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Saturday, July 7, 2007
Alritey, back to more recent stuff.

The blogger herself is gonna be M-I-A for the next 7-8 days. UC'07! What else? Ha Ha

Fright night, SP night, Supper nights at The Cheese Prata Shop, Chionging rendevous at DBL O (Free entry, housepours going at SGD6) and many more fun filled activities! UC'07 is gonna be a blast! Dar Dar gets to crash as well! & Zhi Ming has kindly offered dar half of his room! Yeah!

Drove my parents, yes i drove!, out for chai chee porridge breakfast. Dad still thinks my parking sucks. I think its horrendous. But well, at least im picking things fast. But u gotta noe that driving, with your dad seated next to u, is completely different from driving with a TP. One, u are trying to assure your dad that he can trust you fully with his precious car. But with the TP, u are trying to assure him that u are a very very safe driver (i think so?) and ought to get your license. To me, the first one's more important. Muahahaha.

Anyway, after driving my parents back home, i went to find dar dar! He knocked off from work at 12-ish in the afternoon. Rode on his big bike for lunch at Toa Payoh. We ordered a total of 5 popiahs from our fave popiah stall. 2 for me, 2 for dar, 1 to be shared. Requested for the auntie to add more crispies as well! These crispies arent ordinary fried flour skin but they're acty fried fish crispies! Um Um Um. Do note that they sell out pretty fast. She sold me the 3rd last popiah at 2pm. That's how fast they sell out.

Rode to The Cathay for a movie. Watched Die-Hard 4 this time round. Show duration is similar to that of Transformers. An action packed show nonetheless. Not bad. Exciting. 3.5 popcorns! =P

Time for dinner! N im giving baby a treat today! Felt like having Italian so i brought dar dar to Papi!

Its an Italian restaurant located along Mohamud Sultan Road, just opposite UE Square.

The interior...

The free complimentary bread which comes with an olive oil dip. I like the cubed ones, they have a cheesy after-taste. The sliced ones are really crispy. Not bad too. They were served warm as well. But overall, i still prefer Wild Rockets' complimentary bread. Dar prefers' Fosters', which i cant seem to remember how they taste like. So it shldnt be good. Ha Ha Ha. Im just kidding! =P

We ordered a plate of calamari to share. The calamari here is smaller in size but they're really good! The sauce that comes with it is not bad as well. Dont know what it is but i dint like it after my fourth try. Smelt like v_m_t. Ha Ha. =P

We shared a pasta and pizza too! The pasta is some seafood linguinne done aglio olio style (cant rmb the exact name).

I allowed dar dar to request for "extra-spicy" cause it was after all my treat for him. But i kinda regretted coz the pasta was damn spicy. But overall, it was one good pasta. On par to Wild Rocket's acty. =)

Pizza! This is a parma ham pizza! The thing that sets italian pizzas apart from local pizzas is the ultra slim thin crust. Rucola leaves are also a very common garnish in Italian restaurants. They are pretty tasteless but the olive-oil soaked leaves kinda gives it a pleasant taste. the waiter also provided us with this bowl of, what he claims, to be VERY GOOD cheese.

It certainly is VERY GOOD! Definitely not the ol' boring parmesan cheese. This is some good quality cheese which i believe is done in house by the chef. Yum~

Service here was fantastic. The waiter serving us resembles and sounds alot like Aaron Aziz. Once in a while, he'l ask us questions like how's the food etc. He even asked dar dar whether we were full! Ha Ha.

Total bill amounted to $56.80. Paid quite a hefty sum for service charges due to the 7% GST Hike. BOO~

Was really tempted to go for desserts at either The Canele or The Chocolate Factory but there just wasnt anymore room for dessert. =( The patissier was located next to Papi as well. Uber Tempting! But thou shall not give in to temptations. =P

Took a stroll along Robertson Walk. I love this place. Its peaceful, its quiet and its got lotsa nice eateries. Definitely. one of my dream place to live in.

Somebody pls pls pls let me win the $5.8 mil. Toto.
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