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Monday, June 11, 2007


Imagine my surprise, my joy, my delight, when i finally got to lay my hands on this box of sweet round treats!

Clcokwise from top left : Boston Kreme (Chocolate coated donut with thick yellow custard cream fillings), Chocolate pudding (Icing coated donut with thick velvety chocolate inside), Double chocolate (Chocolate sponge cake-like donut coated with thick dark chocolate!), Happy (has strawberry fillings inside), Peanut butter jelly and Vanilla Frost!

They are all very yummy! They are soft. They are fluffy. They are sweet. They make me happy. They are everything! <3!

I love Chocolate Pudding the most! The icing coating is as thick as chalk and the chocolate inside is as thick and gooey as nutella! But be warned! It can get messy! Dar dar and my lips were all white with icing + chocolate all over our fingers. Cute! Simply brings back my childhood memories.

Dunkin donuts arent available in Singapore. It originates from the states and they have franchises all over the world, but Singapore. BOO! But no frets, you can easily purchase them from our neighbour, Malaysia! The best thing is that they acty deliver to Singapore. How does their delivery system work? Well, all you have to do is go online, fill up their order form and wha la! Easy Peasy! They deliver every Sunday from 3.30-5.30pm and the collection point is at either Cityhall or Bishan MRT if you are arriving by public transport, or MaryMount Road if you are driving. Do expect a confirmation call from them on saturday though.

FYI, they do deliver munchies too! These are small round balls of donuts with fillings inside. They have 6 flavours(cant rmb them) for you to choose from.

Check out the number of boxes! They all came packed in huge containers and were unloaded off a pick up truck.

And the second bestest thing is, you dont have to queue at all! NO QUEUE! I repeat, NO QUEUE! Maybe i should take my box of dunkin donuts and walk past the line of people queueing up for donuts at donut fac. haha. Meanie~ =Pp

These donuts can last for about 3-4days? Depending on your ability to resist them. For me, 2 days is the max. haha. Just pop them into the toaster or microwave and its as good as eating it fresh from the oven! The oven heat causes the chocolate/sugar coating to MELT! and eating it piping hot sure is marvelicious! Im even more addicted to donuts now.

Fresh from the microwave! Can you see the chocolate melting? haha

Next up will be boxes and boxes of krispy kremes! Woohoo! I cannot ta-han oredi!

Dar dar! Make urself free this coming friday at 5.15 pm okie? I got us both tix for Fantastic 4 - Rise of the silver surfer. Couple seats, Grand Cathay, right smack in the centre! Wheeee~ Im a happy princess. =)

Come and get them... hehe

Check out this cute shirt i got from a pushcart stall! <3 <3

Dar dar thinks i am nth but trouble. muahahaha~

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