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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Glitter Maker

Breakfast at a nearby teahouse in Yau Ma Tei. I recall this place selling great tasting chee cheong fun, so here we are again having chee cheong fun for brekkie!

We ordered a plate of fishballs dipped in some sauce, a plate of chee cheong fun, hammie + egg toast and a bowl of wanton dumpling soup. All for brekkie!

The thing that sets HK CCF apart from SG Style CCF is their sauce! The dark sauce isnt as sweet and peanut sauce is given too! A bonus i say. Love the hammie + egg toast the most. Im really amazed at how one can acty produce such a smack ass finger licking good breakfast toast. & its just ordinary toast! Love it Love it Love it!

After a fulfilling brekkie, we trained down to take the KCR East Rail.

Passed by a shopping mall whilst searching for this particular train line. Headed in, with no shopping intentions, as my aunt needed a toilet urgently. But who am i kidding, no shopping intentions? Ha Ha. We spent nearly half the day there! Had no choice but to scrap our outing to Shen Zhen. More delighted than disappointed as i dont like going to China. =P

Im gonna head back to this shopping mall on my next Hk trip. Why? Cause its like a shoe paradize! <3 shoes! Just looking at them makes me happy. Dar dar promised to build me an ultra huge display glass cupboard for my shoes. Rite dar dar? He He He.

Me Me Meee!

Went to Sha Tin after that. Late lunch at Crystal Jade, Hong Kong.

The Interior...

We had 2 types of veggies - Crystal Jade Three Treasures Veg and Braised White Cabbage with Salted Meat. Ordered Xiao Long Baos too. And for the more unhealthy fried stuff, we had Fried Turnip Cake, Deep Fried Shredded Pancake and La Mien with Shredded Eel.

Aunty Woon recommended the Deep Fried Shredded Pancake. Gave it a shot as the picture looks pretty appetizing. Nv heard seen this in Sg's CJ menu before too. But upon my first bite, the first words that raced through my mind were : "Chey! Roti Prata what". Ha Ha. It turned out to be shredded strips of roti prata!!!

Well, to me, it taste like it. Ha Ha. Maybe its not? I dont noe. Someone enlighten me.

For dessert, we had Deep Fried Souffle Ball with Red Bean Paste.

According to my uncle, the souffle balls served here are much bigger than those served in Sg, which he said were the size of fishballs. Ha Ha. What i like abt this dessert is the melts-in-your-mouth-not-hands sugar icing. Sweeet~ Pity the red bean wasnt in molten lava form. The kind that gets you "wowing", or maybe just me, as it slowly oozes and explodes out of its encased pastry.

Treated ourselves to still more sweet treats from this Bakery, A1.

Check out the mini ice-cream puffs! Comes in all sorts of flavours. We bought the black sesame one.

Bought a mango Paikufu , or izit Paifuku? Wo Bu Zhi Dao! The skin's super rubbery and mango slices, cream, and sponge cake fills the inside. Not bad.

Shared a cup of ice-cream as well. There's a green tea flavoured one and the other, i cant remember. Taste like mocha to me. Ha Ha.

Took a 15 min break at Snoopy's World. Dint manage to go in the last time due to bad weather conditions (typhoon).

Comical pic. Out of them all, i think i look the most impatient. Ha Ha.

And that's my uncle! aka The Ticket Stud Collector. LOL

Some other pics...

Shopped for abt 2 hours b4 heading back to our hotel.

Dinner at Tsim Sha Tsui, HF, again. =)

We had the must-have roasted goose, veggies, wanton dumpling soup, and beef kway teow.

This beef kway teow is more on the healthier side. Compared to the fried with lotsa oil + dark sauce + lotsa bean sprouts kind. Flipped through their English-Chinese menu and finally found out what french toast is in chinese - Fa(3) Lan(2) Si (1) Duo(1). Ordered one for dessert. Very nicely done. Just love them. =)

Ordered a black pepper steak to share.

A thick slab of beef done medium rare sizzling atop a hotplate drenced in black pepper sauce gravy. Its good its goooood! On par with jack's Place! N for $7, that's a real steal!

Along the way, ta-baoed some desserts back to our hotel. Bought 2 bowls of mango tingy dessert as well as one bowl of almond paste and one bowl of walnut paste dessert.

Everything's good.

I feel so not hungry but FULL from typing all these. Strange but true. Sometimes ive a very big appetite but on some days, the vermonster in me just refuses to start up. Perhaps consuming so much food at one go has caused my inner body system to overload, malfunction and crash.

My defination of BIG appetite : Pregnant woman bearing twins in action.
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