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Tuesday, June 5, 2007
The flu bugger ruined my week and got me bedridden on most days. Funny thing is ive been craving for CHAR KWAY TEOW ever since i recovered. Sad thing is, i just cant bring myself to eat it.

30th May 2007, Wednesday

Caught Pirates Of The Carribean. I didnt like it. There was far too much dialogue. My fever hit an all high 39.5 degs. Was practically shivering my ass off in the cinema. Unbearable. I vow nv to watch a movie when im sick ever again.

Am i or are u the sick one? haha

Up next is Shrek 3! Anybody wana watch with me?

1st June 2007, Friday

My mom got me so pissed i almost ran away from home today. But things changed for the better and so, ended up watching 24 and having dinner at my grandma's place with dearie. Chilled out under the moonlight at the playground before heading for home at 8.30pm.

2nd June 2007, Saturday

Packed my barang barang and left house first thing in the morning to meet dearie at Jln Besar. We're going tanning today! Dint exactly tan cause most of the time was spent dipping in the pool. haha. Dearie spent 15 mins roasting himself though. Apparently the SIOBAK isnt charred till perfection yet. =P

Lunch at some coffeehouse that sells curry rice. Sat, watched, and waited for dearie to finish his curry rice as i dint feel like having curry rice that day. Seriously, i dint have an appetite for anything. Ended up having 2 popiahs from Jln Besar FC. Very light lunch i must say.

Went back to dearie's house to shower and spent the rest of the afternoon watching 24. We managed to steal a 2 hour nap too. =)

Dinner was at Golden Mile's Thien Kee Steamboat restaurant. Dined with dearie and his family. It was only 6pm and the restaurant was already packed like sardines. Prices vary, depending on the number of pax. The steamboat's not too bad. Would have been much better if they offered variety. Uncle also ordered a plate of white chicken and a plate of char siew and roasted pork. I guess dearie was carnivorous that night as he ate nearly 3/4s of all the meat! The rice served here is chix rice which i found quite appetizing. As usual, dearie's mom ordered more rice and gave me an extra huge huge serving of it. I dint finish it of course. haha.

Wo De Xiao Shuai Ge!

Beware the flying chopstick! muahaha

After dinner, dearie and i bused down to town. Walked around aimlessly. haha. Bought a top and a pair of flip flops though. =)

Chilled out over drinks at Far East's FULLHOUSE.

Bused down to Boat Quay after that. Sat by the river and chilled chilled chilled. =P

3rd June 2007, Sunday

Runway cycling! Izit Runway or Runaway? haha OOPS!

Cycled 15km today! Yes i did it! Pam didnt become pancake on the runway kiez!

The sun was scorchingly HOT la. But i love my tan! hurhurhur

Thankfully the bike wasnt too big! But the gear and everything really CMI. Swopped bikes with dearie after cycling for 8km.

I feel a great sense of achievement after being able to endure 15km of STRAIGHT road cycling. Yea, all that endorphines! Cycling on a straight path can drain me mentally sometimes. Im surprised i didnt quit halfway, considering that im someone with a very short attention span and get bored doing the same stuff for over 30mins.

Lunch'ed at Onan Road with Dearie and his frenz. We had Prawn Mee! Yummy!

Church at 2.30pm. I dozed off so many times.

Dinner with dearie after that at PS Foodcourt. We shared a grilled chicken set from this stall called Riverside Indonesian. A food blogger recommended it, so decided to give it a shot today.

For $4.30, you get a plate of white rice drenched in curry, a slice of fried egg and a slab of grilled chicken! Its nice! The black sauce is sweet and goes really well with the tender chicken! I felt really tempted to order another plate to share. They sell grilled sotongs too and they look really yummy! Told dearie a story about sotongs and fisherman, he got so grossed out by it that he doesnt dare touch sotongs/calamaris anymore. hahahahaha!

Dearie had a pack of fries from LJS. Wanted to share the seafood platter but dearie ended up buying fries instead.

Went to Swensens's for dessert. I had a cookie summit white dearie had a sundae! After all that cycling, an ice-cream is just what i need to end my day! Swensen's ice-cream is uber sweeeeet though.

I have a flattened backside now. But still sexy haha. How do i noe that? Cause dar dar still cant stop smacking it. Smack'Tt!
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