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Thursday, June 21, 2007
Before i fly off and bombard this blog with an almost never-ending entry regarding my 5 day trip to Hong Kong (22nd-26th), here's a quick update for this week's activities. Happy reading! =)

11th June 2007, Monday

Didnt meet dar dar today as he had exams in the afternoon.

Met a friend, who currently attends City Harvest Church, for a movie + drink.

He was late. So we had a drink first, then movie. Ha Ha

Got this from BillyBombers, The Cathay.

Chilled out at PS starbucks. I had Passion Tea while he had some latte drink. See the amount of sugar syrup i poured into my drink and ur bound to freak out. He thinks im gonna get diabetees. Ha Ha. I guarantee u tt will nv happen coz this blogger here is blessed with a sweet fairy tooth. A healthy long life daddy God has satisfied me and shown me His salvation. =)

For our movie, we watched Shrek 3! Yeah! I've finally found someone to watch it with me!

Its a one hour 30 min show filled with non-stop comedy and hilarious jokes that gets u laughing non-stop like a mad donkey. Ha Ha. I enjoyed it very beri much! What ya waiting for? Go watch it now now now if u havent!

Thanks for the popcorn treat as well. U noe, Cathay's sweet popcorn is simply irresistable and one of my many hot faves. The funny thing was i ended up finishing the whole pack of popcorn single-handedly bcoz he claimed that he bought it specially for me me me and so, would prefer to just watch me eat. What kinda logic/theory is that? Dian Dian Dian. I may be a vermonstress but im not gonna eat u up for stealing my popcorn! Ha Ha =Pp

After which, he sent me home all the way back to Tampines (despite living in Jurong) by bus. Tamp to Jurong? Its just like asking me to go to school (Tamp to Clementi). No way man! Butt cramps!

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19th June 2007, Tuesday

An sms from dar dar jolted me up from my beauty sleep at 7.30am in the wee hours of the morning. Apparently, his work schedule wasnt submitted by his manager and hence, NO WORK TODAY! Yippee~

Forced myself to get out of bed so i could meet dar dar as soon as possible. Took a direct bus from home to meet him at Jln Besar, 10am sharp.

We had an early lunch at Amoy Food Centre. Its been a very long time since i last had a meal here. Most days after school, me and dar dar will lunch here as its not only near my school, its also pretty near dar dar's hse. After lunch can juz ride home , ZZZ and let the stomach do the digesting for u. =Pp

I had my usual sliced fish beehoon from Han Kee while dar dar had sliced fish porridge, teochew style. We drank fruit juices too! I had an apple + cucumber + kiwi juice while dar dar had strawberry soursop. Was a little too diluted for our liking. For $1.50, i shant complain too much. =X

I dont know why but for some strange reason, i was craving for some durian ondeh ondehs from Sg kueh. Guess eating all that durian from YumCha's cripsy durian roll has got me craving for more durian all over again. But the stall lights of Sg Kueh werent switched on and dar dar insisted that they were closed for the day. But somehow, my 6th sense tells me that they arent closed and so, eagerly bugged the lazy bummer, dar dar, to go check it out. Dar dar took quite a while to return & when i saw him communicating with somebody, i knew my instincts were right and dar dar was so terribly wrong! *Evil sniggers* Guarantee chop plus stamp, again, my 6th or maybe my 7th sense, tells me that he's not gonna return to this table empty handed. LOL. If not durian ondeh ondehs, it had to be some food of any sort. =P

Wah Laa!

Their new durian crepes!

Umami~ Heavenlicious!

In the afternoon, Ivan came over to fix the com. Started feeling hungry, so dar and me headed to Golden Mile. Acty, the main excuse is bcoz Ivan wanted some peanut butter waffles. Ha Ha. =Pp

Yes, we're back here again!

The first time, we had gelato. Today, we had Chocolate Belgian Waffles!

On my first visit, we were their only customers, but today, there was acty a mini queue forming outside their stall! A queue in golden mile? U gotta be kidding me. All thanks to the publicity hype stirred up by the media and what nots.

Oooooo. The belgian chocolate imported all the way from Far Far Away, Belgium, is uber shiok! One taste, smell, lick, and u'l know for sure its of good superb quality. One of the finest. One set like this cost $2.50. A set with 2 belgian waffles will cost u $4.20. Very pricey if u ask me. Considering the fact that the waffles are pretty small. The plus point is, your waffles are freshly baked on the spot and the chocolate sure is worth the money. Chocolate in hawker centres? Definitely one of a kind. And to see macho guys lick chocolate off their fingers? Priceless.

Dar dar bought a peanut butter waffle from the bakery too. Used the belgium chocolate leftover as a dip. Its really really sinful. Dont try this at home.

Napped a while before having dinner with dar's family.

Whatta BIG feast!

