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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Glitter Maker

Cabbed to the airport at 5.45am. There wasnt much of a queue, so the process of checking in our baggages was a breeze. Breakfast at Wang Jiao. We all shared kaya toast, soft boiled eggs and drinks.

Boarded the plane at 7.30am sharp. Took many beautiful pics of the scenary too. =)

Our Plane!

View from the plane

Plane about to take off...

Clockwise from top left : Plane travelling at high speed on the runway. Whee! I see Expo! Going higher and higher. Yea, we're way above the clouds now! =Pp

Isnt it beautiful? Looks like Heaven to me. Ha Ha

Airplane Food. Only had the omelette. What i like about Cathay Pacific airlines is that they give u ice-cream for dessert on ur return trip. =Pp

Glitter Maker

Glitter Maker

Touched down at Hong Kong International Airport at 11.45am. A long snaking queue greeted us at the immigration checkpoint but thank God we dint have to wait very long for our turn as the queue was pretty fast moving.

Boarded the bus, which would transport us to our hotel, about an hour later. The guide was a young chap who understood a teeny weeny bit of english. I like him for his patience and humble-ness (If there's sucha word). These kinda guides, i don mind tipping but since i tot he resembled Lex, i started having second thoughts. Ha Ha.

Last time, i didnt know tour guides were called "Dao You" in chinese. N when ppl frequently used that word on tour groups/buses, silly me wondered what all the hype about soya sauce was. Soya sauce! Riteee.

It took us about 50mins to get to our hotel. Meanwhile, i cam-whored with my aunt on the bus. Hee Hee.

We not only got connecting rooms, the hotel even upgraded us to a bigger and much better room on the spot! God's favour was certainly upon us. =)

Lunch was at Shen Ji Zhou Mian. This is a restaurant which specializes in porridge, as the name says, duh. They sell noodles too. In case you dont noe, this was my very last meal stop during my previous previous Hk trip in June 2006. And to think that this has become our number 1 meal stop, 1 year later, in June 2007. Interesting.

The porridge here is exceptionally GOOD! The texture is right, the ingredients are aplenty and for $3.80 a bowl, u get a bowlful of wholesome porridge whose standard is on par, if not better, than Crystal Jade's!

I kinda like HK beef. Or maybe, i kinda like their style of cooking them. The noodles served with it was acceptable, just like any typical hong kong wanton mee noodles but the beef, WHOO, certainly blew me away. It was tender. it was juicy, It was yummy. I love it!

Time for some shopping after lunch! Need a walk to digest m
y lunch. Tried lotsa clothes from most of the shops located along Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. I think trying clothes is fun. Ha Ha.

The last time we were at Granville Road, we spent more than half a day there. But this time, we're improved and barely spent 3 hours there. He He.

Mind you, Granville Road isnt one big shopping district, its just a one way street! There's just so many things to see and buy there! Most of the stuff you cant find in Singapore. So its a matter of whether you really need the item despite its price, or whether ur willing to splurge just because you can nv find it in Singapore. Im usually the latter. Ha Ha. But thankfully, i have my aunt by my side to control my expenditure.

This shop, Bauhaus, sells nice belts! But for $60? Sighhhhh

After much walking and bargaining, we decided to rest our poor aching feet at the nearby Indonesian Restaurant. My uncle popped in without much hesitation upon seeing the word CHENDOL on the menu. Ha Ha.

Basically, we ordered 2 cups of lime soda, which was recommended by the waiter.

It was very thirst quenching! Just what we needed most! We ordered a cup of chendol and coconut juice as well. The chendol was not bad, kinda like the natural sweetness of the coconut juice. Definitely much sweeter than those found in Sg.

These humongous chocolate puffs reminded me of dar dar =)

This shop too! Cute.

Chilled at some Hong Kong Tea house right after. We had HK milk tea, which they call, nai cha, and also, Ice Lemon Tea.

I've realised that the standard of their milk tea varies from restaurant to restaurant and cafe to cafe. Some are really GOOD, some are just okie, acceptable, while some really CMI. The one we had here, happens to fall under the GOOD category. Sad to say, i've discovered that im acty allergic to HK tea, be it HK teh-o-peng, HK milk tea, or HK Iced lemon tea. Everytime i drink a cup, i'l start feeling nauseuos. It last for at most an hour. Really that bad.

The streets of Hong Kong.

Walked to Avenue Of Stars. Caught the lights show at 8pm.

It wasnt as nice as i remembered it to be. Perhaps i got bored after watching this 4 times - One time every HK Trip. Somehow, il still make it a point to come here, just to enjoy the sea breeze and magnificent HK landscape. Its a pretty romantic place for couples to take a stroll too - hand in hand. Sweet~

Glitter Maker

Bought a bag of JellyBeans from the Jelly Bean Factory. The roasted garlic flavour was yukky yuk yuks! I like buttered popcorn though. He He

Walked back down the streets for dinner! We dined at this restaurant called Ba Wang.

We had roasted goose, strained and steamed rice with crabmeat and shrimp roe, spicy beef ribs and steamed sliced squid with egg plant and garlic!

After mixing the rice...Ummm

The rice was sth i havent tried before. It had a nice unique pleasant taste. I like. The squid was very well done! Chewy and springy at the same time. The accompanying gravy + chopped garlic bits went very well with this white sotong. However, the beef ribs were too salty for my liking. The roasted goose wasnt too bad, it would have been better if the skin was much crispier. No doubt, HF's version beats it hands down.

And that marks the end of DAY ONE! Seriously, i've nv walked so much in my entire life before. Nor climbed so many steps. I need a leg massage badly. OSIM, where are you?
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