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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Glitter Maker

I didnt sleep a wink at all (again) last night. Two sleepless nights in a row. Terribleee~

Breakfast at Tsui Wah Restaurant. This can be considered my third time here. But dint manage to dine here on my second visit as they were closed for renovation. Check out the newly renovated restaurant -->

I dont know why the picture turned out so foggy. ha ha.

Basically, we shared a bowl of wanton soup, which i thought looked like oversized bloated sperms swimming in murky waters. Shared a bowl of fishball soup as well.

Dont be fooled by those brown triangular things! Tau poks? No No. They are actually tau-pok-look-alike-fish-cakes. Pretty tasty too. =)

And the star of the day -->

Crispy butter buns drizzled with condensed milk!!! To be able to make me, the lazy bummer, come all the way to this restaurant for it, it jolly goodie well be honoured. Its the ultimate! Its da Bomb! It beats any bo lo baos hands down. Guaranteed to give u maximum satisfaction. =P

Looking at the picture alone is enuf to get me salivating.

We had milk tea and yuan yang too. A good way to kick start a great morning. =)

After a heartilicious breakfast, it was time to head down to the ferry terminal!

Up next, MACAU!

Its my second time here and i'l always remember this place for its highly bike conjested roads, its never-ending long and curvy highway, the casinos, almond cookies, portugese eggtarts, and how could i not forget, the extremely HOT weather. Enough to charr the once crisp and juicy sio bak.

Took some pics with my aunt, kengy, that's my name for her, haha, on the MTR and on the ferry too!

Our first stop in MACAU, New YaoHan Shopping Mall. Whilst waiting for my uncle to try on some jeans, my aunt jo took some silly pics of ME in the kiddy disney toys section. LOL.

Tigger actually blends well with my top! Cuteee.

After one hour or so, our stomachs, or maybe just mine, started to growl for food. So we bused down to the city area to hunt for some cheap local eats. There werent many choices and so, we settled for this restaurant anyhow.

To be frank, i really have no clue what this restaurant serves. It just happened to be the first one on the street. Just Whack la huh.

And thank God it isnt a restaurant that whips up weird dishes like dogs' meat, rabbits brain or pigs' tongue. It turned out to be an ordinary dimsum restaurant! Safe! Phewww~

We ordered a few items here and there. There aint much variety as compared to those offered in Hong Kong. The dimsum items are also slightly different. Tastewise, i still prefer HK dimsum. =P

Clockwise from top left : Century egg lean meat porridge, green chili tingy, fried beancurd skin with shrimp, steamed rice with pork tingy, char siew and prawn cheong fun, custard + SALTED EGG YOLK <3! bao, chicken feet and shrimp dumplings.

The one and only dimsum item which got me raving about and cravin' for it is none other than the custard + SALTED EGG YOLK baos! OOOOO!!!! I guess all of u by now should noe how big a fan i am of salted egg yolks. This one in particular is one of the bestest bestest salted egg yolk combi ive ever had.

It blends so well with the custard! U can even feel the rough tiny bits of mashed salted egg yolk on the surface of your tongue! Best of all, the mixture of custard + salted egg yolk is in liquid form! I love it when something oozes out of SOMETHING. Indeed sinfully appetizing for your mind soul and body.

Enough about salted egg yolks.

Went to the city area to buy some ginger titbits for my family back in Singapore.

The shop we always go to.

My dad will always request for these whenever i travel to HK, but sadly, his daughter doesnt know how to buy them. Ha Ha Ha. So tt's y he only gets it when i travel with my aunt. Hence, made it a point to buy tons and heaps of it. Enough to last him for a year at least. Hopefully, he'l be so sick of ginger that he'l stop asking me to buy him the same ol' stuff everytime im in HK. Ha Ha. Just teasing. =P

Took a few pics here and there.

Glitter Maker

Glitter Maker

Sunset in Macau

Some shots of Macau

Dined at HF's restaurant. This is one restaurant which i will recommend to anyone of you going to Hong Kong anytime soon. Its located at Tsim Sha Tsui, straight down from Humphrey's Street, along Prat Avenue. Prices here are truely reasonable for such food of good consistant standard. That also explains why i dined here almost everyday during my last trip to HK in dec.

My recommendation? Everything. Be it french toast, bo lo baos, porridge, meat, veggie, noodles, fried rice bla bla bla. All yummilicious. Did i mention that this place also whips up a mean teh-o-peng?! One word. POWER. Beats the bestest teh-o-peng from Sg.

We had green leafy veggies, roasted goose, HK style Horfun, and beef. The green leafy veggies were stir fried with century eggs, thus, giving the gravy a greyish murky color. It contained bits and pieces of salted egg yolks too! Ummmm.

Doesnt it look tantalizing? It sure taste better than it looks. The skin is uber crispy. The kind that explodes with oil upon each bite. The meat, tender and juicy. Heavenly~ Their other meat items like char siew are pretty good too! Had it once for lunch last time and i fell head over heels in love with it with each bite. Unlike in Sg where char siew is thinly sliced, here, in HK, u get lego blocks of well marinated char siew! I wonder y i didnt order it this time round. Ha Ha. Watching my calories of course. But roast goose? Ha Ha. Different story altogether. -bleahz-

The beef slices were nicely cooked as well. Stir fried with onions and some other greens drenched in some unidentified black sauce. Satisfying~ My guess is that in HK, any dish that has gotta do with BEEF shouldnt go wrong. I hope im right. *Crosses fingers*

The horfun was not too bad. It just lacked that oomph. Thought it was a little too plain.

But no choosing! No complaining! I love my dinner anyhow! Whheeeee.

Glitter Maker

& Thats how i spent my second day in Hong Kong-a foodie paradize!

mai dong xi chi dong xi mai dong xi chi dong xi.

....arrggghhhh. Pam hates pimples. If only i could make them disappear like how Jessica Alba does it in Fantastic 4.
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