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Friday, June 15, 2007
Bored stiff.

Came up with this A to Z list of "Things you should/might want to know" about me, the blogger, the princess, the foodie-choco monstress.

Happy reading! =D

Ab+, my blood type. LOL
A-ircon + the Blogger herself = Best Friends. Hot weather + Humidity = Enemies

B-inghing on snacks, my worst nightmare. Maybe i shld be called a snackeholic. Ha Ha.
I like to B-ake...

but i hate to C-lean up. Ha Ha
C-am-whoring queen, that's me!
C-hung Wei An, Alvis, my love always~

D-onuts!!! D-imsum!!! I love them so~

E-bi sushi's and tempura's are my fave in Jap Restaurants!

F-ull of crap, yes that's me.
F-ickleminded. That's why i have dar dar to finalize my/our decisions and plans for the day. If not, we'll just tire ourselves out from trying to do everything on my to-do list. Ha Ha.

G-strings are airy and comfortable. muahaha
G-rand Cathay , the only place i watch my movies at. =D

H-azelnut pralines, i have a soft spot for them. Umm
H-aircut, i visit the salon everytime im stressed out.

I love all things italian and Irish - pastas, pizzas, cakes, finger food, burgers, baileys, everything... italian guys are eye-candy too. shHhHh.
I-mpulsive shopper, sth i gotta change.

J-esus, Lover of my soul~

K-boxing, i dont like. The peanuts there, i like! Ha Ha

L-ord Of The Rings, the best movie ive ever watched.

L-ychee martinis are lovely.
L-iquid fillings - The chocolate in fondants, the liquer in chocolates, the soup in xiao long baos, basically i go googoogaga over anything that has something oozing out of them. Ah ah i noe what ur thinking!
L-oud! I toke very loudly (and dont realise it) & can be a drama-queen/exagerator at times. LOL

M-ini coops! My dream car. =)
M-ulti tasker. I need to do more than 2 things at one time. Otherwise, it just doesnt feel RIGHT.

N-euhaus chocolates. <3 <3!
N-ew Creation Church, my second home. =D

O-ndeh ondehs, we used to be crazy over them. Imagine buying 33 ondehs in just one month! 1 MONTH!

P-raise & worship's awesome. I P-lay the P-iano too! (stopped at grade 6 though)
P-rison Break. <3!
P-igging out. I do this everytime someone pisses me off. Usually, alone.
P-opcorn! The cathay's one in particular.

Q-ueues, i have a phobia for them.

R-oom's in a big mess. Anybody wana clean up for me? I pay $3 per hour. =P
R-ainy weather rocks~

S-weet treats. A must have before or after dinner. =D
S-trawberry S-oursop Juice, the one and only fruit juice i most frequently drink.
S-ports. I gym, i jog, i swim, i blade, i cycle, i canoed, i hike, i tent, i play floorball, badminton, netball etc. See, i do Do sports. Its only a matter of when. =P
S-hort attention span. I get bored very easily.
S-TM- Savings Taxes, Imports. Ha Ha. JK. It stands for Short Term Memory. =P

T-eh O Pengs. I drink more teh-o-pengs than any uncle or auntie in a coffeehop would. I think. Ha Ha
T-om's Palette. One of my freqeunt chillout spots.
T-art - Egg tart (flakey ones!), chocolate tart, peach tart, any kinda tarts u name it i loveee it!
T-emperamental, very much indeed.

U-niversity U-ndergrad. Plenty of freedom and Plenty of stress too.
U-gly Betty! <3 <3

V-ermonsteress! Beware before i eat your shorts!
V-ery little patience.

W-asabe pistachios. Yummilicious. But sadly, cant be found in HK anymore. =(

X-LBs aka X-iao Long Baos!

Y-olks! I have a soft spot for salted egg yolks. Be it in paus, steamed eggs, or mooncakes, i die die will buy them.

Z-uo(3) You(4)? Right left left right? Up till now, i still don noe whether zuo is right or you is left or the other way round. Until one friend taught me these 3 words : " You are RIGHT." Get it? So You (4) = Right. =D

Zzzzzz. Time for bed! Good Night~

There's just too many to list! Hope u have enjoyed discovering some the many facts about me! Perhaps, you might find one or two that best describes you too!
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Jesus' Girl
21 years old
NUS Biz Undergrad

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