There was fried egg with onions, brocolli + cauliflower + shredded chicken, Egg tofus + some fish from the Cze Char stall, and roasted duck + pork from Tiong Bahru. Dar Dar's mom specially bought the roasted pork for me caused she knew i liked it. Sweeet~

After dinner, dar n me headed to Bugis Street for a walk. Dar wanted to look for wristbands to adorn his big big bike. Wanted to look for coin pouches/a proper wallet since im always losing my Ez-link card. Ha Ha. But sadly, we dint find anything we liked.

Had a drink from Rockery before heading back home. I had Honey Red Tea while dar dar had Peppermint Green Tea. The pearls always remind me of Amir. Ha Ha. U shld have seen the amount of pearls the guy scooped for me. It was like one whole mega lump of black pearls! Maybe more than 50! Possible, probable.

I enjoyed my day out with honey today. Every single day is packed with great eats and fun-filled activities without fail. 3 words - I'm Lovin' It! =P

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20th June 2007, Wednesday

Im a happy princess today bcoz i get to spend another day with baby!

Woke up at 11am and headed straight to Toa Payoh Lor 2 for lunch. Dar Dar wanted to go there mainly bcoz Ah li told him that they sell cheap imitation adidas/nike wristbands (for his bike, what else). U noe, the kind where u slot in $1, turn the wheel, and a big plastic ball drops out. What u get really depends alot on your luck.

For lunch, we finally got to try the porridge from this particular stall. Came here the last time and it was closed.

The porridge here is goood! Its standard is almost similar to that of marine parade's. If not, slightly better! The you tiaos were uber crispy, and oily, as they were fried on the spot.

In fact, this porridge stall only charges 30cents for an egg! Unlike most stalls which usually charge 50cents for one pathetic egg. Giving them a 34 cents profit. Do try it if ur in the vicinity. If u live far away like me, i guarantee u that coming here wouldnt be a wasted trip as they have stalls that sell quite nice muffins from Bliss Haven and handmade Teochew paus too!

After lunch, we headed to Novena as i wanted to check out Velocity and Novena Square's new tower 2. Most of the shops here specialize in either all things Japanese or Korean. For Japanese, go to the second floor. For korean, go to the third floor. For Singaporean, go to the last level, cause that's where u'l spot "Aunty Lucy". U wldnt miss a 4-D queue too. Ha Ha.

Bought a can of Qoo grape fruit juice. The can's very nice!

I got all excited when i saw THIS

DOUGHNUT MIX! Am gonna buy it someday and try making donuts at home. Pam's donuts, wana try? Ha Ha

We patronized a bakery called MaMa Bakery! Its a Japanese bakery that sells lotsa unique pastries and buns! I was really tempted to buy this cranberry marshmellow tingy coz the bun looked so darn arty farty cutee! With tiny rectangular marshmellows decorating the top of the chocolatey colored bun. But we ended up buying a UFO instead. Ha Ha.

Its acty a Chocolate Bowl. A large chocolate bun made of chocolate flour with melted chocolate stuffings in between. Pretty similar to Bonjuor's and Four leaves Chocolate bread loaf. The lady serving us (guess she's in her fifties) was really hospitable and cute. She was a pure japanese and spoke japanese to us! Think she said "Oishi"? Ha Ha, in other words, indicating that the choco bowls are very delicious! So we bought it anyhow. She even took time to choose the nicest chocolate bowl for us! How niceee. Im easily touched by such simple gestures. As u noe, service matters alot to me. Ha Ha. =)

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Next stop, Safra Tampines! Yi Long is working there as a lifeguard! the funny thing was, dar dar's friend also works alongside with him!So we both met our own friends at the same place. It was quite comical cause when i talked to Yi Long and when dar's friend said hello to him, he tot his fren was also my fren. bla bla bla. Its after all a small small world. =P

Swam a few laps. Forgot to bring my goggles. So stopped shortly after as my eyes were starting to get dry from Chlorine.

Rode to Tamp Ikea and Giant after that. We chilled at Ikea's dining area. Bought drinks and ate our Chocolate Bowl chosen with love. =) I couldnt stop at one. Swimming makes me hungry. Even the orange juice tasted better that day.

Who's this? But i must admit that this chair is really comfortable. I almost dozed off sitting on it.

Next stop, the pet farm! Brought dar dar to the place where my dad gets the dogs' stuff from. OMG. We saw so many cute lovely dogs! I even touched a few of them, including my fave fave golden retrievers! <3! The shop owner even quoted a $888 price for the cockel spaniel. It was really adorable. Nice fur. Tamed. I was tempted to bring it home. And for $888? Isnt very expensive for a pure breed puppy. Considering that mine cost $1000++ and turned out to be a monster. Ha Ha.

After a long productive day, dar rode back to my grandma's place for dinner. Grandma fried her specialty - ngor hiangs, today. To me, it is, and will be, the best ngor hiang in the whole of Singapore. =)
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