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Saturday, June 9, 2007
4th June 2007, Monday

Work as usual.

Had a sudden craving for all things round with a hole in the centre.

So dar dar got me 2 donuts from SummerHouse!

Would have preferred Donut Fac's but the long snaking queue simply puts me off. I wonder whether the queue has shortened. Hmmm...

One is a sugar icing coated donut with strawberry fillings while the other is a chocolate coated donut! Yummy! It took me less than 10 mins to gobble everything up.

7th June 2007, Thursday

Bus'ed down to dar dar's house after work. Took a bath and bus'ed down again to ZAM ZAM for dinner.

We both had mutton murtabak! I requested for NO ONIONS! hahaha

Dar dar couldnt believe it when i agreed to eat murtabak with him. He said he's gonna buy 4-D. haha. So lame~

Counting his fortune haha

After dinner, we walked down to Bugis. Couldnt find what we wanted and so, we bus'ed down to Town. Headed straight to John Little as dar dar needed to buy black pants for work.

They sell boxes of branded mash/net men's underwear too! They come in pink red orange and lime green!

Damn gay can.

Got 3 frozen strawberries from MOS before heading back home.

8th June 2007, Friday

No work today! Woke up at 11am. I hardly wake up so late, considering that im more of a morning person and tend to adopt the "sleep early, wake up early" policy. No matter how tired i am from the night before, my body somehow automatically zaps me awake by 9am sharp. After that, i have trouble getting back to sleep. Is my body clock screwed or not screwed?

We lunch'ed at ChinaTown today. =)

Had a bowl of Hock Lam's dry mixed beef noodles from Far East Square. Each bowl cost $5. Ingredients include meat balls, tendon and beef slices. If u ask me, $5 for a bowl of beef noodles is pretty pricey but at least the service here is good and they arent stingy with their servings. Kinda like the idea of them sprinkling peanuts on top. The more the better!

After that, we bus'ed down to Town again. This time, we headed to Taka as dar dar needed to buy black men's shoes for work. There goes my Taka 40 dollars voucher! BOO~ But no frets, mom just passed me a 50 bucks paragon shopping voucher. heehee.

Bought a Choc'X-treme blizzard from DQ. Its basically choco milkshake with almond and brownie chunks inside. A little too sweet for my liking. Shall try their mango cheesecake blizzard next time. =)

Bought a bottle of soya bean drink from Crystal Jade as well. Thought the bottle looked quite cute. haha.

9th June 2007, Saturday

I walked the dogs today. It was crazy i tell u. Tobie was practically running non-stop from block to block and poor me had to run along as well. But he was really cute. He was running back and forth from the kitchen toilet to the living room to check whether my dad has come outta his room. Whenever my mom fills the bathtub with water, somehow, he knows its time for his walk. And when my dad comes outta his room with his shirt on, he sure knows that its time, guaranteed chicken chop, for his walk with flappy. Smart arent they?

Met dar dar at The Cathay this afternoon. He was late by 1 and a half hours! -_-!

Wanted to buy tix for Fantastic 4 but ended up not buying as my UOB debit card only has a pathetic $2. Couldnt find any UOB cash deposit machines to deposit cash into the account either.

Before that, i dined at PepperLunch. Had a chicken salad. It consist of salad greens, corn, cold chicken slices drenched in some tasty sauce, movable floss (i dont noe what its called but it moves!) and udon!

Saw a nice pair of earrings from one of the shops at The Cathay. Its round, bronze, with dangling stuff + a pink bead. Cost $12.90. Quite alrite acty, considering the fact that most of my earrings i buy from Sixth also cost around that price. I acty walked into the shop twice. Once alone, the second time with dar dar. Even the salesgirl recognizes me. haha. But i didnt buy it. =(

My stomach still aint satisfied. So we went to FullHouse and shared a cup of iced peach tea and a slice of peanut butter chocolate toast!

The toast was crispy on the edges, soft and fluffy on the inside! But it would have been better if the peanut butter was thicker. Even more so if they were more generous with their peanut butter. But compared to those from Hong Kong tea houses like Kim Gary and Tong Shui, this is acty quite on par and considered not bad oredi. =)

Bused down to Tom's Palette after that. We shared a large cup of mango and pineapple tart!

The pineapple tarts uber sourrrr!!!! But still, MARVELICIOUS~ Argh, whose king kong fist is that?

Had a nice chat with the owner as well. They're a really nice bunch of people who nv fail to make u feel at home. =)

Walked down to NLB after that. Read a book while dar dar read his magazines. Dar dar dozed off on the comfy chair! His vermonster snore practically disrupted the library's peace and quiet. haha.

At ard 8pm, we had a simple dinner at a coffeeshop opposite Bugis Junction. I had the over-rated parklane wanton mee while dar dar had their pork chop rice. Their wanton mee taste just like any wanton mee you can find in any kopitiam/hawker centre. The fried wantons dont deserve to be called wantons at all. The meat in the wanton is pathetically miserable. Its as small as ur nose shit. Sorry for being so crude but im just stating a fact. haha. Dar dar's pork chop rice was even more pathetic. The pork chops don look like pork chop. They are so thin and small i thought the china man got the wrong order and gave dar dar a luncheon meat rice set instead.

We both wore our superman tees too! Check it out -->

<3 <3

12 more days to my Hong Kong Trip!

Gonna go for my job interview at Candy Empire on Monday morning. Im glad they responded! Wish me luck yea? =)
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