what I needed most.

Dinner was at Temple street. We had seafood from this eatery.

Surprisingly, the two can-speak-cantonese-fluently Indian man were still around to promote their Indian curry and other Indian specialties. Its been 6 mths and they’re still at the same exact spot doing their thing. Their promo lines havn’t changed either. =P

Bamboo clams, steamed fish, steamed prawns, kang kong, was what we ordered for dinner. Everything was tasty but I dint like the fish. No doubt it was fresh but I just didn’t like the fishyness of it.

Headed to Mong Kok after that. Aunt Jo got her nike running shoes from one of the sports shoe shop as well. Walked down the Ladies Market and got 2 pairs of shades and a cap.

These ronaldhino (dono how to spell) soccer boots reminded me of baby too. Saw this pair of nike dunks which i tot was quite nice. GOLD! Pretty obvious that i have a soft spot for gold shimmery stuff.

I bought dar dar lotsa shirts from everywhere as well. So many its enough to last him the week.

We dint manage to have our walnut paste as the dessert stall we used to patronise had already closed. Hence, settled for desserts from elsewhere.

Not too bad. Quenching. But the coconut milk was too thick for our liking.

Alritey. Time to head back to the hotel! I stink so bad. My hair’s drenched in salty perspiration. My face’s so oily. EEks! A bubble bath is what I need most now. Ahhhhhhh~ I miss my bed.
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